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Much of the debate over electronic cigarettes revolves around the claim that they are healthier cigarettes. Manufacturers and suppliers of the devices are not supposed to advertise e cigs as healthy or even as healthier than smoking nor are they allowed to market them as a smoking cessation product or a nicotine replacement therapy. Some still do.

Would-be consumers must look at the ingredients in the nicotine solution in e cig cartridges and other facts to determine if they think the devices are healthier cigarettes.

I thought I would take a break from writing reviews and give an update on my family’s experience to try to add some perspective to the debate. I am not making any claims myself here as most people know what my opinion is on the matter if they read other articles on this site.

My dad has been a pack a day smoker for over 35 years. He started using the NJOY pen-style electronic cigarette and was doing fairly well with it only smoking a real few cigarettes a day and using the NJOY product the rest of the time. At the time he said that he thinks it is healthier and that he started to feel better when smoking it.

I was talking to my dad before the holidays and he told me that after a couple months he started using his electronic cigarette less and using regular cigarettes more. He told me that he almost completely relapsed back to regular smoking but that he does still smoke the electronic cigarette at least daily and in situations where he can’t smoke like when he is in places that have banned smoking.

So my mom is still going strong completely 100% cigarette free using only NJOY, but my dad is back to using mostly regular cigarettes. I did want to point out that overall my dad still smokes less of them because he does still use his electronic cigarette on a regular basis.

The most interesting thing he told me is that he really wants to go back to smoking the NJOY. When I asked him why he said that he thinks they are healthier cigarettes and that since he relapsed he is experiencing all the same health problems he had before such as the smokers cough and shortness of breath.

Is this evidence that e cigs are healthier cigarettes? You will have to decide for yourself whether or not it is healthier, but I did want to cover a couple of the reasons he listed for his relapse in that may help you if you want to switch completely from regular smoking to electronic smoking.

One reason my dad listed for his relapse is trouble breaking old habits. He said that he was used to having a cigarette in his hand or mouth while working around the house or on his truck. He said he would think about reaching for a regular cigarette in his hand, mouth or ashtray before reaching for his electronic cigarette which he kept in his pocket.

Most e cigs are heavier due to the weight of metal and plastic components. You don’t light them or put them in ash trays. We did discuss having him try using a mini style e cig since they are smaller and lighter and he seems open to trying that.

Another reason he listed for his relapse is not getting enough nicotine even from the high strength cartridges. He smoked camel unfiltereds for all those years while most e cig cartridges contain little more nicotine than light cigarettes.

There are ways to increase the nicotine concentration such as “dripping” we discussed that will be topics of other articles. People also debate whether adding additional nicotine is healthier than using the cartridges as is.

When I asked my mom why she thinks she was so successful she said that once she realized that the e cig was satisfying her nicotine craving she made a decision to switch completely and never go back. My dad thinks this approach will work for him once we do something to increase his nicotine intake.

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