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I wanted to do this ePuffer review because this was the brand of electric cigars and cigarettes seen on “The Doctors TV Show” in January of 2009 as you can see from this link to my previous article.

I also recently did a review on the ePuffer EAZE Magnum Rev 2 that you should definitely check out.

I posted that article in response to the Doctors naming electric cigars and cigarettes #9 in their top 10 health trends for 2009! I figure if “The Doctors” picked ePuffer to review then it is worth it for me to take a look.

These ePuffer electric cigars are disposable which means you use them up and then you throw them away. There are no batteries to charge and no nicotine cartridges to replace which is really convenient and actually a good value I found since they last so long.

There is interesting video in this clip of Dr. Jim Sears trying one of the ePuffer COHITA electric cigars on The Doctor’s web site.

There are actually 2 models of COHITA electric cigars listed on the ePuffer website at the time of writing this review: the 1800 and the 1800E.

I could not for the life of my figure out what the E means. Euro maybe? If someone knows please comment, but otherwise I am assuming they are approximately the same and this review applies to both electric cigars in my ePuffer review. They are also the same price.

I do know the reason ePuffer calls these electric cigars COHITAs is because they are meant to simulate the taste of popular Cohiba Cuban cigars and tobacco.

If you are an avid cigar smoker you are probably familiar with premium Cuban Cohiba, but if you are not there is an interesting Wikipedia post on Cohiba I suggest you check out before you even finish reading this ePuffer review.  The ePuffer version looks very close eh?!

True to the name the flavor of the ePuffer COHITA electric cigars was my favorite part of smoking this disposable device. I also found that overall smoking one of these electric cigars was a good simulation of the real thing right down to a nice nicotine buzz.

ePuffer Review – (COHITA Disposable Electric Cigars):

  • Manufacturer / Supplier: ePuffer
  • Country: Canada
  • Model: COHITA 1800 and 1800E
  • Style: Disposable Cigar
  • Price (ea.): $29.00 ($24.00 ea. In packs of 5)
  • Cartridge Price : n/a (disposable)
  • Number of flavors: 1
  • Nicotine Levels: 16mg “High”
  • Draw: Medium
  • Warranty: Yes (30-day money back “on defective items only”)

Starter Kit Contents:

1 COHITA 1800 Electric Cigar, 1 mouthpiece cover, instructions


Rating Scale:


Poor 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 Excellent

  • Ratings and Score:
    • Batteries and Charger: 3.5
    • Atomizer: 3.5
    • Cartridge: 4.5
    • Construction / Quality: 3.5
    • Cost: 3
  • Overall: 3.6 (Above Average)

Cartridge Rating = 4.5

This ePuffer review marks the first disposable electronic cigars I am reviewing so I would like to just point out that my rating criteria will not take into account selection of flavors and nicotine levels which really only apply to re-usable units.

By far the best thing about these disposable COHITA electric cigars is the flavor / taste experience which falls under the “cartridge” category.

The flavor improved the longer I smoked it the first time I smoked it. Also, the second time I picked it to smoke it the flavor was much better which reminds of 2 points I would like to make:

First, one huge benefit of electric cigars is that you can smoke it for as short or as long as you want to and then put it down. This is great for folks who enjoy a cigar now and then but don’t always have the time to smoke a whole one.

Second, before you can smoke this electric cigar you have to push the mouth piece into the unit (per the instructions). This connects the battery and “opens” the built-in cartridge to allow the nicotine solution to come into contact with the atomizer. Since these devices depend on a “wicking” action to absorb the nicotine solution into the atomizer, the flavor / vapor should keep improving until the atomizer gets totally saturated.

Because the atomizer may need time to absorb nicotine solution after the mouthpiece is “engaged” I suggest letting the unit sit for a little while (1-2 hours maybe) after pushing the mouthpiece in IF you are not getting an acceptable flavor or vapor.

