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That’s right, both Katherine Heigl AND David Letterman smoked an electronic cigarette last Monday on CBS’s The Late Show with David Letterman.

Image credit goes to YouTube and CBS.

Fasten your seat belt, play the video and check out their reactions:

Is this a lucky coincidence or a strategically timed publicity stunt by 2 recovering nicotine addicts?

It seemed that their demo was a little staged to me, but I think both David Letterman and Katherine Heigl gave a credible review since they were / are smokers who have had trouble quitting.

This is exactly the kind of publicity that e cigarettes need right now in the wake of the FDA’s recent actions.

Almost 4 weeks ago the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was sending out warning letters to 5 e-cig distributors warning them to remove un-proven health claims or submit new drug applications (NDA) for their products giving them only 2 weeks to respond in writing.

I was actually sorting through article after distorted article about the FDA’s warning letters trying to find even a shred of news about the outcome for readers here since the FDA required a response from the e-cig / accessory manufacturers in 2 weeks.

I didn’t find anything except a mind blowing lesson on how distorted a story introduced by a government agency like the FDA can become on the internet in just under 1 month’s time.

Also, I found this YouTube video posted on many other blogs right in the space in time where one would possibly expect news on a response to the FDA’s warning letters.

Letterman and Heigl Debate Chantix vs. E cigarette

If you watched the whole video you probably noticed that Heigl said she tried everything including the gum, the pathc and Chantix twice. She also added that the Chantix simultaneously was helpful and drove her, “bananas.”

Letterman responded doubtfully that the Chantix was that helpful if she had to try it twice. Then it happened!

After Katherine took a drag off her 2-pice e-cig she offered it to David Letterman. He graciously accepted and hesitated in taking the first drag made a face at the camera exhaling the vapor, then he took a second drag and attempted to blow a few smoke rings! Incredible!

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Image credit goes to YouTube and CBS.

It is almost surreal blogging about it as I think back. Electronic cigarettes were sold at Target & BJ’s at one time (now pulled), sold at Pilot gas stations, featured on The Doctor’s TV Show twice and now they are sold at 7-11 and featured on The Late Show where Letterman himself gives it a shot!

I am grateful for the publicity and want to say THANK YOU to David Letterman and Katherine Heigl.

With all the controversy and publicity will President Obama finally grows a pair and asserts a position on electronic cigarettes? They were brought to his attention at a press conference years ago and he declined to comment.

We may never know if Letterman or Heigl intended on combating some of the negative press related to electronic cigarettes after the FDA sent out warning letters.

It is almost clear however, that the FDA’s timing in sending the warning letters was tied to the litigation pending against the FDA in a federal court for the FDA’s attempt to detain imports of the devices since they brought up the letters that they sent during the oral arguments for the case.

When the news, facts and opinions on electronic cigarettes get as distorted and muddled as they have on the internet there a couple questions I would like to answer in the coming months: Which will get more press and who will people tend to listen to? The FDA or celebreties like Katherine Heigl and David Letterman on The Late Show?

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