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NJOY Cigarette now sold at some Pilot Travel Centers

I thought some people out there might be excited to know that the NJOY cigarette made news on Reuters a couple weeks ago. I just found the article from Business Wire.

I realize 2 weeks might be considered old news in the blogosphere but after I read the article I thought there were some AWESOME stats that I could quote on the NJOY cigarette and the companies selling them.

First, I had no idea they are spreading so quick though retail channels. Reuters attributes the rapid spread of the NJOY cigarette to a recent partnership with a high volume distributor called the TSC Group.

Reuters went on to say that the TSC Group is making the NJOY cigarette available to Pilot Travel Centers, The Pantry and The Kangaroo convenience stores, Travel Centers of America, Petro travel and convenience stores, BJ`s Wholesale Club, and Bashas, as well major web presences such as Target.com and Costco.com.

So if that many stores are selling the NJOY cigarette, that means there are lots of people buying.

You will NOT find me on the phone with my local Travel Center to see if they have some in stock and what their price is though!

At this point ordering online is way more convenient and probably cheaper. If you are like me you can find out where to buy the NJOY cigarette and other brands online by clicking “Where to Buy” on this page.

On to some more cool stats!

Reuters also cited a survey of NJOY cigarette customers that states that 92% liked the product so much that they told other people about it. This is almost unbelievable!

Ok, Im sure they are not talking about 92% of 10 people. The article doesn’t give more details about the survey so it might just be talking about earlier adopters, but who knows. Maybe they did a double-blind randomized control thing-a-ma-jigger!

Cool stat #3: The NJOY cigarette is now distributed in 50 different countries and has amassed 50,000 customers in just 2 years. It will be cool to look back on this blog post of mine in a year to compare it to new stats on the NJOY cigarette.

Reuters mentions the NCIG, NPRO, and NGAR models most are familiar with and then they also mention the NROBO which is apparently a disposable cigar. I still have not seen the NROBO NJOY cigarette err I mean cigar on the web site though and I think this is the second or third time is has been mentioned.

Am I going to have to call the Travel Center to get my NROBO? Blast it!

I leave you with on final sobering stat that is not really an NJOY cigarette stat. But, maybe it could be related some day.

Reuters said,

An estimated 20.9 percent (45.1 million) of U.S. adults smoke tobacco

This is probably one reason why health care costs are sky high. I have heard that smoking is the #1 preventable cause of death in the U.S. (still looking for a source for that one).

If the 92% NJOY cigarette referral stat is correct could we be close to putting a dent in that 45.1 million number? I hope so.

Click here if you want to read the Reuters article for yourself.

I leave you with this call to action. Tell a smoker friend about electronic cigarettes. If they are skeptical tell them to google “NJOY cigarette on Reuters.”


  1. Tony D says:

    I just bought my 1st ecig @ Kangaroo today. The Njoy Express. It’s a NPRO ecig (1), USB Cable/car charger, (1) Atomizer and (4) carts for 29.95. So far, I’m enjoying the Npro.

  2. Stephan P says:

    I decided to try electronic cigarettes Sunday. I told my wife: “You get ‘em at Truck Stops.”
    I always go to Pilots when I’m on the road, but the closest to my house are a Flying J and a Citgo, where the folks behind the counter had “never heard of them.” …So my wife and I drove another 30 miles to the nearest Pilot, where I got two NJOY “express” kits for $29.99 which include (each) a battery, USB charger, Auto 12V to USB adapter, four cartridges, and an atomizer.

    I wanted to get a brand I could get cartridges for while I’m on the road, without waiting for Internet orders to come in.

    I am very happy with them. I haven’t smoked a “real” cigarette in a day and a half (after 28 years at 1.25 packs/day).
    I won’t lie, I’d love to have a real live smoke right now but the NPRO is making it bearable.

    I’m happy with it!

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