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Luck Slicks uses solid components, especially the atomizer.  Check out the full review link below to see a picture of the atty, and why I think it is pretty cool.  Finally, I apologize for the mistake I made in the video regarding the cartridges that come with the starter kit (5 and NOT 10).

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Video Transcript

Hello again everyone. This is Sparky, coming to you in high definition, from the Electronic Cigarette Review. And I’m here to do another video review for you today.

In todays video review, I’m going to do an unboxing, brief demonstration and a size comparison of Lucky Slicks. Lucky Slicks is a relatively new three piece type, electonic cigarette out there on the market.

And before I go any further with this review, I have to say, thank you, thank very much to the folks at Lucky Slicks who sent me this free sample to review for them. So, I want to get started right away, and another thing I want to say is that I made sure to check the website before, before I did this unboxing to see exactly what exactly comes in the starter kit. Because sometimes, when people send me free samples, there’s, they send me extra stuff. So, I just wanted to make sure that everything I show you right here is exactly what comes in the starter kit. And it is, so.

So, as I open the box here, you can notice, even the box is really slick with Lucky Slicks. So, the first thing you have on top here is a pretty standard instruction manual. So there you can see, it looks like it has more pictures and good stuff than a lot of instruction manuals. So that’s good. And so what it comes with is, it comes with two batteries, one’s a spare. It also comes with two atomizers, and I’m going to show you that in a second. I just want to kind of unpack everything here first. So you get a number of boxes in here, that kind of need to be taken out so that you can see everything. There are nicotine cartridges. Let’s see, I think I can get to the charger next., and it says right on the box there, what it is. So, this is the part that goes into the electronic cigarette. Okay, the other box of cartridges, it looks like the cartridges are five to a pack. You get two boxes. And then this last box in here is just the powerline adaptor for the charger. So, there you have it. I’ll just close that up. That’s everything right there that comes in the box. Pretty basic, but it’s got everything you need.

It just fits in nice with the two atomizers, which I’m going to show you right now. If I go ahead and just screw this on to one of the batteries real quick, that just makes it easier to pull off this mouthpiece that comes for shipping. And you can see, there’s one of the atomizers there and now I’m going to unscrew the battery and just show you how the charging system works really quick. Because, if you’re totally new to electronic cigarettes, you need to know that this is a battery operated device.

Okay. And you just screw it into the charger like that, you plug the charger into the cord like that and you plug it into the wall. The LED should indicate when the battery’s done charging. And then you can go ahead and do, the rest of everything else that I’m going to do, which is. Well, I’m going to use this other battery and this other atomizer here to do the demonstration for you. So, as you can see, when you actually assemble the electronic cigarette, this is what it looks like. And I go ahead and give you a nice close look there, of this unit, okay.

And now I’m going to pull the mouthpiece off of this one, so that you can see there’s another atomizer there. And I’m going to set it down here for just a second, so I can see what the cartridge situation is. It looks like this is a Lucky Royal 4 which I’m assuming is RY4 tobacco flavor and then Lucky Cowboy. So, let me just open up this cartridge and so I can show you, and see what it comes with. So you can see, five cartridges to a box.

They’re all individually wrapped and I’m going to pull one out here for the brief demonstration. And I just noticed something else. This is also nice, they actually label the packaging so that you can see. You know, if I just throw these separately in my pocket if I had differerent flavors or different nicotine levels, I wouldn’t know if it weren’t for that label. So that’s really nice, a nice thing I notice right off the bat.

Another thing I notice here, as I take the wrapper off, is that these cartridges have rubber stoppers on the end. You don’t always see that but that’s really nice. It keeps the cartridges really fresh. I’m going to open that up. You pull the top off before you go down in there. You can see the rubber stopper goes quite a ways down there into the body.

Then, inside there is some polyfill and a cartridge that is actully wetted with a nicotrine solution. So, I’m going to set this stopper aside, usually you throw those away. Be careful not to touch the end because it has nicotine solution on it. And then to smoke it, all you do is put the mouth piece onto the atomizer. And you always want to make sure you’re kind of putting it on there square, with the cartridge, like so. And there you are, you’re ready to smoke it.

So, now I’m going to move into the brief demonstration part of the video. And what I do in my brief demonstrations is, I do two drags. I, the first drag is, I’m not inhaling, I’m just priming the atomizer. I’m just getting the atomizer warm. And so I just kind of pull the smoke into my mouth, and then I let it out and after that I do a second drag in which I inhale completley and then exhale immediately, so you can see the difference in vapor production. And then I’ll repeat that process a number of times just so you can kind of see, once the atomizer gets warms up, once the atomizer gets saturated with some nicotine solution, the vapor production might change a little bit.

So here we go. The first drag again, I’m not inhaling, I’m just priming the atomizer. Okay, now, I’m going to move on to the full inhale. Now I’m going to repeat the process. And now onto the full inhale. And I really like that RY4 tobacco flavor, so I’m going to do one more for you. And again with a full inhale. So you can see, very good vapor production. I’m already getting a good thorough hit with those 16 milligram cartridges.

So I’m going to go ahead and move into the science comparison part of the demonstration for you. First I’m going to use a regular filtered cigarette and put it side by side. There’s the length, there’s the diameter. And of course the size comparison with the 100 length cigarette. Okay, so it’s about, a little bit closer to the same length. And of course, since this is thicker, it not going to appear to be a 100 length cigarette, it just appears that way on camera.

So, there you have it. There’s Lucky Slicks. Thanks again to the folks at Lucky Slicks for giving me the free sample to review. if you like that video, please be sure to comment, write and subscribe. Also, check out the full review on ElectronicCigaretteReview.com I’m going to put this thing through it’s paces over the next couple of days and really let you know how it performs. And that’s it, thanks for watching.

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