Finally, the 16mg of nicotine did produce a nice nicotine although it is not as intense as the dose I have gotten from real cigars. Also, I found I could not inhale the vapor because it was a bit harsh, but this does not at all detract from the experience because cigars are not meant to be inhaled.

Atomizer Rating = 3.0

The atomizer in ePuffer’s electric cigar takes a few primer puffs to get warmed up before taking a real drag and getting the full effect of the flavor.

In a way this simulates a real cigar in which an ember roasting the tobacco will usually take a couple puffs to get hot at times. I don’t know how many holes are in the atomizer to bring air in, but the draw was medium which also seem to closely resemble a real cigar to me.

The vapor production from this atomizer was good, but didn’t always produce the thick plumes of “smoke” that cigar smokers may be accustomed. This could be a benefit for those smoking this electric cigar in non-smoking areas.

I didn’t experience any problems with the atomizer myself nor have I heard anyone else having a problem with it such as pre-mature failure etc. etc. while doing research for this ePuffer review.

Overall, there wasn’t anything spectacularly good (or bad for that matter) to suggestion something other than an average rating for the atomizer in this device.

Battery Rating = 3.5

Rating batteries for disposable electric cigars is proving to be a little tricky for me the first time around. On non-disposable units the battery is usually also the “brains” of the unit which controls switching the atomizer and the lighted tip on. Anyway, here is my best effort at reviewing the battery on this unit.

The battery comes fully charged and battery life is rated at 1800 puffs which I am guessing would be around 20 cigars if you count primer puffs. Once the battery is used up you dispose of these electronic cigars and do NOT recharge the battery.

The lighted tip is orange and since there is no cut-off switch the battery automatically turns the atomizer on and the tip stays lit for the entire duration of your puff adding to the realism of the device.

In the 6 or 7 times that I smoked it (400-500 puffs maybe?) while doing research for this ePuffer review, I didn’t experience any problems with the battery nor have I heard anyone having a pre-mature failure or other problem with the battery on this electric cigar.

Unfortunately, I review too many different electric cigars and cigarettes to see if I can actually hit that 1800 puff number, but I will always let my readers know if I have a problem or doubt the disposable unit’s life for some reason.

Construction / Quality Rating = 3.0

All aspects ePuffer’s COHITA electric cigars are well constructed. The paper on the outside of the unit is very nice and seemingly durable enough for the device to reach its rating of 1800 puffs.

The paper is probably covering a stainless steel tube judging by the weight of the device. Stainless steel is nice and strong, but the weight of this unit may prevent you from holding it in your mouth while engaged in some activity that takes 2 hands.

The mouth piece is also constructed from plastic so while this increases durability over simply covering the mouthpiece with paper it may detract from the experience a little. Real cigars however, also sometimes utilize plastic mouthpieces to increase durability.

The plastic mouthpiece only detracts a little from the appearance of quality but usually this is concealed when held in the hand.

The lighted tip is constructed from dark translucent plastic and creates a realistic diffusion of orange light when lit and doesn’t detract from the quality or the look when off.

Cost Rating = 3.5

With no replacement batteries, cartridges or atomizers to worry about the overall value of this unit is good considering it is supposed to last for 1800 puffs.

Taste is highly subjective with cigars though so while ePuffer’s COHITA may last about the same amount of time as 10-20 real cigars you will have to decide if it is really worth the price while factoring in all the other benefits.

The price of this disposable electric cigar is about middle of the road, but is well worth the investment for the Cohiba flavoring.

Style and Extra Features

The ePuffer electric cigars as you can see in the pictures from The Doctors TV Show and this review is a nice large cigar style that is meant to mimic the Cuban Cohiba cigar. It does this well and makes for a good simulation of smoking a Cohiba with the exception that you may not be able to hold it in your mouth. It is still very comfortable and stylish holding it in the hand.

And, when you are done holding it there is a mouth piece cover that will protect the plastic mouthpiece from coming into contact with dirt or anything else between smoking sessions.

Overall Review Rating = 3.6 (Above Average)

(Visit ePuffer’s Website)

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