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It’s time for a little rant. One of the cornerstone arguments for banning fruit and candy flavored cigarettes (and now electronic cigarettes) is that they target minors.

Really? How can an inanimate pack of cigs or an electronic cigarette perform such a heinous act? Quite simple really.. With a little help and proper placement from living breathing PEOPLE anything can be dangerous or evil.

As a result of this media fueled dogma, all candy and fruit flavored cigarettes are now banned as of late last year.

I realized again just how bogus the fruit and candy flavored cigarette argument is today as I walked around Target and then later WalGreens and noticed fruit flavored Nicorette nicotine gum in plain sight for all to see, including children, and NOT behind the counter.

In Target the Nicorette was on the VERY bottom shelf so low a 3 YEAR OLD COULD SEE IT AND REACH IT! How do I know? I was with my 3 year old nephew at the time.

Nicorette & Commit Nicotine Infused Candy & Gum In Target

Nicorette & Commit & Target Brand Nicotine Infused Candy & Gum on Bottom Shelf

I had actually seen the Nicorette there before on a prior visit, but it didn’t hit home until I saw my nephew checking out stuff on the shelves and then prayed that he didn’t ask me about it.

As we walked out of that isle I was pissed!

In case you haven’t seen any of the TV commercials Nicorette is now also available in a plethora of tasty flavors including: Orange, Fruit Chill, Cinnamon Surge, Extreme Chill, Fresh Mint, and Mint. And, if you were hoping for cherry NO PROBLEM. Check out the Commit nicotine lozenge available in cherry or mint.

Nicorette Flavor Selection (also in Target)

Nicorette Flavor Selection (Fruit Chill, Cinnamon Surge, Extreme Chill, Fresh Mint) also in Target

They would probably have more flavors if the crap didn’t have such a high failure rate and anyone actually bought it.

Now it’s not like a kid is going to be able to walk up to a register and buy nicotine gum or lozenges. But, a little hoodlum might be able shop lift some if it is right out in the open. And, a curious little nephew might ask some innocent questions and become persistent if you don’t have a good answer.

So why is it that no one is going ballistic about this?

This stuff is literally GUM and CANDY with nicotine in it yet somehow it isn’t targeting children?!

What’s the difference? Why can’t adults enjoy flavors of tobacco products other than menthol and tobacco? Is it that we can’t keep them out of kids reach unless they are banned by the governement?

Of course not. We can control the availability and placement of tobacco products, including flavored options and we have done so for years.

I believe there are a few reasons why people aren’t going nuts about fruit flavored nicotine gum and lozenges yet jump all over tobacco products including electronic cigarettes now.

First, big tobacco has evil intentions and that has pretty much been proven. Electronic cigarettes are guilty by association and hard to defend as long as those tacky mall kiosks keep being allowed by mall owners.

Nicotine gum and lozenges on the the other hand… that’s intended as medication and is approved by the FDA as a nicotine replacement therapy. Apparently its intentions are soooo good and noble it is OK to put right on the lowest shelf in a large super market.

The people who believe the previous two paragraphs must struggle to gain a better understanding of intentions vs. results. Isn’t the road to hell paved with good intentions? What is the origin of that cliché anyway?

This stuff is literally GUM and CANDY with nicotine in it …

The fact is that the most popular cigarette flavor among minors that smoke is menthol. The one flavor exempted from the government’s flavored cigarette ban. This non-value-add could only be the work of special interests and politicians trying to get re-elected.

Finally, I think people hardly pay any attention to fruit and candy flavored nicorette gum / lozenges because we aren’t hammered constantly with marketing, legislation and media stories suggesting it to us as we are with the candy and fruit flavored tobacco products argument.

So, the next time someone suggests to you that candy and fruit flavored cigarettes have rightly been banned because they target children tell them sure… but now what are they going to do about the nicotine infused gum and candy right there on the bottom shelf?

The FDA should lift the ban on candy and fruit flavored cigarettes, Target needs to get the Nicorette OFF the bottom shelf and malls need to eliminate 100% of electronic cigarette kiosks and I.D. anyone that comes into a smoke shop if they look under age.

Is this really that hard people??? Sheeesh!!

Rant complete.

Walgreens Nicotine Gum & Candy at Least Partially Behind Counter

Walgreens Nicotine Gum & Candy at Least Partially Behind Counter


  1. NJOY John says:

    This is a really great article. I am in the electronic cigarette business and have my web alerts set so I can read everything that comes out on the topic. This is the first time in a while I have read an article that was not on one of the major news sites in which someone had put some actual thought and effort. Well done.

    Needless to say, I couldn’t agree more.

    • Sparky says:

      Thanks for the comment John. I am thinking about writing Target reps and other retailers with poor placement of these products and keep a log of the experience and progress made on this blog.

      • NJOY John says:

        You should. It’s frightening how corrupt this country (which I love very much) is becoming. In my opinion we are seeing first hand the power that lobbyist have in this country. There is no other legitimate reason for the amount of pressure we are seeing on e-cigs in comparison to things like nicotine gum. As you noted. Can anyone else smell the pharmaceutical industry at work here? Think how much they stand to lose with e-cigs replacing nicotine gum, sprays, and prescription drugs.

  2. Electronic Cigarette Lounge says:

    What I really don’t understand is why they passed the law in the first place but allowed them to change their name from “cigarettes” to “cigarillos” and walk right around the ban.

    I also have to agree with John about how corrupt our country is becoming. I was in my local smoke shop today and was warned about a bill(I’m not sure if it was local to Colorado or to the entire country) that would put a 775% tax hike on pipe tobacco.

    Our entire country seems to have gone completely insane….

    Also, there are 3 smoke shops in town. 2 of them are basically bong shops and one of them is a legitimate tobacco shop(the one I was in today buying pipe tobacco) and they ACTUALLY ID people. The two bong shops don’t ID anyone at all. My younger brother and all his friends(all minors) go in them constantly to buy cigarettes and glass pipes and shit and NO ONE IDs THEM. It drives me up the wall…….and the flavored cigarette band was brought up because it would supposedly keep minors from starting smoking…yeah right.

    rant over haha

  3. Lucky Slicks says:

    not to mention that alcohol comes in many fun fruit flavors and there is fruit flavored tobacco chew…

  4. antonio says:

    i read something interesting at the FDA website regarding fruit flavored cigarettes. it states that “any fruit of flavored substance(menthol excluded) and mix that flavor into tobacco used in cigarettes, regardless of factory manufactured or personally HAND ROLLED shall be deemed unlawful and punishable by fine and/or imprisonment.” in other words you can’t take tiny cut bits of lemon and mix it with some loose tobacco, and personally hand roll it yourself. it transforms into a illegal product. you also can’t…for instance, personally dip a marlboro cigarette into some orange juice.the cigarette transforms instantly into a illegal substance punishable by fine/jail.

    its now against the law to mix two different flavors together, of two legal products.

    how disturbingly insane.

    i guess it must be against the law to chew an apple while smoking. or drink some coffee while smoking. i mean, both flavors ARE mixing in your mouth. you are tasting both flavors simultaneously.

    how utterly retarded.

    what law is crazier?
    this u.s. law stating you can’t mix two flavors together. or the saudi arabian law stating its illegal for women to drive…cause they are women.
    whats crazier.

    • Sparky says:

      Man, you would think with laws that strict that a product even resembling gum or candy infused with nicotine and available in tasty flavors like cinnamon and citrus would be a non starter to the FDA.

      I guess not. You help further prove the point. Thanks for your comment!

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