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The Janty Kiss box Classic has been very popular with the e cig smoking community despite shipping delays for both new orders and warranty replacements in both the U.S. and abroad.

Janty’s main claim to fame is a premium electronic cigarette that allows a smoker to choose between automatic and manual atomizer switches.

The Janty products aren’t perfect though in fact far from it and the Janty Kiss box Classic has its share of problems including keeping the units in stock.

Janty still has a loyal customers though because they have done something different with their product and offer smokers a wide selection of cartridges and even a nicotine solution for dripping that does not violate the product warranty.

So the Janty Kiss box Classic is marketed as a premium electronic cigarettes with a very classy selection of colors finishes and features, but how much of this is marketing and how much of it is real?

Hopefully this review will help you decide.

Janty Kiss box Classic Review:

  • Manufacturer / Supplier: Janty USA
  • Country: U.S.A.
  • Model: Kiss box Classic
  • Style: Pen-Style
  • Starter Kit Price (Classic): $94.95
  • Starter Kit Price (Classic Extended): $134.95
  • Cartridge Price (5-Pack): $5.00
  • Number of cartridge flavors: 22
  • Nicotine Levels Offered: Zero (0mg), Low, Medium, High (16mg)
  • Nicotine Solution for Dripping: Yes (31 flavors)
  • Warranty: 6 months atomizer, 3 months batteries.

Starter Kit Contents (Classic Only Kit):
1 Janty Kiss box Classic electronic cigarette atomizer, 1 interchangeable manual switch, 1 interchangeable automatic switch, 2 lithium batteries, 1 battery charger, 5 nicotine cartridges (customer selects flavor and strength subject to availability)

Starter Kit Contents (Classic Extended Kit):
Everything that comes with the Classic kit PLUS 1 USB battery with 100cm / 3.2ft cable, 1 USB Car Charger Adapter, Carrying Case (for battery, atomizer, switch, and cartridge)

Rating Scale:


Poor 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 Excellent

  • Ratings and Score:
    • Batteries and Charger: 3.5
    • Atomizer: 3.0
    • Cartridges: 4.0
    • Construction / Quality: 3.0
    • Cost: 4.0
  • Overall: 3.5 (Above Average)

Cartridge Rating = 4.0

Janty Kiss box Classic carts come 5 in a pack. Four levels of nicotine concentration are offered: high (16mg Nicotine), medium (~11mg), low (~6mg) and zero (0mg), but not for all flavors.

In other words, you will have to search around and check to see if your favorite flavor is offered in the strength that you want on the web site. This is not an easy thing to do since there are 24 cartridge flavors listed on the web site:

Almond, Boost, Cappuccino, Chocolate, CML (Camel), Coffee, Fargo, Fennel, French MLB, French Pipe, Green Apple, Hvy Shag Tobacco, MLB (Marlboro), Oriental, Polar Mint, RBL (Redbull ?), Ruyan, Vegas, RY2, RY3, RY4, Tobacco, Vanilla, Virginia, Apple

There are also 31 flavors of refill solution for the Janty Kiss box Classic and presumably their other models:

Almond, Banana, Black Tea, Boost, Cappuccino, Chocolate, Cloves, CML, Coffee, Fargo, Fennel, French MLB, French Pipe, Grape, Green Apple, Hvy Shag, Jasmine, Licorice, MLB, Oriental, Polar Mint, RBL, Rose, Ruyan, RY2, RY3, RY4, Strawberry, Tobacco, Vanillia, Virginia

The good thing here is that all cartridge flavors have a corresponding refill liquid listed on the web site. The bad thing is that in nine cases the refill liquid is not offered in all the same strengths of the same flavor cartridge.

I actually had to create a spreadsheet to figure all this out. I may post it if I get requests for it. Until then, happy hunting.

Overall the Janty Kiss box Classic deserves a good score in this area due to the vast selection of cartridges and corresponding refill liquid. Some of the flavors aren’t obvious so you may not know what to expect from some of them.

There are plenty of tobacco flavors though if you are really want to find a tobacco flavor that you like.

The score does suffer from too many inconsistencies across flavors and strengths and the fact that the highest strength offered for all cartridges is 16mg. The cartridges tested do give a good nicotine hit with lots of that “throat sensation.”

The web site says that the Janty Kiss box Classic cartridges can be used with similar “pen-style” electronic cigarette models but is not clear whether this is for other Janty models or other brands.

Could Janty be trying to make a business out of selling cartridges for use with other brands? I may look into this more with some experiments and report back in a separate post.

Atomizer Rating = 3.0

The Janty Kiss box Classic model uses a 4-hole atomizer which does produce a lot of smoke vapor and has a very easy draw that is much easier than a cigarette. Some people might even prefer a slightly harder draw than this model can provide.

Just because the draw is easy doesn’t mean you can draw slow. You still need to draw quick enough to produce vapor and to avoid burning the atomizer / vapor.

Janty Kiss box Classic atomizers are not immune to atomizer problems. It is hard to tell if these problems are quality related or stem from the fact that the 2 atomizer switches (manual or automatic) are unique and interchangeable.

