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This video is a little dated and NJOY has updated a few things, but this video will still give you a good idea what comes in the box, what the NJOY electronic cigarette looks like and roughly how it performs.  I know folks who have used this unit for years and swear by it.

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Video Transcript

Hello everyone, this is Sparky from ElectronicCigaretteReview.com, also known as SmokelessBlog.com.

Today, I’m going to shoot the first in a series of un-boxing videos for you. In this un-boxing video, I will be opening and giving you a brief demonstration of my NJOY Electronic Cigarette. I just received this in the mail today as a birthday present from my mom. So mom if you are watching this, thank you very much. I love you and I will see you soon.

This electronic cigarette was shipped to me by a company called NJOY like I said, which at the time of making this video, they are one of the few major electronic cigarette suppliers based in the US. Now right now they sell three different styles, and NJOY calls this particular model their cigarette style electronic cigarette or NCIG for short.

As you can see, the NJOY electronic cigarette comes in this very slickly designed box with a sleek cover on the outside. The color of the cover will depend on the color of the cigarette you order. NJOY currently offers this style in white, burgundy and black. Now you can see the other styles and colors by either watching the other videos in my series or by going to the address you see on the screen here, SmokelessBlog.com.

So let’s get started with this un-boxing here by first taking of the sleeve, which I will put aside along with everything I pull out of the box. So inside the box, the first thing we have right on the top is the all important user’s guide for NJOY’s alternative smoking device. Inside this is basically just a tri-fold, so it is not long.

The next thing is something that is both interesting and useful, and this is basically the informational wallet card. Now the purpose of this or the idea of this is to keep this in your wallet or your purse so that if someone questions you while using the device in a non-smoking area, you can kind of present this to them as like kind of an official way to answer their questions. So it’s a very durable and glossy card. I will try to throw an image of that up on the website, so that you can see exactly what all that wording says if you want to. So here it is.

It comes somewhat assembled. You can see there, it has got the NJOY logo. It feels very nice in the hand. I’m going to take it apart so you can better see the individual components.

This part is the battery and it has got the tip here, which lights up when you take a drag on it. It is a lithium ion battery. That part screws into this piece right here, which is basically the atomizer and the chamber where the nicotine solution gets vaporized.

And right here on the end is where the cartridge with the nicotine solution usually goes, but for shipping they just put this dummy mouthpiece on there. So I am going to put that back together and put that back.

And I do want to show you that it does come with an extra battery, which is wrapped in this plastic here. You can see the extra tip there. Very good to have a spare battery as a backup in case the other one goes bad.

And then of course, the starter kit comes with four different degrees of nicotine cartridges. This is a low. This is a medium. This is a high. I don’t know if you can see that, but it basically says what it is on the package there. And this cartridge here actually has no nicotine whatsoever, so that’s pretty interesting.

So underneath all that, you have the battery charger, which I basically already opened and the battery itself screws into this slot right here. I can demonstrate that with the spare battery that was included. And if you have the battery screwed in, you can basically plug it into the wall using this cord that comes with it or you can also give it a DC power supply like that of which comes with your car, so you could actually charge this while you are driving down the road.

The DC adapter is not included however. The last thing that I want to show you on here is that there is a little LED indicator that will basically show you when the battery is charged by turning green, so there is no guesswork.

So now I’m going to install a cartridge and give you a brief demonstration. Before I do that though, I want you to know that the user manual says to charge your battery before use, and that it could take up to 3 hours to do that.

I actually did charge the battery before making the video and mine only took about 45 minutes before that light that I showed you turned green. So in order to install the cartridge, I am going to first take this dummy mouthpiece off and set that aside, pick one of the cartridges here, basically take it out of its cellophane wrapping.

Now before you install the cartridge, you have to take this white cover off like this, which basically protects it before you install it. And then it is very simple to install. You just insert it into the atomizer chamber and you push it until it makes a click. You got it nice good seal right there. And that’s basically it. It is that simple.

So now I am going to take a drag. It is very nice. You can see there is a fair amount of smoke there and that smoke is actually just water vapor, nicotine of course and some flavoring. The first thing people notice is that it is not harsh like a cigarette, but yet you still feel the same sensation from the nicotine. So let’s take one more drag here. Smoke does linger for a bit, but it is virtually odorless and since it is just a vapor, it evaporates very quickly after exhaling it and you will notice that that tip does light up when I take a drag on it and it behaves just like a regular cigarette. So that concludes the first un-boxing video.

If you liked that video, please comment, rate and subscribe. Also, feel free to take a look at the other un-boxing videos in this series, and finally be sure to visit SmokelessBlog.com where I am in the process of organizing all the information about all electronic smoking devices into one place. Thanks for watching.

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