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NJOY Review (NPRO Mini)

Posted by Sparky

This NJOY review will take a look at their NPRO mini electronic cigarette model. Like I said in the last review of the NCIG model, NJOY reviews are mixed but still tend to be more on the positive side. The same holds true for the NPRO model.

I don’t want to go into all the same details about this U.S. company, but if you want those details, they are at the beginning of my last NJOY review of the NCIG model.

The NJOY NCIG is a fairly good mini electronic cigarette with about the same amount of occasional vaporizer and battery failures many brands experience.

There may be a disproportionate number of complaints about NJOY out there due to the fact that more people are buying this brand in the states. In the end NJOY’s customer service is good and includes a warranty which may compensate for any problems you may experience.

NJOY Review:

  • Manufacturer / Supplier: NJOY
  • Country: U.S.A.
  • Model: NPRO
  • Style: Mini
  • Starter Kit Price: $79.99
  • Cartridge Price (10-Pack): $13.33* (if you buy 2 and get 1 free on auto refill program)
  • Number of flavors: 5
  • Nicotine Levels Offered: High, Medium, Low, Zero
  • Nicotine Solution for Dripping: No
  • Warranty: Yes (and 30-day money back guarantee)

Starter Kit Contents:

The NJOY NPRO mini electronic cigarette, battery charger, 2 lithium batteries, 5 assorted nicotine cartridges (tobacco flavored 1 x low, 2 x medium, 2 x high), instruction manual, wallet info card.

Rating Scale:


Poor 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 Excellent

  • Ratings and Score:
    • Batteries and Charger: 4.0
    • Atomizer: 3.0
    • Cartridges: 3.5
    • Construction / Quality: 4.0
    • Cost: 3.5
  • Overall: 3.6 (Above Average)

Cartridge Rating = 3.5

Cartridges come 10 in a pack. Four levels of nicotine concentration are offered: high (18mg), medium (12mg), low (6mg) and zero (0mg). Cartridge flavors offered at the time of this review are tobacco, menthol, vanilla, strawberry, and apple.

Each cartridge is supposed to last as long as 10 traditional cigarettes, but again this will depend on individual smoking habits. The “high” cartridge does contain 18mg for those who want a nicotine hit stronger than light cigarettes.

The biggest factors driving the above average score in this NJOY review is the 18mg of nicotine offered at the “high” level and the above average tobacco flavored cartridges.

If the number of flavors offered were greater and / or there were a nicotine solution sold for dripping it would deserve an excellent score in this area, but at least NJOY is consistent offering the same flavors for all levels.

Atomizer Rating = 3.0

Like the NCIG model this NJOY review revealed that the NPRO atomizer is also a 2-hole design with a hard draw.

The smoke vapor output is slightly lower than other mini electronic cigarette models tested but the nicotine hit is better with plenty of throat sensation from the 18mg cartridge.

During this NJOY review I noticed that there is a difference smoking this mini as compared to the NCIG pen-style.

You can feel more heat from the vaporizer and the vapor is slightly warmer I would say closer to smoking a regular cigarette with less smoke than both regular cigarettes and even the NCIG model.

The taste is also slightly different between say a tobacco flavored cartridge as opposed to the NCIG tobacco cartridge. I think this is due to the atomizer being closer to the nicotine solution in the cartridge or the solution formulation is somehow different.

Again, this isn’t a bad thing. For purposes of this NJOY review I would say that the taste difference is ever slightly closer to a real cigarette.

There seem to be a lot less complaints on the internet regarding atomizer failures for NPRO but this could just be because the NCIG model has been out longer.

I have heard you can buy replacements for this part over the phone since they aren’t on the website, but I haven’t needed to do this.

Batteries & Charger Rating = 4.0

The tip on the battery has an orange light on the tip that lights up when taking a drag. Two batteries are included with the starter kit so you will have another battery to use while the other is charging.

A DC car adapter can be purchased separately so that the charger can be used in a car, but does not come with the starter kit. Recharging the NPRO batteries takes about 45 min or less for the first charge and a little over 1 hour after being fully discharged.

The batteries for the NPRO model are very good. They should last almost a day form most smokers. This is a slightly longer than other minis.

I have only heard minor complaints of batteries starting to not hold a charge somewhat prematurely, but almost nothing about batteries being DOA.

The battery rating suffers a little only because of the realistic orange tip. Unfortunately it looks too realistic slowly glowing on and off as you take a drag just like a real cigarette!

Some bars and restaurants may still struggling with this since many smoking bans are just starting to take effect. They have enough problems policing smokers as it is without the added confusion of electronic cigarettes might bring.

At the time of writing this NJOY review most people do not know that smoking bans do not affect electronic cigarettes.

