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I decided its time to take another break from writing reviews to talk about how the electronic cig is being misunderstood by most people. This includes non-smokers AND smokers alike.

The motivation for this post originates from people passing judgment on other blogs and a few recent comments I received in response to some of my articles on this blog as well as feedback I have gotten in general about electronic cigarettes.

Lets start with the blog post from the “Mero Guff” blog that called the electronic cig one of the “stupidest and worst tech products at CES 2009.”

The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is known for showcasing the newest and most innovative technology that promises to improve the quality of life for everyone.

The writer at Mero Guff decided to express their opinion on the electronic cig demonstrated at CES while potentially influencing people who might actually be considering switching to what most believe is a healthier alternative to smoking.

A couple comments posted in response to this article on Mero Guff defended other so called “stupid” CES products the writer criticized. This suggested that this Mero Guff writer and potentially the entire blog occasionally makes severe negative snap judgments to attract some readers.

It works for the 10 o’clock news so why not in a blog right?

The other comments people wrote complain that the writer needs to “get their facts straight.” I didn’t see any comments defending the electronic cig. I was about to write a comment when I decided I would do my own post on the topic and get a ping-back link to this article.

If the Mero Guff admin decides he or she will not approve a ping-back from my link to their post, or doesn’t have ping-backs turned on for some reason, I will go back to the site and submit a comment with a few facts on the electronic cig.

For anyone who is here reading this as a result of the ping-back or the Mero Guff writer is here reading this, there are a few basics on the electronic cig that you should know that justifies the product:

  • The electronic cig is NOT meant to help people to quit smoking it is sold as an alternative to smoking.
  • Although not yet tested it is widely believed that the electronic cig is healthier than regular cigarettes. Read the ingredients (try wikipedia if you have to) and form your own opinion. You will find the nicotine solution inhaled is mostly just water and nicotine. There are no known carcinogens in any brand of electronic cig at the time of writing this.
  • People who have switched completely to the electronic cig have found them to be cheaper in the long run.
  • Finally, since there is no second-hand smoke or first-hand smoke for that matter AND no tobacco in the electronic cig, the devices aren’t affected by smoking bans and can be smoked most places where smoking is banned without bothering anyone or breaking the law.

Sounds like just the product we have been waiting for! A no-brainier right?

Wrong. I still encounter what I think are unusual levels of resistance to the idea even in talking with other people in person while showing them how it works.

I know it is human nature to try to resist new ideas, but man! I really thought people would say, “its about time, why did it take so long to invent something like this?”

I still get the knee jerk reaction, even from fellow smokers of, “why would you want to do that” and “does it have nicotine in it?” Of course there is nicotine in it! I mean, I could ask, “why would you want to smoke regular cigarettes when you know there is something like 4000 chemicals including known carcinogens?”

None of it makes sense and is a little frustrating.  It is making me consider turning this simple little blog into a movement. Here is why:

What if this type of thinking gets into the minds of our legislators when the electronic cig becomes popular enough that the government has to decide whether the devices are included in all the smoking bans currently in effect or not?  Something needs to be done before it is too late.

I would really to hear from you if you have any ideas as to why people are thinking the way they are and what can be done about it? Please post a comment.

In the mean time, I will continue to consider myself what can be done to increase awareness and knowledge of the electronic cig so that everyone has an opportunity to make their own choice before it is too late.

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