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SNL's Hans and Frans

Ok, I know that title of this article sounds a little arrogant, but I just got done talking to one of my e smoker friends about how our smoking habits have changed since we started smoking the e cig. We also noticed that this seems to be a common theme of conversation among veteran e cig smokers.

So, as Hans and Frans used to say in those old SNL skitts, “hear me now and believe me later,” if you start smoking e cigs for any length of time your smoking habits will be different!

How so? Well, if you start smoking e cigs and stick with it your smoking habits will fall into 3 categories:

  1. You smoking e cigs only
  2. You smoke e cigs mostly, but still smoke real cigarettes
  3. You smoke real cigarettes mostly, but also smoke e cigs

All of these categories are actually very common.

Ok, you got me. There is actually a 4th category that doesn’t fall under the category of e cig smoking habits that is not listed which is also probably the least common case that I have noticed.

That’s right, there are actually some people that try the e cig, but maybe have a bad first experience or don’t have the patients etc. to adapt their smoking habits.

Those folks go back to smoking real cigarettes 100% probably until the rest of the world is smoking the e cig, or the government raises taxes on cigarettes (again), or smoking is banned in their state, or … you get the idea. At this point the 4th category may cave in and give e cigs another try.

Anyway, I would like to go through each of the other 3 categories so you can have some idea of what to expect if you begin smoking e cigs.

1. You smoke e cigs only

The main thing you will notice over time in this case is that your smoking habits will only require a few puffs from your e cig, but at a higher frequency like maybe every 15-20 minutes for example.

In other words, you will transition from one intense smoking session to less intense smoking sessions spread over time.

This is made possible by the fact that “smoke breaks” are really un-necessary with e cigs. You don’t need to find a non-smoking area or go outside because when you feel the urge you simply pull out your e cig and take a few puffs.

Once you reach this point you will begin to realize that you are able to stretch your cartridges further or you may even reduce the nicotine level the next time you re-order cartridges. I sometimes wonder if this is why it seems e cig companies commonly overestimate the length that a typical e cig cartridge will last.

Finally, when you fall into this category even the thought of smoking a real cigarette tends to turn your stomach strangely mimicking the thought process / feelings you got the passed 3 times you quit smoking for 2-4 weeks before finding e cigs. Hmmm.. Is the FDA reading this?

2. You smoke e cigs mostly, but still smoke real cigarettes

Your smoking habits in the 2nd case will mostly resemble the 1st category with a few exceptions.

First, your nicotine cravings may not always be satisfied with only smoking your e cig. Second, you may sometimes find it difficult to simply change your smoking habits even forgetting your e cig is in your pocket when you get that urge to smoke.

When you do have an urge to smoke in this category you tend to think about taking a smoke break first and your e cig second, but usually opt for the e cig unless your cravings are getting the best of your or you are missing the social experience or some other aspect of your old smoking habits such as the “smoke break.”

3. You smoke real cigarettes mostly, but also smoke e cigs

Your smoking habits in the 3rd category probably most closely resemble your original smoking habits before you found e cigs with a few exceptions.

If you are in this category you probably loved your e cig when you first got it and smoked it a bunch, but after the novelty wore off you realized that you either really just liked smoking regular cigarettes in the first place or you are really not getting your craving satisfied from the e cig. There are actually addictive substances other than nicotine in cigarettes so maybe your e cig just falls short.

Maybe there just isn’t near enough nicotine in the brand of e cig you bought because your friend swore by it, but you find it hard to experiment on your own when your addiction is knocking at the door and buying both cigarettes and trying out a bunch of different e cigs would be too expensive.

So, if you fall into this category you probably still smoke your regular cigarettes as much as you can, maybe a little less, and you only reach for your e cig in a non-smoking area like at the movies, a restaurant or the airport.

The real 4th category: Those who want to change

If you are one of those people in the 2nd or 3rd categories that would really like to switch completely once and for all to e cigs the best suggestion I can offer you is to try a higher nicotine level in your e cig.

The “high” level cartridges that companies offer can contain anywhere from 8mg – 16mg of nicotine. There are companies out there however, that sell specialty cartridges with as much as 24mg and even 32mg of nicotine!!

If your brand of e cig doesn’t offer “extra high” as a special order then try dripping (refilling) with a nicotine solution that is 24mg – 32mg. If you can’t or do not want to drip your own cartridges then switch to a different brand that offers a higher dose of nicotine in their cartridges.

Whatever you do don’t give up until you have found the e cig that helps you develop the smoking habits you desire most.

Good luck!!


  1. Wayne Radcliffe says:

    Thank you ! (repeat three times)

    Your reviews have been extremely helpful. I didn’t find a review of the “Wicked” brand. Is there one?

    Being an engineer, surely you have done a spread sheet listing all the features and costs of the various brands (a la Consumer Reports). Where is it?

    I’ll pay you $10 for a copy. If you haven’t done one, I’ll set one up.

    • Sparky says:

      I do have a Matrix that right now I actually consider somewhat proprietary, BUT I hope to make it available someday soon via a tool on the site that will allow people to sort the info and maybe make harder to steal the info like so many other people do just to put up their own copy cat site.

      Also, I have a backlog of free samples I am reviewing right now. Wicked hasn’t contacted me, so if they don’t by the time I work off this back log I will contact them to see what’s up.

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