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Picture of Krave - Also available in menthol

Picture of Krave - Also available in menthol

I don’t usually promote a product before I am finished reviewing it, but I just had a great idea for adult stocking stuffers for the smokers in your life! My idea is the Krave electronic cigarette from Smoke51.

It is a low cost disposable electronic cigarette that is a bit larger than a regular cigarette and a pretty hard draw, but other than I am impressed with it so far.  There is a 30% off coupon code and a link to the Smoke51 website at the bottom of this article you can use if you like the idea.

If you are new to electronic cigarettes you can read one of the many other articles on my website regarding how these break-through devices work. In general though, there are a couple main benefits of an electronic cigarette over regular cigarettes that also make them a great idea for adult stocking stuffers:

  • There are far less harmful chemicals because there is no combustion
  • They are virtually odorless making it possible to smoke indoors

Imagine your wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend, brother, sister, mom, dad or friend not having to go outside to smoke on a cold Christmas day! What a great stocking stuffer for smokers!

In addition to these benefits I have managed to also obtain a 30% off discount code from Smoke51. I actually got this discount code a while back and thought it wouldn’t work at the time of writing this because I heard a rumor the company was deactivating them, but I just went to the web-site to check it out and it still works!

The Krave is usually $29.99 but with the 30% coupon code you will only have to pay about $21 and probably about $5 on top of that for shipping making this a very inexpensive option for adult stocking stuffers.

There are really only a few on-line shopping days left to order to ensure you will receive your shipment before Christmas, but fortunately Smoke51 has very fast shipping (I have ordered from them a few times now).

The bottom line is stocking stuffers are usually a difficult after-thought for many people. Good adult stocking stuffers are even more difficult to think up, so when you are presented with such a great idea (really not trying to gloat here) AND a great deal then don’t delay. I am not sure how long this coupon code is going to work.

Before you do go over to the web site I want to give you a few quick suggestions if you have decided to buy the Krave disposable “eCig” for your friend or loved one.


First and foremost I don’t call these electric cigarettes adult stocking stuffers for no reason! Please PLEASE use caution if you have children in the house!

These electronic cigarettes do have nicotine in them which is highly addictive just as much if not more so than regular cigarettes. Don’t buy this for anyone younger than 18 years of age as they are NOT a toy and they are NOT for minors. Don’t buy this thing for a non-smoker either. This is for committed smokers only as it DOES contain nicotine.

If there are small children in the house make sure the stockings are out of their reach and don’t put the Krave in the adult recipient’s stocking until the last possible moment to make sure that this doesn’t fall into the hands of children.

Second, if you or the person you give these eCigs to likes the concept THEN suggest that they buy a full starter kit.

When you go to the smoke 51 website you will see some starter kits and you may consider purchasing one of those instead. In my opinion though, a full electronic cigarette starter kit doesn’t make a good Christmas present unless 1. the recipient specifically asked for it, or 2. you know the recipient really well and you are willing to take a risk.

Smoking is a very personal thing. You can’t make a person quit and you will be hard pressed to get them to switch to electronic cigarettes long term unless it is their choice. If you buy full starter kit and it doesn’t go over well YOU will likely have to pay for return shipping etc. etc. since you can only buy these things online.

Buying the Krave disposable electronic cigarette as adult stocking stuffers however, is a great, cheap, (i.e. low risk) way of testing the waters to see if your loved one will like the concept. If they do like it then tell them to come to this web site and read the reviews on the latest models. If they don’t like it they will at least appreciate the though you put into purchasing such a unique gift.

My third and final tip is don’t wait any longer. If you like the concept and are at least 70% sure you agree with me on this idea go to the Smoke51 website and order now to maximize the chances you will receive your Krave before Christmas. Good luck !

30% OFF coupon is:    DSC-234

Visit the Smoke51 Website

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