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Posted by Sparky

The Electronic Cigarette Review, is an online publication I am putting up to help people get quick access to information on an emerging product called electronic cigarettes, e cigarettes or sometimes just e cigs. While there will be reviews of electronic cigarettes and accessories on this site the name of the blog is meant to invoke thoughts of traditional news stand publications like “The Daily Review.” I have also registered the domain www.smokelessblog.com which will eventually be redirected to www.electroniccigarettereview.com so that I can have a shorter, easy-to-remember, address that I can use to refer my friends and family while also having a web site address that I am told will be found easier by the search engines.

Part of this website will be dedicated to sharing my family’s experience with these products for people who are new to the product. The other part of the website will publish information targeted towards the growing e cigarette community such as other peoples experience smoking electronic cigarettes in public or new smoking bans enacted throughout the country.

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About Me

The Electronic Cigarette Review is NOT about me.

Its here for millions of people in America and the rest of the world who smoke and may be considering electronic cigarettes as an alternative for their health, smoking bans, outrageous taxes and other costs.

When I went to the web searching for GOOD information on electronic cigarettes it was difficult to find.

This site will have something useful here for everyone thinking about trying electronic cigarettes or those who are looking to take their new found joy of smoking the e cig to the next level!