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NJOY Cut Prices

Posted by Sparky

I just got an email from someone informing me that NJOY cut prices dramatically on their brand of electronic cigarettes. I went over to the NJOY web site to check this out and sure enough:

  • NJOY NPRO Starter (mini)- $109.95 - $79.99
  • NJOY NCIG Starter (pen) – $109.95$74.99
  • NJOY Cigar Starter Kit – $99.95$69.99
  • NJOY Cartridges (ALL) – $24.95$19.99 (free shipping)

This is even cheaper than people have been able to get NJOY with the a 20% coupon code. I don’t think NJOY will continue to offer the coupon code with such a dramitic reduction in price. I also noticed for the first time that shipping on the cartridges is free as well. Awesome deal!

I think this move will pretty much solidify NJOY’s foothold on the U.S. market for electronic cigarettes. Many people already thought (myself included) that NJOY brand e cigs were the best quality and therefore the best value especially with the newly redesigned atomizers. Now there is no question about it.

With the economy being in such a slump this move by NJOY is sure to make electronic smoking much more attractive to many people.

I did the math what the savings works out to now:

Assuming a person:

  1. Smokes 100% NJOY and
  2. Creates a login to do automatic cartridge reorder and also gets the buy 2 packs of cartridges and get the 3rd pack free deal:

  • Before price cut: 66% cheaper than cigarettes
  • After price cut: 73% cheaper than cigarettes

This was a no-brainer before the price cut folks so now that NJOY cut prices there has never been a better time to buy NJOY.


  1. Mark says:

    Thanks for the update.. I wouldn’t have known prices were cut without it. Which model do you think is best for the most thick smoke feel? The inexpensive model I have now barely cuts it.

  2. ECR Blogger says:

    You’re welcome. I don’t know what model / brand you are using now but all of the NJoy models (NCIG, NPRO and NGAR) are known for greater amounts of smoke / vapor. I will not be trying other brands until after the holidays when I have time.

    A couple of tips for the NJOY brand: try vanilla cartridges, also keeping the battery charged and a new cartridge handy helps.

    • Gloria says:

      I’m interested in buying the Njoy because I like the appearance and the reputation for quality that Njoy has received, however I’ve heard that vegetable glycerin produces a better vapor than propylene glycol and I would like a larger assortment of flavors than what it comes in. Would it be possible to take an empty Njoy cartridge and drip it with glycerin based vapor juice? Also, do the specialty flavored cartridges it comes in have a tobacco flavor mixed with the vanilla, etc. or is it just the specialty flavor by itself? Thanks for any info anyone can offer on this.

      • Sparky says:

        Yes you can drip NPRO carts easily. I don’t think that auto refil program is available anymore. I need to update that review. Sorry!

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