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Picture of Depp taking a drag on an electronic cigarette

Depp Exhales E-Cig Vapor

It looks like this is old news, but I actually saw the move last night so I wanted to add my review of Johnny Depp ’s portrayal of the electronic cigarette in “The Tourist” along side co-star Angelina Jolie. Interestingly enough I covered Katherine Heigel and David Letterman’s demonstration of e cigs in one of my last posts so hopefully this celebrity usage helps rocket use into the mainstream more.

With regard to the Johnny Depp movie “The Tourist” however, I want to point out that not ONE single article I read on other sites mentions that the electronic cigarette is actually integrated into the plot of the movie.

I will not say how exactly how the electronic cigarettes are involved in the plot because it might spoil the movie, but I highly suggest you rent the movie and see for yourself.

Here is a scene from the movie where Depp uses his trusty e-cig:

Pretty cool huh?

This is mostly a positive portrayal by Johnny Depp even if Angelina Jolie ’s character isn’t too keen on the idea.

My only complaint is the sound effects created / used. The foley artist and / or foley editor (a.k.a. sound effects guys) make it sound like Depp’s character is taking a drag on a cheap plastic tube!

Unfortunately, this is a highly inaccurate representation of how electronic cigarettes actually sound when you take a drag.

My concern is that people will get the wrong impression and hesitate to buy or even try one thinking it is like taking a drag on something cheap.

The truth is that many manufacturers of electronic cigarettes go to great lengths trying to duplicate the size, look, feel and taste of an actual cigarette. To do this, some use lighter lithium polymer batteries, paper coatings on the cartridge, and a tiny microprocessor to realistically simulate the glow of a real cigarette ember.

I don’t think the foley artist or foley editor intended to give a negative impression. I just think it is hard to come up with all those sounds and make them “pop” they way they need to in a movie!

Does anyone have a confirmation what brand they are using in the movie? I hear Depp’s mother smokes an electronic cigarette now.

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