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This video includes un-boxing and demo of part of ePuffer’s flagship line of electronic cigarettes, the EAZE Magnum Rev 2.  The video is a little old so ePuffer may have changed some things, but still worth watching especially if you are really serious about buying this model.

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Video Transcript

Hey everyone, this is Sparky again with Electronic Cigarette review dot com and I’m here to shoot another video review for you today.

In my video review I will do a quick un-boxing, brief demonstration and a size comparison of the E puffer easy magnum electronic cigarette kit. Actually this is the deluxe kit. The reason why I wanted to review this model of electronic cigarette, is because this is the same model that they reviewed on the Doctor’s TV show. In fact the Doctors said that they had a top ten health trends for 2009 and they said electronic cigarettes ranked number nine.

I wrote a whole article about it on the blog; you can go to electroniccigarettereview.com and check it out. But, actually I think they reviewed version one of this and I got the new and approved revved two.

So let’s go ahead and get started with the un-boxing right away. When you open the box, first thing you have in here is the instruction manual. Their instruction manual seems very thorough, so there’s that. Actually this is not only the deluxe kit, but this is a bonus and I remember that now cause I saw this carrying case and this is basically a velvet and velour whatever you want to call it carrying case, just cloth. Very good actually too, I mean this is kind of thin but anything at all to protect the finish on these things is good especially if it’s going to be bumping around in your pocket or whatever, so that’s a nice bonus.

Then in here you have the two electronic cigarettes, basically it’s a two piece design so the atomizer’s built into the cartridge and there’s a regular sized battery and then there’s also a high capacity or one hundredth linked battery they sometimes call it. Then underneath that we have, it says charger, just want to pull that out.

There’s actually, looks like there’s two chargers here and there in little bags. Let’s try to get it all unwrapped so you can see it here and I think was part of the bonus too. I think part of the bonus they included an extra USB charge; I don’t think they always do that. So there you have it two USB chargers.

Right away I noticed there’s no LED to indicate when it’s finished charging. Sometimes what happens is, when there’s no LED on the USB charger they use the tip of the battery has a light on it and it will indicate the status on charging. So you’re going to have to check back to the full review at electroniccigarettereview.com, I don’t have time to read through the instructions to figure that out now.

There’s another box in here which says the charger, power cord and I don’t see any cord I just see a wall adapter with USB slots. So with this type of unit, goes together like that and let me go ahead and take one of these batteries off so I can show you how that works. Just screws on there, that charges the battery and I’ll put those two aside and basically it’s nice you have one dedicated to the wall charger and one dedicated to the computer. So, over all a good value, I think for the bonuses you’re gonna get.

Other thing I want to try out real quick here is the carrying case, cause I’m not sure it will fit this high capacity battery, looks like it might be a little bit too long, nope it in fact does fit in there, very easily and very well I might add, another good little value.

So I’m gonna move on to the brief demonstration. Oops I almost forgot, part of the bonus kit, the bonuses actually includes in this case it was five nicotine cartridges. I’ve seen sometimes on the website they do ten nicotine cartridges.

I think this is coffee, I’m gonna go ahead and give the coffee flavor a shot, cause I’m a big fan of coffee, anyone who knows me knows I like my coffee in the morning. You will see with the two piece design it’s very easy, you just pull. I like the way the package of cartridges they put two rubber ends; it keeps the cartridges very fresh and protects the mechanisms.

You’ll notice there is no atomizer, the atomizer is built into the cartridge so all you need to do is just screw it on like that and you’re ready to smoke. I’m gonna move on to the brief demonstration now very quickly. In my brief demonstrations I do two drags. The first drag is, I’m not going to inhale, I’m just gonna do a primer puff. The reason I do that is to get the atomizer warm and just so you can see the difference in vapor production when you inhale fully and when you don’t inhale. Then after that I will do a second drag where I inhale fully and then exhale immediately, and then I will repeat the process once again. The atomizer is nice and warm so you can see the optimal vapor production.

Here I’m gonna start with the first drag and there’s no inhale here. There it was without the inhale. Now I am going to inhale fully and exhale immediately. Okay a better vapor production on after the atomizer is warmed up. Now I’m gonna repeat the process first the primer puff where I don’t inhale and now of course the full inhale.

Now if your new to electronic cigarettes, that smoke that came out of my mouth isn’t actually smoke from combustion its vapor from the nicotine solution that’s being vaporized in there. It’s basically just a nicotine solution that contains nicotine and some flavor and its being vaporized. I pull it into my lungs and I feel the sensation from the nicotine and it feels good.

So, the next thing I do in the demonstration here is or in the video review is a size comparison. The first thing I’m gonna pull out is a regular filtered cigarette. You can see this is the small battery; this is not the high capacity battery. So, right there you’ve got a little bit longer diameters. Then I got a one hundred length cigarette where you can see the regular size battery is about the same length, but the one hundred length cigarette is a bit more tapered. Now it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t compare it to the high capacity battery. The size comparison is gonna take a little bit longer and one hundred length or capacity battery you can see is a little bit longer the one hundred length cigarette of the diameter and bring a regular filter cigarette back in view. I know on camera this looks kind of odd, you know it looks like this is really out of this world big, but it’s really not, it’s a very reasonable size. You know it’s comfortable and very light to hold in the hand.

So first impressions I like it, the draw is a little bit hard I thought, compared to other electronic cigarettes. It’s actually very close to a regular cigarette, depends on your preference.

So that pretty much concludes the video review, if you like that video please comment, rate and subscribe. Also, I’m going to do a full review on this unit and post it on the website. Be sure to go check that out at www.electroniccigarettereview.com. Thanks for watching.

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