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NJOY Electronic Cigarettes

Posted by Sparky

I have created this entire blog as a testimonial to Electronic Cigarettes. There are many reasons for selecting a blog format to share my family’s experience with this remarkable product, but the main reason is that it allows me to share on a regular and interactive way so that many others might also benefit from AND contribute their experience as well.

My family’s positive experience with NJOY Electronic Cigarettes can be summed up very briefly. Everyone in my family has smoked since they were old enough to do so; my mother and father have been smoking for over 35 years! After being introduced to NJOY Electronic Cigarettes everyone in my family, mom and dad included, now smoke electronic cigarettes almost exclusively! There are many reasons why this is great for my family:

  • its healthier,
  • costs about 60% less
  • it can be smoked anywhere!

The list goes on and on! When I realized there were so many benefits for my family, I decided to start this blog so that I could talk about each benefit in great detail. I hope to impact thousands if not millions of other families seeking smoking alternatives.

If you have already tried NJOY electronic cigarettes write a comment to share your experience, whether it has been good or bad. If you have not tried it then just write a comment to say hi, I will be blogging about my family’s experience as well as other brands of electronic cigarattes as I try them all.

Talk to you all soon!

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  1. Blogsalot says:

    Nice looking blog. Where’s all the content.

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