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Definitely one of the vapor volume leaders out there, the Green Smoke electronic cigarette is also a popular choice among novice and veteran e-cig smokers alike.   This video includes my standard un-boxing and demo but be sure to watch it all the way to the end because I also include a size comparison and go over a few accessories AND the 8-flavor sampler pack that I wish more e cig vendors would carry.

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Video Transcript

Hello everyone, this is Sparky, coming to you again in high definition from the Electronic Cigarette Review and I am here to shoot another video review for you today. Today’s video review will include a quick un-boxing, brief demonstration, and a size comparison of the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette.

Also at the end, I want to show you a couple of accessories that are included. So be sure to watch the whole video so you can see those accessories at the end, which if you are thinking about considering this unit, I highly suggest you think about buying.

Let’s get to the un-boxing real quick. The first thing you will find in the box is a little, looks like an addendum they just kind of slipped in there that tells you to, a little – some care instructions with the battery, when you need to not overcharge it or leave the cartridge screwed in all the way while you are storing it, things like that.

The next thing included is the instruction guide. I will just give you a quick look through that thing. So it is not long, but it has got some pictures in there also to help you figure out how to use it if you haven’t used one before.

And then the Green Smoke, what they call a Green Smoke Club Membership Card. What this is, is just like kind of like a credit card material that you can stick in your wallet or in your pocket so that if someone approaches you in a non-smoking area and you know, kind of tries to get you to stop smoking, you can show this to them and try to explain that it is not a real cigarette and then you should be allowed to smoke at non-smoking areas. Doesn’t always work, but it does most of the time, so that’s nice.

Also in the starter kit, this is just the basic starter kit, so it is the entry level. There are two or three levels above this I think you can buy, but in this basic entry level kit, you get two batteries.

One is an extended life battery, so it is a little bit longer and then of course you have the mini-battery. And another thing I noticed really quick here is that they put some green plastic tips on here for branding and I think also as an visual indicator to people so that if you are smoking these in an non-smoking area, there is an another indication that you are not smoking a real cigarette.

Let me go ahead and I will put this down so I can get everything else out of the box and show you everything that comes with the starter kit. Basically, you get a wall charger which is nice. You get a USB charger, so you can charge using your computer. It has got an LED charging indicator on there. That’s nice.

And then also with the basic starter kit, in addition to this cartridge here which you get, you get four extra cartridges which were underneath the top part there. So let me just kind of lay all that out, close that up, and kind of show you that’s everything that comes with the basic starter kit.

And what I would like to do now is just kind of show you how the charging system works really quick in case you are totally new to smoking electronic cigarettes. This is a battery operated device. This part here is the battery, that charges the batteries which you probably should do before you smoke it. You screw the battery into the charger. Green Smoke actually has two charging options, the first option is you screw it into the USB charger and then plug that into your computer and then your computer will charge the battery. Or if you don’t have a computer or you don’t want to use your computer for that purpose, you can always just plug your USB charger into the wall charging unit and plug that into the wall and charge your batteries that way.

So I am going to set that aside to use for later, and also going to set these cartridges aside. The next thing I would like to do for you is a brief demonstration and in order to do that, I am going to go ahead and grab that mini-battery again and I’m going to un-package one of these cartridges for you to show you that the two-piece electronic cigarette is very convenient because the atomizer is built into the replacement cartridge. So every time you replace a nicotine cartridge, you actually replace the atomizer. So that’s one nice thing.

There are some disadvantages to the two-piece design, so if you want to know more information on that, go to electroniccigarettereview.com and I can help you out with that. So now I am going to move into the brief demonstration.

My brief demonstrations include two drags. The first drag I take, I’m not going to inhale, I am really just doing a primer puff, getting the atomizer warmed up for the full inhale. So I am just going to draw the smoke into my mouth and then blow it out, so you can kind of see. And then the second drag I take, I am going to do a full inhale, inhale completely and exhale immediately, so you can kind of see the difference in vapor production.

And then I am going to repeat that process a few times and then move on to the next part of the review, so here we go with the brief demonstration. The first drag I am taking is, I am not going to inhale. So here we go.

And the second drag I take, I am going to inhale completely and exhale immediately. And then I am going to repeat the process so you can see it again, again the first drag is just a primer puff, no inhale. And then the second drag is I am going to inhale completely and then exhale immediately.

So, a very impressive vapor production on that unit. You noticed when I took a drag, the tip lighted up to kind of simulate smoking like a real cigarette and also you should know that that smoke that you saw was not actually smoke, it was just a vapor with some tobacco flavoring and of course nicotine. So it feels very good when you smoke, just almost like smoking a real cigarette.

Now I am going to move into the size comparison and I have to be quick with this, because I don’t have much time for showing you the accessories and everything. Here is the regular filtered cigarette in terms of the length. Again, this is the mini-battery I am showing you. There is the diameter. I will show you 100-length cigarette compared to the mini-battery, there is the length, there is the diameter.

And I am going to go ahead and put the, open up another one of these cartridges for you, so I can do a size comparison of the extended life battery and because the review wouldn’t be complete without that. So you can see, just screwed on like that and I will go ahead and put this one aside. And again, here is the regular filtered cigarette and then here is the 100-length cigarette.

So the extended capacity battery is a little bit longer, although it doesn’t really look like a 100-length cigarette because it is a bit thicker.

And now what I would like to do is, I’d like to show you the accessories that you can get optionally. Now none of these come included with the basic starter kit, but I highly suggest you think about buying them and you will be able to see why right away.

One thing, in addition to the five cartridges you get here, those were all tobacco flavored. I think you can choose the flavor you get and the nicotine level, but the bottom line is that you are only going to get one flavor. So definitely check out the sampler cartridges. There is eight of them in here. I will go ahead and open that up real quick, so you can see. The two-piece electronic cigarette cartridges are different colors, so it helps you figure out which flavor it is that you are going to be smoking.

I don’t know if it says there on the actual cartridge or not, probably doesn’t. So that’s very nice. And then the other thing I’m going to show you is the carrying case. When you spend a little bit of money and start smoking electronic cigarettes and kind of get invested in the whole thing, you are going to want to protect your investment. So I went ahead and bought this carrying case.

And the reason why I really wanted to check it out is because I noticed it was a little bigger than carrying cases I had seen before and it looked to me like you could actually fit two whole electronic cigarettes in here. On the website it looked like they had too many batteries and up to four cartridges in here, but it looks like with that extended life battery, I am only going to be able to fit a third cartridge, but that’s pretty impressive that you can fit three cartridges and two batteries into one case.

Close it up. Stuff does shake around in there a little bit, but it is still good protection and convenient to stick in your pocket so that when you want to have a smoke, you just pull this out, take out your electronic cigarette.

What you are going to want to do is you are going to want to leave stuff probably unscrewed a little bit so that they don’t activate while they are in your pocket. But once you take it out of your pocket, open it up, screw it in all the way, take a drag, finish smoking and screw it just a little bit and stick it back in there and then close it out.

So there you have it, there is my video review of Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette. If you like that video, please comment, rate and subscribe. Also, check out the full review at this URL here, electroniccigarettereview.com.

I think that the company is also going to give me a coupon code and it is going to be like 10% off or 20% off, something like that. So, definitely don’t want to miss out on that. Read the full review, click on the link at the bottom of the review to buy Green Smoke and use that coupon code. It may be a limited time only type thing. Actually, I don’t even know if I am going to get it. So after you are done watching this video, definitely check out my Green Smoke electronic cigarette review link and thanks for watching.

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