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The Crown 7 cigarette brand now includes a new mini style electronic cigarette.  While some reports of customer service are good and some are still spotty most people agree that this new mini style crown 7 cigarette is worth checking out.

I don’t want to go into all the same details about this U.S. company like I did at the beginning of the traditional model Crown 7 cigarette review, but if you want those details be sure to check out that review.
As far as mini electronic cigarettes go the crown 7 cigarette is pretty good with seemingly a higher quality atomizer than other brands while maybe having slightly more battery problems than the rest.
There may be a disproportionate number of complaints about Crown 7 out there due to the publicity they are getting and the fact that more people are buying this brand in the states.

Crown 7 Hydro Review:

  • Manufacturer / Supplier: Crown 7
  • Country: U.S.A.Model: Hydro
  • Style: Mini
  • Starter Kit Price: $74.95
  • Cartridge Price (5-Pack): $9.95
  • Number of flavors: 11
  • Nicotine Levels Offered: High, Medium, Low, Zero

Starter Kit Contents:

The Crown 7 Hydro cigarette, battery charger, 2 lithium batteries, five nicotine cartridges (tobacco flavored, zero nicotine), instruction manual

Rating Scale:


Poor 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 Excellent

  • Ratings and Score:
    • Batteries and Charger: 3.5
    • Atomizer: 4.0
    • Cartridges: 3.5
    • Construction / Quality: 3.0
    • Cost: 3.0
  • Overall: 3.4 (average)

Cartridge Rating = 3.5

The Hydro cartridges come in packs of 5. Four strengths are offered: high, medium, low and zero. Flavors offered are tobacco, menthol, vanilla bean, espresso, untamed cherry, strawberry, juicy grape, bursting melon, creamy cream, green tea gin sing.

The Crown 7 Hydro cigarette cartridge is about equal to half a pack or 10 regular cigarettes. The cartridge strength is relatively low since the “high” cartridge seems to deliver a less than average nicotine hit about the same as a light cigarette.

Also, since the part of the nicotine cartridge that holds the nicotine solution isn’t easy access you will have to drip the atomizer instead of the cartridge if you are into “dripping.”

The Hydro still deserves an above average rating in this category even though the number of flavors is down to 11 for the Crown 7 cigarette (hydro model).

Atomizer Rating = 4.0

The Crown 7 cigarette Hydro model seems to have a fairly reliable atomizer which actually delivered a medium drag.

The atomizer in the Hydro model produces a large amount of vapor which actually may be one reason why the cartridges don’t seem to last quite as long as a half a pack of cigarettes before the smoke volume starts to waiver.

The atomizer is robust enough to drip but with this model it is best to use a syringe to try to top off the cartridge with 2 drops and put no more than 1 drop on the mesh part of the atomizer should help if the cartridges alone aren’t produce the vapor and nicotine hit you desire.

Batteries & Charger Rating = 3.5

Like the traditional model the tip on the Crown 7 Hydro model use a reddish orange light / LED on the tip. The Hydro starter kit also comes with 2 batteries so you have 1 as a spare when the other is discharged.

While battery life is good I didn’t have any real problems except for charging time talking a little longer than usual.
Since I never use one brand for long enough to really put a battery through its paces though I always scour the forums and there were several reports of batteries being DOA or dying after the first charge.

There were also reports of chargers not working but the company seems to be willing to replace the chargers and the batteries without even having people send back the defective units in many cases.

Construction / Quality Rating = 3.0

The Crown 7 Hydro cigarette fits together very well which isn’t hard for a mini but still important when you are investing you money into an electronic cigarette. The weight of the atomizer and the batter suggest that both probably use stainless steel or something fairly sturdy

The atomizer has a polished finish on the part that contacts the cartridge which is snug at first but can get a little looser than is probably desired once the nicotine solution gets on it. The polished finish is easily cleaned which makes the cartridge fit snugly again.

The finish on the Hydro is matte black similar to another model that I had in which the paint chipped on in one spot so one should be careful since this is the only finish available for this Crown 7 cigarette.

Cost Rating = 3.0

The cost of the Hydro cigarette starter kit is pretty good, but it only comes with 5 tobacco flavored zero nicotine cartridges so it may be lacking a little value there.

Cartridges are priced well and competitive with other mini electronic cigarettes although cartridge life is definitely below a 10 cigarettes per cartridge.

Like the traditional style Crown 7 cigarette the Hydro cost rating suffers for overall value. Cartridges are a good price, but most if not all smokers will want cartridges with nicotine for their starter kit.

Fortunately, Crown 7 now offers an assortment pack of cartridges which may help make up for the starter kit at least a little.

Style and Extra Features

The Crown 7 Hydro cigarette stays true to the company’s image by only offering this model with a black finish. Even the plastic on the refill cartridge “filter” and the packaging for the refill cartridges is all black. The atomizer does have an exposed gold band that makes for a very slick package.

Other than the art deco style this Crown 7 cigarette doesn’t offer any other features.

Overall Rating = 3.4 (average)

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