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Crown 7 E-Liquid

Posted by Sparky
crown 7 e liquid refill large bottle

Crown 7 e liquid refill large bottle

Hey this is pretty good news! Crown 7 is now selling “liquid refills” on their web site. This stuff in the e-smoking community is also known as e-liquid or smoke juice and maybe even a few other names.

I hope this marks a growing trend for serious e cig manufacturer / suppliers on the internet and hopefully we will start to see this in retail as well.

This is more of an announcement than a review, but I am putting this article under the review section for now because I would like to do a short review in the future if there isn’t anyone out there who has tried it and supply some editorial comments in the mean time.

Has anyone tried the Crown 7 e-liquid, knows where they get it, or who their supplier is? Do they make it?

Please post a comment if you have any info. I may just get the small bottle since its only $10.

I will give my first impressions as more of an editorial than a review that may serve as good feedback to the Crown folks if they ever read it.

First, the facts.

The Crown 7 e-liquid / smoke juice, whatever you call it, is sold in 2 different sizes: small bottle for $9.95, and large bottle for $19.95. Both sizes are offered in only one flavor: regular tobacco, and one strength: high.

Crown 7 "liquid refill" smoke juice small bottle

Crown 7 "liquid refill" smoke juice small bottle

I wish I could tell you how small “small” is and how large “large” is, but Crown 7 didn’t put the quantity on their web site. I even tried adding both bottles to the “cart” and didn’t see the quantity in there either.

I also would have expected more flavors and strength choices from the Crown 7 e-liquid since this company has so many flavors offered for all of their cigarette and cigar models.

Maybe this is just a trial run for Crown 7. I wonder sometimes if e cig suppliers hesitate to offer the liquid because it hurts their cartridge sales.

I am assuming that this liquid will be the same flavor and strength as what is in the cartridges that they sell since I heard a rumor that their cartridges are made in the U.S. now too.

Again, please post a comment if you have any info on the Crown 7 smoke juice that might help the other readers of this blog. Thanks!


  1. chris says:

    I’m sure its quality stuff crown7 has really stepped there game up, ever since the hydro was released.

  2. D Frazier says:

    ” Beginning in October, Johnson Creek Original Smoke Juice will be manufacturing an exclusive line of premium e-liquid for Crown Seven! Crown Seven’s first flavor will be available in 15ml and 3.7ml sample size is called Southern Smoke; a deep rich tobacco taste great for everyday use! ”


  3. m says:

    i purchased the crown 7 hydro and the liquid to refill the cartridge. i was wondering if anyone knows how i am suppose to refill the cartridge and the amount i am suppose to use.


  4. Peter S says:

    I’m new to the e-cig thing and can’t compare, but adding a couple drops of the juice seems to revive a cartridge. Good thing, too, because when I checked today I found that the price for 5 Crown7 “traditional” cartridges has gone from 9.99 to 24.99!

  5. Peter S says:

    Okay, now they’re down to 12.99. I hope it stays around there. I wonder what’s up with them?

  6. louis says:

    I bought the ‘sampler kit’ from Johnson Creek ($29.99 plus shipping). Excellent value. 10 different flavors. I use the e-juice in my used Njoy filters (I guess you can’t use for the Red Dragon, since those filters are closed). I only use a few drops at a time so I figure even a sampler bottle will last a good week or two. It sure will save money over purchasing more and more Njoy filters.

    Note: I had wondered why a couple of Njoy filters produced virtually no smoke even fresh out of the package; I discovered why: the cotton/wool insert inside the filter was placed in backwards. If you look down into a filter and see only plastic, then shake out the little plastic thingy and reinsert so you can see the cotton/wool.

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