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There IS a legal way to get around cigarette smoking bans; a way that smokers and NON-smokers can peacefully co-exist.

This likely makes smoking bans obsolete, or at a minimum irrelevant.

In my humble opinion, YES, electronic cigarettes are the answer to cigarette smoking bans. Electronic cigarettes can technically still be used in most places where cigarette smoking is banned.

I have decided that there should be a lot more articles on this site debating how electronic cigarettes relate to cigarette smoking bans. So from now on I will make an effort to think and write more about cigarette smoking bans.

If you have ideas or suggests about topics, debates, etc. please post a comment.

For now, here are a few things I am thinking about covering followed by some elaboration of what I mean:

  • Why existing and future cigarettes smoking bans should NOT be written or re-written to include electronic cigarettes
  • How are cigarette smoking bans different from overall tobacco bans (like those at schools, work places etc.) and should e cigs be included in those bans?
  • Can E cigs can actually enable more cigarette smoking bans with less friction / objection from the smoking public because there is an alternative?
  • Are tobacco industries efforts to provide smoking alternatives due to the cigarette smoking bans getting results on par with electronic cigarettes or will electronic cigarettes put Big tobacco out of business?

So lets elaborate on these points slightly.
First, cigarette smoking bans seem to be on the rise and more commonplace every day. Does anyone even remember the original purpose of smoking bans anymore? The bans keep passing because obviously a majority of the population doesn’t smoke and vote for the bans, but what are the exact reasons why?

Second, there are some places such as schools that have not only banned smoking but have banned tobacco all together. In fact, I think tobacco products are even allowed on school grounds. Should electronic cigarettes be included?

Third, could e cigs actually accelerate the rate of smoking bans with little or no friction from smokers who can be presented with an alternative? Imagine if that legislation also included the presentation of the alternative. At the time of writing this article most people still haven’t heard of electronic cigarettes and have no idea what the benefits could be.

Finally, the cigarette smoking bans (among other things) have affected big tobacco’s bottom line. But, will electronic cigarettes put big tobacco out of business or will big tobacco just buy one of the bigger suppliers either shut it down or join the e cig selling crowd.

So, I realize there isn’t a whole lot of substance to this article and it was meant to be more food-for-though than anything else. I am just trying to throw some ideas out there right now so please post a comment if you have good ideas for articles related to of your own!

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