It would still be helpful if the company gave its customers an option of purchasing a battery with a different colored light in the tip. Until then, cover your tip with your hand!

Construction / Quality Rating = 4.0

There isn’t much to the NPRO as it is very small, but the components do seem to be decent quality.

The refill cartridges fit very snug which seems like a problem at first. After using a couple cartridges however, a little bit of nicotine solution will get on the outside part of the atomizer that makes contact with the replacement cartridges.

Even after wiping the solution off thoroughly the outside of the atomizer becomes lubricated and the cartridges go on easier yet still snug. If it was not for the extra snug fit in the beginning one might have to worry about cartridges slipping off after getting solution on the outside of the atomizer.

So, the cartridge may fit extra snug at first, but you will find later that this is actually a good design.

As I write this NJOY review the NPRO is offered in four different colors black, white, burgundy and silver. The finish on the white, burgundy and silver is a very glossy almost lacquered finish that is very high quality and extremely durable.

The black graphite battery has a matte finish that is the same as the NCIG black so it may be a little less durable. After some careless handling of my black NCIG I did manage to chip a fleck of paint off. I am a little more careful now.

Cost Rating = 3.5

The cost of the NPRO seems a little high at first. Similar models are cheaper, but when you factor in the customer service, 1 year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee it seems like a better deal.

Like the NCIG the NPRO comes with an assortment of nicotine strengths which saves the customer money deciding which strength will be best for them.

At the time of this NJOY review refill cartridges are slightly overpriced compared to other brands even if you are on the automatic refill program. On the automatic refill program cartridges are buy 2 and get the 3rd free.

Style and Extra Features

The NPRO mini is fairly stylish as it is offered in 4 different colors including black, white, burgundy and silver. The black has a matte graphite like finish while the other three colors are high gloss.

There is a very small band of gold where the battery and atomizer make contact which ads a bit of style. The cartridge colors are only sold in beige and do look a bit “off” next to all the battery colors even white.

The cartridge color is supposed to resemble the filter of a regular cigarette but it is not orange enough in color.

One bonus is that since the atomizer doesn’t have any exposed finish, one can simply buy a different color battery and change the color of their NPRO.

There are no other features with this mini electronic cigarette other than the wallet card that comes with it. This wallet card will be very important to keep with you especially if you opt for the white model.

The wallet card is meant to be shown to people who have questions regarding the legality of the product in smoking bans. I guess the idea is that if something is in writing people tend to believe it more

Overall Review Rating = 3.6 (Above Average)

(Visit the NJOYCigarettes.com Website)

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  1. electronic cigarette says:

    Mr Obama should Def… switch to Electronic cigarettes…. I think that will send a very positive message…. and he can still smoke in the white house.

  2. Bubba says:

    Leaked around the refill. Condensation dripped from the “filter” & tasted strange. I returned my Njoy to Pilot the next day after argument w/an excited store manager. Not worth the hassle.

    • Karen in Florida says:

      I bought the Njoy for $69.99 (plus tax) and am VERY disappointed.

      The atomizer didn’t work on the first one, so I returned it to the Kangaroo Station & got a new one. (Normally they would not exchange tobacco products, but I was determined and pointed out that this was an electronic item…no tobacco. The store manager was quite nice, very understanding and, most importantly, very fair.)

      The new one does create smoke (which is harsh), but also leaks out the end. I am still smoking regular cigs because the Njoy is not satisfying my cravings.

      There are no money savings. The cartridges cost $19.99 for a 10 pack. After tax, that is over $20 for ‘almost’ 5 packs. I only pay $22 for a full carton of real ones (305′s at Bogart’s in Dunnellon).

      I am going to try some cartridges from another brand, as I saw a posting from someone on another forum which said he was able to interchange parts on his (including the atomizer). If they work, I will repost with the brand info.

      If you are going to purchase an e-cigarette, find a brand other than Njoy.

  3. Amy in Iowa says:

    been smoking for 22 yrs, now started using the Njoy Npro because of smoking bans. Oh my god I absolutely LOVE my “E” cigarette!!!!

    • scott petsche says:

      I am so curious to try this. Do you still crave a real cigarette? I’ve been smoking as long as you and I thought there was no hope. Scott from Nebraska

      • Dominic says:

        I have been smoking for over twenty years and first tried the Njoy Npro three months ago. I have not bought a pack of kool’s in three months. I had previously tried to quit smoking on many occasions with no success. With this product I get all the sensations of inhaling tobacco without the horrible smell and health concerns of tobacco. I now find myself wanting to shout from a mountain top the benefits of e-cigs to all the smokers of the world. I am that excited about giving up the slow death march that is tandemed with smoking traditional cigarettes. The only problem that I’ve encountered with the Npro is in the advertising. When I first investigated this product I was led to believe that each cartridge was equal to a pack of cigs. This simply hasn’t been the case for me. I go through about two and a half cartridges a day. I used to smoke just a pack of regular cigs a day. I’m not sure if I’m missing something or doing something wrong, but there’s no way a carton of cartridges equals a carton of cigarettes. With that said I am still very pleased with the performance of the product. I would definately advise anyone who smoke to please try them.

