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Questionable E-Cigarette Ad @ 711

Questionable E-Cigarette Ad @ 7 Eleven

I saw this ad for Xhale O2 at my local 7-11 the other night. I was always optimistic that the day would come when e-cigs would enter the “mainstream” let alone the e hookah. Has this day arrived?

When NJOY started showing up at Pilot I was excited, but Pilot isn’t as wide spread as 7-11. I have now seen these advertisements at several 7-11 stores in Colorado. I haven’t traveled in a bit so I can speak for other states.

Please chime in with a comment if you have seen these in a state other than Colorado. I am trying to figure out if this is a pilot program or widespread.

I don’t have time to do all my testing and a full review on the brand, but I did want to mention it along with:

  • a brief analysis of the implications and
  • a “mini-review” with a place people can post comments with their thoughts

Initially, I was critical of the advertisement in the front window because, as you can see in the picture the ad for “E-Cigarettes” seemed to be intentionally positioned by the WWE Slurpee cups ad.

This could be construed as intentionally targeting children because presumably kids are more interested than adults in getting all hyped up on the super sugary treat before watching their favorite WWE characters pretend to beat the crap out of each other. .

I think there may be something to my suspicion because before I had a chance to write this post, I drove by the same 7-11 again, I noticed that the “E-Cigarettes” sign had been moved as you can see in this picture:

Ad Moved (Click to Enlarge)

Ad Moved (Click to Enlarge)

I am still somewhat critical of their placement because inside the store they have a display ad set up that looks like this:

XHalo O2 Display at NOT Behind Counter

XHalo O2 Display at NOT Behind Counter

This ad is on the main counter next to the taquitos, beef jerky and other junk food. In my opinion it should be behind the counter with the other tobacco products.

Fortunately, it looks like this brand is avoiding smoking cessation claims so hopefully they will be able to avoid FDA scrutiny, but you never know since they are really putting themselves out there with 7-11 chain distribution.

Oh, and they really should get rid of that display ad or move it behind the counter!

Also notice that there are e hookahs mentioned in the display ad. I kept looking for a big box that could contain something as large as a hookah or an attachment for a regular hookah. I didn’t see one. I just saw a small box for the hookah that doubles as a carrying case same as their e-cigarette. And, their “hookah” kinda just looks like a black e cig. Hmmm. . What’s going on here?

Now for my XHale O2 review

XHale O2 Review (Abridged, Full Review Pending)

Keep in mind I haven’t tried XHale O2 because I don’t have time to do a full review on it right now. I will do one eventually.

I am really only reviewing the specs on paper against my some of my usual review scoring criteria and then editorializing kinda like an android smart phone or tablet review on a tech blog. Sorry, I am an iPhone guy.. For now.

Anyway, you get the idea.


Starter Kit Includes: 1 Battery, 1 Atomizer, USB Charger, 4 Cartridges, Carrying Case

Pros: Starter kit price fairly low and cartridges strengths go up to 22mg

Cons: Cartridge flavors limited to reg / menth*, only one battery and no wall charger or car charger included, Cheap construction?

Abridged Review

The XHale O2 starter kit price seems reasonable at $20 if the product is even half decent although the product attached to the display ad makes the construction look cheap. I did notice that their web site does sell the starter and carts for a lot more (starter is almost double). I wonder why?

For $20 though you only get 1 battery. I am not sure what you are supposed to smoke while that one battery is charging or if that battery goes bad. Replacement parts ARE available on the web-site, but again are quite expensive compared to just going down to 7-11 and buying another entire starter kit for $20.

Also, you don’t get a wall charger or a car charger, but they are available and at least those seem affordable enough.

The refill cartridges price isn’t too bad at $15 for 10 (maybe a little pricey) and they do offer up to 22mg strength, but it just depends on how good of a throat hit their glycerin (not propylene glycol) nicotine solution can deliver.

* Cartridges seem to be only available in regular and menthol for their “e-cigarette.” Their “e-hookah” however has other flavors such as strawberry. The Xhale 02 e hookah just looks like a black e cig though.

I am wondering if their e-hookah cartridges fit the e cigarette and if this is just a product labeling and marketing ploy to avoid more FDA scrutiny? Maybe. It had me fooled for a couple minutes. I guess it is also conceivable that they are targeting a segment of the market that likes smoking the hookah. Mmmm, hookah.

I withhold full judgment though until I actually buy both the e-cigarette / hookah and try the product. They definitely get an A for effort and boldness with their foray into mainstream retail with 7-11.

Until then please post your thoughts on the XHale O2 in the form of a comment. I would prefer comments from folks who have tried other e cigs and the XHale O2, but first impressions from first timers are welcome as well just let us all know in your comment.


