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Electronic Cigar Video Summary:

This video may be a little dated, but ePuffer still sells this wonderful electronic cigar they call the COHITA (meant to simulate Cohiba I think).  If you are seriously considering buying one to give it a try you can find a link to the company website below the video.  Enjoy!

ePuffer COHITA Links

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Video Transcript

Hello again, everyone. This is Sparky from ElectronicCigaretteReview.com. Today, I just want to do a brief demonstration of the Cohita disposable electronic cigar from a company, that I got from a company called ePuffer.

This is the exact same cigar that was featured on The Doctors TV Show earlier this year and I don’t know if you watched the show or not but basically, The Doctors did a segment or an entire show rather on the top ten health trends of 2009. And electronic cigarettes and cigars made number nine on the list.

And the reason for that is, is because this, if you’re new to electronic cigarette smoking and cigars, this is just a battery operated device. There is, there is a battery in here that vaporizes a liquid nicotine solution which can then either be inhaled into the mouth or the lungs, and it kind of taste similar to, to cigarettes and gives you also the same sensation from the nicotine

So the reason why The Doctors showcased this on their TV show is because they believe that, since there is no tobacco and there is no known carcinogens in here, this may be a healthier alternatives to smoking although there is no, you know, hard scientific data backing that up yet.

So anyway, I usually do an unboxing video. But in this case there isn’t much of a box. Other than the box it was shipped in, there was a, it came in this bag here. And inside the bag it was packaged with these instructions.

And I, I do recommend that you read the instructions because it explains to you how to turn the device on and in order to that you have to push very hard on the bottom here and push this mouthpiece in. And then that basically engages the cigar and turns it on.

The other thing that it shipped with was this mouthpiece which goes over the, over the mouth part like that and that’s pretty good to use it when you’re traveling with and you just have it in your pocket to kind of protect the mouth area. But you probably do want to take that off for when you’re smoking it.

Now, I’m going to do a brief demonstration like I said. And the way, I typically do this is, I do two drags. The first drag is not an inhale, I’ll just puff. So that’s a kind of standard motive operation for a cigar. Then on the second one, I’ll try to inhale the best that I can although, you know, people don’t usually inhale cigars. So, if this one’s a little bit harsh, I may not be able to inhale very deeply.

So I’ll go and take the first drag here. Okay. So a fair amount of smoke there. It’s pretty nice. I am liking the flavor. I am liking the odor. I’m gonna take the second one and now I am gonna do an inhale. Got a bit more smoke. I’m noticing that when, while doing inhale, it is a bit harsh. I would say very much like a real cigar. So that’s, that’s actually kind of nice. I kind of like it.

Now the smoke that you see there isn’t actually smoke of course. That’s just water vapor, nicotine and some, and some cigar flavoring. So, although the smoke in the odor lingers for just a little bit. It’s not an acrid odor and it, and it, and it, this fades fairly quickly, I would say. So I’m gonna go ahead and just repeat the demonstration real quick for you.

Okay, that of course was the, was just the, without the inhale. Now I’m gonna do the full inhale. Very nice. I don’t know if you noticed in the video or not, but the tip does light up and simulates the action of a real cigar.

My first impressions of this. I really, really, really like the flavor. It’s got, and I’m noticing that it’s leaving a very good flavor in my mouth too. I mean, that’s why you smoke the cigar, right? Because of the flavor and, and tell you what, this, this tastes really good. So, if you like a good flavor, good taste in cigar I’ll highly recommend this one.

So, that pretty much concludes the demonstration for today. If you like the video, please comment, rate and subscribe. And if you want more information about the Cohita electronic cigarette, cigar rather, please go to the website. There is an address on your screen here, ElectrnicCigaretteReview.com. I’m gonna spend some time with this, this week and see how it performs and I’ll put a full review up on the website. There is also an article there talking about them how the doctors reviewed electronic cigarettes and cigars and you can read a little bit about what they said about it.

Thanks for watching my video and take care.

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