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photo of blu's car in the coca cola 600

Click to Enlarge

It has been a full week since Blu Cigs sponsored Mike Bliss driving #32 in the Coca Cola 600 last weekend, but I finally got video footage of it uploaded to YouTube yesterday.  There are some great clips of the Blu Cigs car in it!

Getting footage from my DVR to my computer in a format I could edit proved to be quite a challenge and is cause for the delay. This effort consumed much of my evenings last week, but in the end I think the finished product is worth it.  See what you think.  Pay special attention to the finish at the end!:

There are a lot of other YouTube videos of the event mostly because of the circumstances of the finish (which I will cover in a second), but so far NONE of them highlight the Blu Cigs car as much as mine.

And, before I talk anymore about the race I have to start with full disclosure: I KNOW NEXT TO NOTHING ABOUT NASCAR

So be kind to me in the comments if I happen to say something that make me look really stupid. I have heard that NASCAR was on of the fastest growing sports in the U.S. and after making this video I think I am starting to see why. I think I am becoming a fan..

I scoured the footage to find good shots of Blu Cigs car. It was not easy because Mike Bliss hovered around 35 the entire race so the footage seemed to cut away frequently before #32 would come into view. Also, the announcers were more interested in talking and showing footage of about the top 10 contenders.

Except… Sadly, the announces did end up talking about Mike Bliss in #32 when the Blu Cigs car stalled out on the side of the track and caused the 6th caution of the race!    This probably resulted in some of most “close-up” even if slightly embarrassing shots of the car, but I had to throw it in the video anyway.  And, I couldn’t help but wonder, “was this a publicity stunt for their sponsor?”

the Blu Cigs car stalled out on the side of the track and caused the 6th caution of the race!

Despite this Mike Bliss still finished in 30th place.  Before the race even took place, commentators on the web were hopeful that he would finish or stay in the top 35 I can’t remember which.  And, I sure as heck don’t know why they were hopeful of this except I think somewhere towards the end of the race the leader board at the top of the video started showing that any car after 35 place was “out.”  Maybe this is why?

I don’t know, but there were some very good shots of Blu Cigs’ car in the final laps actually racing (and making lazy caution laps with everyone else too).

The Finish: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Runs out of Gas on the Last Turn

As a result of Earnhardt Jr. running out of gas on the final turn of the last lap, Kevin Harvick won the race.  Everyone was low on gas towards the end as the Coca Cola 600 is the longest NASCAR race on the circuit.  It seemed even more taxing on fuel supplies because it seemed all the caution laps were wasting fuel and cars would run out of fuel and almost wreck on the restart causing even more caution laps.

Anyway, it was a very exciting race.  I am much more inclined to watch another NASCAR race after this experience. I feel bad that Earnhardt didn’t win another race.  I think I read somewhere that he hasn’t won in 105 or 106 races straight.  That is quite a dry spell for Earnhardt fans.

I was happy for Kevin Harvick though because he came from a few cars back right at the end to win it.  I think it is this kind of excitement that keeps the sport growing.

Significance of Electronic Cigarette NASCAR Sponsorships

I also read somewhere that a “smoking product” hasn’t sponsored a car since the Winston brand in 2003. Could this mean that electronic cigarettes are entering the mainstream as a socially acceptable smoking alternative?  Only time will tell.

It will also be interesting to see if the Blu Cigs and Green Smoke NASCAR  sponsorships in the Coca Cola 600 bumped up sales enough to initiate future sponsorships.

green smokes nascar photo

Green Smoke's Car #50 (Click to Enlarge)

Just weeks after Blu Cigs shows up on the tech page of The New York Times, Blu Cigs AND Greensmoke are ratcheting up mainstream promotion of electronic cigarettes with each sponsoring their own car in the Coca Cola 600 NASCAR race today.

I got the photo of Greensmoke’s car from their Facebook page.

Actually, I have found 2 different sources citing the fact that Greensmoke’s driver T.J. Bell failed to Read the rest of this entry »

blu cigs social networking device

Annotated Screen Capture (Click to Enlarge)

Apparently, the news about Blu Cigs’ new social networking device, the “smart” blu pack I blogged about a couple days ago was big enough to make it in an article that appeared on the front of The New York Times technology page yesterday.

I feel strongly that I need to put this in perspective though.. When I found this news it showed up right between articles about Microsoft AND Google!!

This is another great victory for electronic cigarettes and Blu Cigs in particular. At the risk of Read the rest of this entry »

picture of blu pack signature LED light

Getting Net Connected and Going Social

Representatives from Blu Cigs contacted me last week to ask me if I would be interested in reviewing and blogging about their new “Blu Pack” which will include social networking features and may even be net connected through an iPhone app!

It took a few moments for the whole idea to sink in before I replied with an emphatic, “YES!”

I haven’t even had a chance to update my Blu electronic cigarette review since they have switched to a new 2-piece design, but I thought I should blog about this before I do that because an industry changing innovation like this is likely to be BIG news.

The Blu reps told me their new smart Blu pack will Read the rest of this entry »

Picture of Depp taking a drag on an electronic cigarette

Depp Exhales E-Cig Vapor

It looks like this is old news, but I actually saw the move last night so I wanted to add my review of Johnny Depp ’s portrayal of the electronic cigarette in “The Tourist” along side co-star Angelina Jolie. Interestingly enough I covered Katherine Heigel and David Letterman’s demonstration of e cigs in one of my last posts so hopefully this celebrity usage helps rocket use into the mainstream more.

With regard to the Johnny Depp movie “The Tourist” however, I want to point out that Read the rest of this entry »

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