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If you tried to log on to the ECR site on 2-22-2009 you may have noticed the site was down or in a funny state.  I was doing site backups, upgrades and testing.

I am doing this update in preparation to remodel the graphics and organization of the site so check back frequently to see what the new site looks like when I finish the update!

So far everything with the upgrades seems OK.  If you experience any problems with the ECR site upgrade please contact me and let me know what OS, browser and problem you are experiencing.


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About Me

The Electronic Cigarette Review is NOT about me.

Its here for millions of people in America and the rest of the world who smoke and may be considering electronic cigarettes as an alternative for their health, smoking bans, outrageous taxes and other costs.

When I went to the web searching for GOOD information on electronic cigarettes it was difficult to find.

This site will have something useful here for everyone thinking about trying electronic cigarettes or those who are looking to take their new found joy of smoking the e cig to the next level!