  1. Jen says:

    I have only tried the Xhale o2 as far as e-cigs go, though the 7/11 I went to had little plastic covers available to cover the mouth piece of their demo kit so you can try it right there in the store. Clearly not thinking, I did this, and their demo kit happened to be the e-hookah kit, which is the same as the e-cigs but with a few different flavor cartridges (mostly fruity) and the black apparatus instead of the white. My guess is that they are interchangeable with the e-cigs, which are available in regular, mint, and nicotine free, with replacement cartridges available in 22,16,11,8mgs.
    I’ve been smoking these for a few days now. Based on my experience with the XHaleo2 and what I have learned scouring the web gathering info and reviews on the many other brands available, I think you get what you pay for – and this particular brand is by far the cheapest I’ve seen. The taste of the regular is pleasant enough, and the first few puffs are great, but the vapor is inconsistent and considerably lacking, it requires strong long puffs (and makes a little whistling noise) and doesn’t give me the 150-200 puffs per cartridge (roughly equivqlent to a pack of real smokes) it claims to offer, at least not with vapor. And for me, it’s the vapor (along with the nicotine of course) that that fulfills my desired smoking experience. So, I’ve decided not to buy refill cartridges for the XHale o2 and will opt to try another brand. Green Smokes, Blu cigs, and, Premium Electronic Cigarettes seem to be among the most consistently favorably reviewed. Also, the XHaleo2 is a 3 part system (battery, atomizer, and nicotine/flavor cartridge) and my research seems to support a preference among e-smokers for the newer 2 part system in which there is an atomizer in each replacement cartridge. So, unless you’re dead set on trying them first hand for the sake of research, I wouldn’t bother.

  2. Slighter says:

    Njoy singles just recently showed up at every 7-11 I’ve been to lately, in and around Chicago. They have some good sized displays on counters and in windows also.
    $20, not sure how much for the carts.
    Now I have people asking me about them
    I still suggest they spend a little more and get an tornego

  3. Flesh says:

    7-11 here in Long Beach, CA sells the xhaleo2 e-cigs

  4. Steven says:

    I bought the starter kit after a few co-workers had decided to give it a try. This is the first E-Cig that I have owned however I have tried some of my friends other brands.

    All in all I am pretty happy. It isn’t quite like a real cig but I think what you get for the value is amazing. Time will tell if this is a great deal or just a cheap knock off.

  5. kaci says:

    I bought a e-hookah one of those xhale02 ones. It lasted for about an hour before the filter went out. I was only taking little puffs maybe every 10 minutes. so thats about 6 puffs. Then it completly stopped. I tried replacing the filters, that did not work. I tried charging the battery, now the battery refuses to stay charged after a few seconds….all in all this product is very very cheap and poorly made. If you plan on getting an e-hookah or e-cigarette, get one that isnt 20 dollars and from 7-11. This product really pissed me off. As ive heard good reviews from everyone and then I try it and it was a piece of crap. 20 dollars for 6 puffs. I shoulda just went out to the hookah bar and bought a pack of cigs instead of this…..

  6. snooks says:

    Hi, I have bought 3 starter kits from 7-11 here in Utah. Took one back because the charger only worked once. Now I am having problems with the other two I bought. The charger doesn’t work most the time after I have used it once. I like everything about this e-cig EXCEPT I agree it doesn’t deliver enough vapor. And like Jen, find myself trying to get more vapor, by taking a harder drag…especially after using a cartridge for a while. Plus the charge doesn’t last long enough.
    7-11 was great for taking back the first one and I know the help there and said if these 2 new ones start giving me trouble I will be bringing them back too. They said: okay. I don’t mind the 3 piece system at all. I bought refill cartridges too…I am going to a non-smoking hotel room (mini vacation) in a day and wanted these for that. Besides, I want to quit smoking for the millionth time and want to use something the lets me gradually get away from tobacco and chemicals. I will be searching, also, for a different brand. I really want to stop the cigarette habit.
    IN SUMMARY: I hope there is a better e cigarette out there than the Xhale02. What I pay for almost 2 packs a day…has got to be more than any e cigarette that truly delivers what it claims to do.

  7. Jason W says:

    First, a note… the e-hooka cartridges do not contain any nicotine.

    I’m an occasional smoker, usually no more than 3 cigs a day (down from almost a pack a day). And lately I only smoke when I drink.

    I’ve been watching the e-cig market for quite some time and while I was very intrigued, the ridiculous prices kept me away. When I saw the $19.99 (!!) Xhale 02 starter kit at 7-11 I had to give it a try.

    I’m personally very pleased with the amount of vapor. Nice throat feel and good nicotine hit too, which is most important to me.

    The only question now for me is if I’ll stay with the Xhale system or move up to a higher quality device. I like the idea of a drip based system with a better battery, and atomizer. We’ll see. If the Xhale holds up I may just stick with it as it’s so cheap and readily available.

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