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There are 4 different styles of electronic cigarettes (e cigs or e cigarettes for short) you should be familiar with before you start looking at different electronic cigarette brands, suppliers and manufacturers. The 4 styles of “e cigarettes” are:

  • Pen-Style
  • Mini
  • Cigar
  • Pipe

These four styles shouldn’t be confused with what I call the 4 different types of electronic cigarettes. The difference between the 4 styles and the 4 types is that the term “style” refers to appearances and the term “type” refers primarily to function.

Ironically, style can also be a practical matter, especially when it comes to smoking, so I will cover some functional aspects of style here as well, but as always appearances are first.


The pen style electronic cigarette is so named because most of them closely resemble an ink pen in shape, size and color, but almost never include a pocket clip. Some pen-style e cigs are designed to mimic short cigarette holders / filters with a cigarette in them since they are approaching this size anyway.

Gamucci Pen-Style Electronic Cigarettes

Gamucci Pen-Style Electronic Cigarettes

Mini-Electronic Cigarettes

The mini-electronic cigarette style most often strives to be about the same shape, size and color as a regular filtered cigarette.

At the time of writing this article more and more mini-electronic cigarettes are coming out in colors other than white.

Also, many e cigarettes that are smaller than a pen-style are usually fall into mini-e-cig category. In fact mini-electronic cigarettes that are closest to size as a regular cigarette are actually often referred to as “super-mini.”

Blu Cigs Mini Electronic Cigarettes

Blu Cigs Mini Electronic Cigarettes



NJOY Electronic Cigar Style

Electronic cigars range in length and diameter from a medium sized cigar all the way up to large Cuban and Cohiba cigars. Some even have paper wrappings on the outside to more closely resemble the look and feel of a real cigar.

Disposable Electronic Cigars

Disposable Electronic Cigars


The distinct appearance of a pipe style “electronic cigarette” is somewhat obvious. What is a little less obvious is that the nicotine cartridge and atomizer are actually in the mouth piece of the pipe-style which leaves the rest of the unit to keep the battery and the light that resembles glowing embers.

An Electonic Pipe

An Electonic Pipe

All of the styles usually have a lighted tip to simulate glowing embers when taking a drag, but sometimes the lights are a color other than orange, such as blue or green, which helps to communicate to people that you are not “smoking” although many may still be confused wondering what in the heck you ARE doing!

Which Style is Best?

This depends on what you goal is overall or at the current time or place. Most people that start smoking or as it is sometimes called “vapeing” these devices usually buy a couple different styles over time to suit their needs.

The great thing about smoking electronic cigarettes, pipes and cigars is that a variety of flavors is available in all the styles.

In other words, you are not limited to Cohiba flavor for your cigar style, you can get vanilla or coca-cola for it too.  So, the style you decide you decide that you like or that is most functional for you doesn’t predispose or limit you to any 1 or small number of flavors.

There are however, a number of functional aspects that relate to a particular e-cig style.

In general the bigger the “electronic cigarette” device style the longer the nicotine cartridge and the battery lasts.

If you desire to charge your battery and replace your cartridges less and don’t have a strong space constraint or preference then a larger device such as an electronic cigar might actually suit you better even if you don’t normally smoke cigars.

One important decision to consider that impacts your choice of style is whether or not you intend to smoke your electronic cigarette in an area where smoking regular tobacco cigarettes is banned.

If you do then you will likely feel more comfortable and secure smoking something that least resembles a real cigarette, cigar or pipe.

I suggest a pen-style, mini, cigar and pipe, (in that order) with a unique color light such as blue or green when “smoking” your e cig in a non-smoking area.

Different Color LEDs For Electronic Cigarettes

Different Color LEDs For Electronic Cigarettes

It is easiest to find pen-style and mini-electronic cigarettes with blue or green lights than it is to find an electronic cigar or pipe with a special color.

I do not recommend smoking an electronic cigarette that doesn’t have a light in a non-smoking area because people will still see some vapor and may mistake it for cigarette smoke without some other visual indicator (such as a blue or green light) to indicate you aren’t smoking.

My personal preference when smoking electronic cigarettes is to reach for a pen-style or medium sized cigar style as the capacity of the batteries and nicotine cartridges are last the longest and produce the most vapor.

There are some mini electronic cigarettes that produce awesome vapor, but they don’t last long enough for me. I also find that the pipe style is a little over the top for my personality.

Hopefully if you are new to smoking electronic cigarettes this brief description of the ins and outs of various e cig styles will help you as you begin to search for the best models and suppliers for you.


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