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By some strange coincidence The Doctors TV show decided to demo ePuffer’s entire electronic cigarette line AGAIN right as I was working on my review of ePuffer’s EAZE Magnum Rev 2!

That’s right, this is the second time in little over a year that electronic cigarettes appeared on their show during the Medical Emergencies You Can’t Ignore” episode that aired March 8th 2010.

I was here blogging about ePuffer’s debut on the Doctors TV show last year when The Doctors ranked electronic cigarettes #9 in their, “Top 10 Health Trends for 2009” episode.

In the 2010 episode though, Dr. Drew Ordon starts the segment by handing out all the, “e Products,” giving an ePuffer EZ Magnum to Dr. Lisa Masterson and the electronic pipe to Dr. Jim Sears.

Dr. Ordon first demonstrates the ePuffer “COHITA” electronic cigar himself by taking several large puffs and exhales the vapor confidently looking almost as if he was born with a cigar in his hand and remarks,

It creates a vapor instead of smoke and it’s the smoke that contains the tar and the other, what is it, 20 other carcinogens that are in cigarettes?

I don’t know Dr. Ordon. You tell me. You’re the Dr.!

Dr. Jim sears makes light of the demo gesticulating in a funny way with his “e Pipe” pondering what it would be like to smoke a pipe like Sherlock Holmes or another detective while solving crimes all day.

Don’t quit your day job to become either a detective OR actor Jimmy. I wasn’t convinced! Seriously though, I know you were just kidding..

Dr. Lisa Masterson takes another fake little puff off her EAZE Magnum similar to the tiny little puff she took off the COHITA e cigar last year in the 2009 episode.

Dr. Ordon finishes the demo by stating,

For some people, especially early on, this may be a good way to start [to quit smoking]

And, yes Dr. Ordon meant a good way to start quitting NOT to start smoking. It was just a little hard to hear him over the raucous Jim and Lisa was creating so I couldn’t transcribe the whole quote.

To conclude the segment Dr. Travis Stork finally chimes in at the end giving some solid advice,

All of these methods are ultimately ineffective if you don’t have a firm commitment, if you don’t have determination, or if you don’t have the will power.

Yup, we have all been there.

I didn’t actually catch this whole episode of the show, but I did manage to find the segment of video showcasing ePuffer products on the show’s web site. If you have another 5 min. to kill I highly suggest you head over there and check it out!

Also, be sure to check my full reviews of ePuffer’s COHITA electric cigar and their EAZE Magnum Rev 2 mini electronic cigarette model if you need more info on the ePuffer products.

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