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Gamucci Cigarette Classic Electronic Cigarette Model

Gamucci Cigarette (Classic Model)

The Gamucci electric cigarette classic model is one of the more notable brands in the U.K. due to successful marketing and advertising campaigns.  Many people have purchased Gamucci and are happy while others have had problems.

It does seem that Gamucci may want consider ways to improve their product before it goes from being famous to being infamous if it hasn’t already.

Many people living in the U.K. are still attracted to the product and willing to pay a premium despite its shortcomings because it is so readily available and used by so many there.

If you fall into this category or find a great deal on a used model, the Gammuci electric cigarette classic pen style may still be for you.  I suggest you read the specifics below however, and make sure that your smoking habits can tolerate a few hiccups.

Electronic Cigarette Review:

  • Manufacturer: Gamucci
  • Country: The U.K.
  • Model: Classic
  • Style: Pen-Style
  • Starter Kit Price: ~$120.00
  • Cartridge Price (5-Pack): ~$15.00
  • Number of flavors: 5
  • Nicotine Levels Offered: Regular, Light, Ultra Light, Zero

Starter Kit Contents:

The Gamucci cigarette, 2 rechargable batteries, battery charger, power cord, felt carrying pouch and 5 regular strength cartridges.

Rating Scale:


Poor  1   -   2   -   3   -   4   -   5   Excellent

  • Ratings and Score:
    • Batteries and Charger: 2
    • Atomizer: 3
    • Cartridges: 2
    • Construction / Quality: 2
    • Cost: 2
    • Overall: 2.2 (Below Average)

Cartridge Rating = 2

The cartridges come in packs of 5.  Four strengths are offered:  Regular (16mg Nicotine), light (11mg), ultra light (6mg) and zero (0mg).  Only 2 flavors offered at all strengths and they are tobacco and menthol.  Apple, cherry, coffee, peach and turkish delight are offered in regular and zero strengths only.

The Gamucci cigarette cartridge is supposed to be equivalent to 20 traditional cigarettes according to the website but they do not seem to last that long.   Other reasons the Gamucci cartridges rate low are because they are harsher than other brands and all the exotic flavors are not offered at all strengths (only regular and zero).

Some people like the Gamucci cartridges though, so if you don’t check the forums to see if other cartridges fit this Gamucci cigarette.

Atomizer Rating = 3

Like many generic pen-style electronic cigarettes the Gamucci cigarette classic model uses a 2 hole atomizer which can be a little harder to drag on than an actual cigarette and other electronic cigarette models.

Nothing else really stands out on the Gamucci atomizer other than it is an auto switch on style and seems about as responsive as other brands and the amount of water vapor / smoke seemed a little light which could also be related to the cartridges.

Batteries & Charger Rating = 2

Batteries on this model use an orange light / LED on the tip.  Batteries and chargers were rated low because even though the starter kit comes with an extra battery many people report problems with one of the batteries or the charger.  The problems include the charger not charging the battery and battery life being short before needing a recharge.

To me it seems like it might be the connection between the battery and the charger like one not making contact or making poor contact so the charger either appears to not work or the battery doesn’t charge or charges poorly causing them to appear bad or carry only a brief charge.

If you have a problem with a Gamucci cigarette battery or charger try experimenting with it.  It may just be a little quirky like alot of other gadgets.

Construction / Quality Rating = 2

While the Gamucci cigarette battery, atomizer chamber and cartridge all fit together very nicely and feel very solid and comfortable in the hand I had to rate it down in this area as well.

If you look very closely at the atomizer chamber the paint doesn’t seem to be consistent.  Also, the finish on the atomizer chamber doesn’t match the battery finish.  I do not know if this problem is a fluke or is present in the majority of the products.

Cost Rating = 2

If it weren’t for the fact that you can find spare parts from third parties for this device and will probably use different cartridges than Gamucci cartridges I would have rated cost lower.

Gamucci cigarette starter kits are way overpriced for what you get.  Cartridges are slightly over-priced.

