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Blu Cigs is still one of the best values out there.

In this video I deviate from my usual un-boxing and demonstration format to give some detailed instruction on how to use the personal charger / carrying case.

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Video Transcript

Hey everyone. This is Sparky with electroniccigarettereview.com. I am here to do another video review for you today. And in this video review I am going to do a quick unboxing, brief demonstration and size comparison of the Blu electronic cigarette starter kit. And actually I am going to have a bonus tip in here, so make sure you watch the whole video and get the bonus tip.

So just really quick to get started with the unboxing. The starter kit has the replacement cartridges separate and I just wanted to point that out before I go into things. But inside the starter kit you have the full instruction manual, the disclaimers and yada, yada…then you have the getting started quick guide which I like because it has pictures. And then over here you’ve got some power cables and the USB charger. So I am just going to lay all the stuff out right here, and I’ll explain it a little bit in more detail in a second here. Then you have the Blu pack which is packaged in this cellophane, I’ll just go ahead and get that right off. Then you also have a wall charger in here. And it’ll get a little bit crowded but just kind of try to situate everything. And that’s pretty much it. That’s all that’s in the box.

Now that’s not everything, because there are some things here in the Blu pack because this Blu pack is somewhat unique and not totally unique because there are other manufacturers out there that have this. But basically this doubles as a carrying case and a mobile charger because there is a battery inside this pack. And let me demonstrate first the carrying case features to you. I know this might be hard to see but in the carrying case there is room for the fully assembled electronic cigarette, there is room for a spare battery and there is room for five cartridges, but right now there is something in there. What is this?

This is a…and it looks like …yep, this is an extra atomizer. Let me show you what that looks like here. If you screw that on to the battery a little bit, pull off the protective cover, you actually see that this is a pretty good value because you get two full electronic cigarette kits, or electronic cigarettes rather, because there are two atomizers in here. So even though the packaging only says there is one atomizer, there is actually two. And so that’s actually a pretty good value.

I am going to take that apart here so I can show you the charging options real quick. Just going to put the spare atomizer in there. Your charging options are twofold. You can do it kind of standard way with the USB charger. You plug that into your computer or you can plug that into the wall charger since it has a USB port on it. And so that aside, or you can just plug your batteries right into the Blu pack. There is a slot in here that actually has the battery charger in it because like I said the so called Blu pack doubles as a carrying case and a mobile charger. You can see when I screw the battery in the light blinked to indicate it started charging. And also the light on the side here came on to indicate it was charging. Now when that battery is done charging, what’ll happen is the Blu light will go off automatically just like that. That’s kind of a demonstration of how it would work.

So that’s pretty neat. And then how do you…obviously if there is a battery inside the Blu pack you have to have a way to charge that too. So this is a little bit different. I won’t usually do this but I go ahead and demonstrate the way that that works by bringing a power strip into frame here and unraveling this power cord real quick, and then just plug that in. It goes in like that. Flip out the charger part, plug it into the Blu pack like so, and then plug it in. And so what will happen is when that is done, when the Blu pack is done charging this light right here will go out. So and then once that light goes out, you are good to go and your Blu pack will charge some more electronic cigarettes

So pretty neat system. And I am going right into the brief demonstration now. And in order to do that, I am going to need, and let us put the cigarette right there, I am going to need some cartridges. So I am going to open that real quick and show you that another pretty good value here is that this Blu pack comes with five packs of cartridges and in each pack of cartridge there is five cartridges. See if I can demonstrate that with the….now I will just pull those out real quick and actually it is better if I just pull them all out of the package because then you can see there is five to a pack. And they are also packaged in this cellophane wrapper which is really nice because that helps to keep it fresh. And it is not that hard to open. You won’t need any special tool to open it. And then you pull one out. And then the other thing that’s nice to keep it fresh is also this is the style that has a foil wrapper in it in there. And now maybe the starter guide tells you to just go ahead and use the atomizer to puncture that foil seal and twist a little bit. And I am going to go ahead and do that first by removing the protective cover.

But what I’d like to do is show you a little bit of a bonus tip here. So here it comes. I am going to go ahead and puncture that foil seal with the atomizer and twist a little bit. But I am not going to smoke it yet, I am going to do something else. And here comes the tip. Before I smoke it, I am going to pull that off and then just take, you can either take a paperclip or a small screwdriver from an eyeglasses kit and force the cartridge out to the point where you can see the foil. And you see that foil right there. And the tip is, as you actually take, you can usually get this with your fingers. I am going to use a pair of tweezers just to expedite the process here. And you just peel that foil off because what happens is although that foil is nice for keeping things fresh, what’ll happen is it will actually obstruct the atomizer from getting to the nicotine solution. So peel that foil off and then go ahead and use your paperclip or your screwdriver to push the cartridge all the way back down to the bottom. Very important because if you don’t do that. you won’t be able to get a drag. And then you go ahead and put that on and you are ready to go.

So now I am going to move into the brief demonstration. My brief demonstrations consist of two drags. The first drag I do, I am really just doing a primer puff with one of the atomizer. I am just going to drag the smoke into my mouth and then blow it out. The second puff I’ll do a full inhale and where I inhale completely and then exhale immediately so you can kind of see the difference in vapor production.

So here we go with the first inhale, the first drag rather, which I will not inhale. Now, I move on to the full inhale. And I am just going to repeat the process so you can kind of have another chance to see the vapor there. First one is not inhale.

Now I am going to go ahead and do the full inhale again. So you can see there is a fair amount of vapor production there. Of course the vapor will improve as that atomizer gets saturated with your favorite flavor nicotine solution. And you’ll notice also that the LED was Blu and that’s nice because then since a lot of people don’t know about electronic cigarettes, they might think it is a real electronic cigarette with one of those orange lights. So you don’t have to worry about confusion with the Blu light.

And I am going to do the size comparison here really quick. And as you can see, this by far is one of the smallest electronic cigarettes that I have reviewed. You can see it is only a little bit bigger than a regular filtered cigarette. And then of course, no comparison to the 100 length cigarette. It still looks the regular cigarette though but small in diameter but that is to be expected from a 100 length cigarette. So there you have it.

There is my brief on boxing, quick demonstration, size comparison and also a bonus tip for Blu electronic cigarette starter kit. So if you like the video please comment, rate and subscribe. Also go to electroniccigarettereview.com. There should be a URL somewhere there on the screen and look at the full review. Thanks for watching. |

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