I will talk more about the two switches included with both kits towards the end of the review, but one needs to be careful especially with the manual switch because it is possible to kill the atomizer by holding the switch down while not dragging on the device.

The atomizer problem with this model does not seem to be chronic and is covered by a 6 month warranty.

It seems like purchasing a spare with your order might not be a bad idea since there have been reports of shipping delays on both new and returned products in both the U.S. and overseas.

Batteries & Charger Rating = 3.5

Janty has done something interesting with the kiss box batteries. Electronic cigarette batteries usually have a fair amount of electronics in them to regulate charging, activate and blink the led when the battery needs charging etc.

In order for the Janty Kiss box Classic to offer a choice of an automatic or manual switch and USB charging system they had to depart from the traditional design. Janty removed these electronics from the kiss box batteries and moved them to the switches.

This has several implications for both the charger and the battery; some are good and some bad.

First, if you get the extended kit with the USB battery system there are actually 2 types of batteries. The regular batteries that you charge and use “un-tethered,” and the USB system battery (Extended Kit) which is actually the same as the e-cigar battery.

Second, there is a complicated charging procedure the first time you use each and every Janty Kiss box battery (un-tethered version). You must first charge the battery for 16 hours, smoke on it for 20-min and finally charge your battery for another 4 hours.

Third, since there are no electronics in the battery there is no lighted tip that simulates smoking. Until most people know what electronic cigarettes are this will help the score because it doesn’t confuse people into thinking electronic cigarettes are real cigarettes.

What is the end result of these changes? Can we expect better battery life? The answer is no not with the regular Janty Kiss box Classic batteries with life on par with other pen style cigarettes maybe a little shorter.

The USB system battery life is technically infinite as the e-cigar battery in the cord receives a constant trickle-charge while plugged in, but you have to be “tethered” to the USB port for this to be true.

This “simple” battery is marketed as a good thing but it is really just a trade off. It’s the price you pay for having a choice of switches and the choice of plugging the USB battery / cable (Classic Extended Kit only) into the 12 volt car adapter or your computer.

The Janty Kiss box Classic starter kit does come with 2 batteries so you will have another battery to use while the other is charging after you get past the initial complicated charging procedure of BOTH batteries that is.

There is a place to plug the wall charger into a DC power source such as your car, but it doesn’t seem to be available on the web site.

The USB charging system that comes with the Classic Extended kit is kind of nice since it uses inexpensive cigar batteries and overall the batteries and charges scores above average for providing options despite all the complexities involved. So much for k.i.s.s.!

Construction / Quality Rating = 3.0

The switches cartridge, atomizer and battery all come together fairly well and are comfortable to hold despite being slightly longer than most pen-style electronic cigarettes.

The switch and battery combination did exhibit the typical problem of being crooked or misaligned relative to the atomizer. I don’t think the problem is really worse than other brands but it appears to be due to the length of the unit.

The finish and color on the switches, battery and atomizer chamber was an exact match. The titanium was an especially nice finish with metallic fleck in the paint.

The USB charging system (Classic Extended Kit) actually seems to be on the “cheaper” side especially where the wire connects to the “battery” part which gets screwed into the switch and also in the spring loaded piece that coils the cable.

For a premium electronic cigarette I was expecting slightly higher quality, but I wouldn’t say that the quality and construction of both the Janty Kiss box Classic and Classic Extended kits is disappointing.

Cost Rating = 4.0

The price for the Janty Kiss box is quite reasonable at both price points with the Classic and Classic Extended kits for a veteran e smoker that wants a different experience.

For someone just looking to get their feet wet and isn’t quite sure if they will like electronic cigarettes the price is a little on the high side.

The customer can select the flavor and strength of cartridges with their order increasing the chance of getting a flavor and strength they like or add a couple more boxes since they are so cheap.

Once a customer has found a flavor and strength they like they may be able to buy nicotine solution at the same strength to drip their cartridges and getting even more life out of them.

Style and Extra Features

The Janty Kiss box Classic is fairly stylish offering a ton of extra features. You can’t go wrong with either the matte black or the gloss titanium finishes even if these are the only two colors offered at the time of writing this review.

Most of the extra features have already been discussed but I think the switches and the carrying case deserve one more mention.

The case that comes with the Janty Kiss box Classic Extended kit is a nice way to protect your investment although it only carries one cartridge.

The manual switch is supposed to put the smoker in control by allowing them press it 1-2 seconds to warm up the atomizer before taking a drag. This can however, also put the smoker in control of destroying the atomizer even if just out of curiosity.

The automatic switch is always an option if you find you don’t like the manual and adds to the style / mystique of the Janty Kiss box Classic with a red and green LED on it. The green LED lights up under certain conditions while taking a drag.

Not a bad unit but definitely recommended more for the “seasoned” e-smoker that has another e cig they can use for a while as they work the kinks out of their Janty shipment.
Overall Score: 3.5 (Above Average)

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