Since there isn’t a variety of strengths offered with the starter kit it may take a couple additional cartridge orders before you find the right strength if you don’t want to smoke the regular strength.

Price is better for those living in the U.K. when start to factor in what it costs in shipping etc to order something internationally.

Style and Extra Features

As long as you aren’t scrutinizing the finish close up, the Gamucci cigarette classic model looks very classy.  The combination of the black mouth piece, classic white body and silver trim is very sharp.  Its a good thing that the the color and the style of this model is classy and sharp because it is the only one offered.

Another nice perk that I haven’t seen before is that the starter kit comes with a felt pouch.  I find this very useful because I don’t like the body of my electronic cigarette to rub again stuff in my coat pocket like keys, mp3 player etc.

The pouch would probably also work well in a purse.

Overall Rating = 2.3 (Below Average)

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  1. Buy Gamucci says:

    I sell Gamucci and I prefer their “Gamucci Micro” I’ve had other products like Blu and Smoke 51, but Gamucci Vapor is the best electronic cigarette, and I vape almost every day.

    • Jeff says:

      I own the mini and it is crap. Expensive and the vapors are poor. Complete waste of money.

      • Barbara says:

        I bought the micro express starter kit for myselt and my husband, worked great for about three hours. Hasn’t worked since!! Tried charging and new cartridge to no avail. returned to retailer who knew so little about the product that they didn’t even carry the batteries!!! Nor did they know what a usb charger was. rep. for this area would do nothing to try to remedy the problem and did not stand behind the product. I am very ticked that I spent over $60.00 on this junk and tried to contact the manufacturer and their website will not accept e-mail. What a product!!! waste of money and just out to make a quick buck and dissapear as far as I’m concerned. Dissatisified in Oklahoma.

    • Barbara says:

      If you sell the product you should know about them, so tell me why the two micro starter kits I purchased worked for about three hours and haven’t worked since. Tried charging and new cartridge to no avail. Retailer and rep in this area would not stand behind product and neither even sell all the components necessary to use, can’t even purchase new battery to try. Also tried to e-mail manufacturer and website would not accept, so spent way too much money for junk that can’t be used. I give it a negative 10.

  2. BJ Beard says:

    I just bought the Micro version. Smokes very well, flavor is more like a cigar. Pull is really good. It takes about 3 pulls to get the full vapor but when it heats up, this is a nice smoke. I haven’t hit an auto cutoff yet, and look like I am converted.

    Two things, currently the only negatives, the vapor seems to cause a cough reflex but it diminishes within a few drags. But I appears that that is a normal reaction to changing from actual smoke to a vapor. It also gets hot, not warm but hot. Not hot enough to burn, but it can get uncomfortable. I would bet in winter it will become a plus though.

    • BJ Beard says:


      Battery died after three hours. Looks like I’ll have to get a few extras. As this is my first Ecig, I am not sure if this is indicative of all brands, but I can see why Blu has the two batteries and the portable charger.

      For people wondering the Micro version is the same diameter as a wide gauge cigarette.

  3. James Heires says:

    I wholesale Gamucci products and find the quality is very high and consistent. Very few are returned due to defects. The product shown here is no longer sold in the US, but the Continental (disposable) and Starter Kits (V2 and new Express) are quite popular and very cost-effective.

  4. James Heires says:

    I’m sorry you had bad luck with your Gamucci product. I don’t know your particular situation, but if this happened to one of my customers, I would replace the kit at no charge. I do this from time to time now, but as I said, it’s infrequent.
    You may have a bad atomizer (the piece between the battery and the cartridge) – this may be causing your symptoms. I would ask your retailer for a replacement atomizer to get you back on the road again…
    I can sell you atomizers ($5 +s/h each) if you wish, but your retailer really should help you with this.

  5. levi says:

    hey guys just wanted to share my positive experience with the gamucci micro aswel, i get great vapour and great taste from it i have tried other brands like jasper and jasper and the qualities just not there like a gamucci heres a link of my micro in action…


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