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Posted by Sparky

Well there weren’t any comments on my article about tobacco free incentives but I did get an e-mail from someone wondering if electronic cigarettes are in fact smoke free cigarettes. The answer is yes. Most of the electronic cigarettes I have seen these days including the NJOY brand vaporize a solution of nicotine and water before it gets inhaled into the lungs.

The device operates in some ways like a portable nebulizer but resembles a cigarette right down to glowing tip that lights up when you take a drag.

A person smoking the device still inhales and exhales the vapor which delivers the nicotine, feeling, taste and appearance of smoking without any carcinogens. The cost even works out to be about 60% less than smoking regular cigarettes.

Non-smoking bystanders will not notice ANY smell of smoke whatsoever. Usually when someone lights up a regular cigarette in a large room or even 100 feet down wind from a person outside it only takes a few milliseconds for another person to smell it. This is NOT the case with these electronic smoke free cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are not yet considered smoking cessation devices and their makers are not permitted to market them as such. There is only some controversy however surrounding whether electronic cigarettes can be used or marketed as a nicotine replacement therapy because no one has tested these claims.

I can say that my family has been using the device as a nicotine replacement and my mother has had the most success. I wrote about my family’s experience in the first post on this blog which is a testimonial to NJOY Electronic Cigarettes.

One interesting thing about my father’s experience is that while he now only smokes a few cigarettes a day, he smokes regular cigarettes in between stints of electronic cigarette smoking. When you wear the patch you can’t smoke because doing so could cause a persons nicotine intake to spike to unreasonable levels as a person is taking the nicotine in from two sources at the same time.

A person can smoke electronic cigarettes and regular cigarettes interchangeably without having to worry about their nicotine intake. This seems like one advantage electronic cigarettes could have over other existing nicotine replacement therapies as well.

Does anyone know of any third party or government agencies planning to test the claims of these electronic smoke free cigarettes as a nicotine replacement therapy? Please post a comment if you do..

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