  4. DonnaB says:

    I’ve been smoking about 1.5 packs a day for 20 years. Bought this and started using on 4/21, not a real cigarette since! Took a puff off one a few days ago and said YUCK! I just have to believe if I can substitue this then amyone can. I enjoy smoking, now I NJoy vaping! :)

  5. HelenD says:

    I’ve been smoking a pack a day for almost 30 years. I’ve tried to quit so many times, and never could. The longest I ever quit was 12 days. I bought this today, and so far I am very impressed. I have three cigarettes left in my pack of Mboro Lights 100s, and I won’t buy another pack of cigarettes! I won’t need to! This is great!

  6. Threedot says:

    I purchased this electronic cig and was disappointed with it on almost all counts. I found the smoke so harsh I couldn’t inhale (and I smoke very strong tobacco cigarettes). There was absolutely no difference in flavor or experience with the included regular cartridges and the supposedly menthol ones I bought. But most disappointing, the NCIG leaks the liquid from the cartridge into your mouth with every draw, making it seem like you are drinking anti-freeze. I would not recommend this product to anyone, I am hoping that with the help of the reviews on this site, I can find an alternative that is worth buying.

    • Sparky says:

      Sounds like you tried the menthol cartridges first.

      Please read my post on how menthol cartridges taint atomizers.

      Now, some people love menthol cartridges, but if you don’t all other flavors are likely to be “harsh” or taste like menthol for several cartridges afterwords. I recommend buying a second atomizer to use only with menthol flavor if you smoke those. Maybe if you call NJOY and explain this to them they will replace or give you another atomizer.

    • Southbaby says:

      Mine leaks too! And it is not menthol. I put mine up in the drawer and back to regular cigarettes. Anyone have a solution?

      • Sparky says:

        Some cartridges seem to be more “juicy” than others. If I notice excess solution I stick a cotton swab or corner of a tissue into the mouth piece before putting the actual cartridge that contains the solution into the mouthpiece. I also blot the other excess solution off the outside of the cartridge before (sometimes a little after) I un-cap the rubber stopper and drop it into the mouth piece as well.

        Be sure to wash excess nicotine solution off your hands and try not to get it in your mouth. Hope this helps.

      • Karen in Florida says:

        Not so sure there is a real solution. Remember, that leakage is your nicotine (mixed with water). So, guy with cotton ball… hello, there goes your fix. I think we just have to decide how bad we wish to do away with real cigs.

        I am now planning to grow tobacco here in Florida for my own personal use and only use the elec cig for restaurants, work and long car rides with non smokers.

        I understand smoking your own grown tobacco to be far safer as there are no chemicals… and you can buy filters and papers to roll your own extremely affordable. (keep in mind… when you plant, it will be a year before you can smoke… but, if you don’t start now you’ll never save money!)

        So, that’s where this smoker is headed. Screw the taxes and screw this leaky electronic abomination that costs even more than cigs to smoke. (and, is not satisfying in any way… is harsher than smoke…. how stupid is this thing????!!!!).

        • Waycross48 says:

          Dear Karen, as someone who grew up with grandparents who raised tobacco for a living – you do know there’s much more growing your own tobacco than just growing the plant? It must be dried (our leaves were cured in a tobacco barn with a fire that had to be tended around the clock until the leaves were cured to perfection. I just wanted you to know that there’s a lot more to growing your own tobacco than simply tending the plants. Seems like an awful lot of trouble for a habit that kills you in the long run.

        • Frank in Michigan says:

          Congrats Karen for taking the steps to grow your own! My climate can’t wait a year. I have smoked for 24 years and found that whatever tobacco you use will leave tar. whether cigarettes, pipes,or cigars are smoked you still clog your lungs. Vaping the NPRO for a week now and I will NOT go back to tobacco. the vapor is WAY smoother than a pipe, cigar, or even a Newport! Sorry to hear your experience is not the same.

    • Karen in Florida says:

      Hi threedots… you can use other cartridges with your njoy…but frankly, in the end, its all a compromise. Nothing is going to give you the same pleasure as smoking a real cig and they all leak… after all, the nic is mixed with water. Hence, leakage. I feel that the postings from people who say bull#### like “i smoke a pack a day a switched over with no problem” to be just that, bull####, and most surely from people who are selling them. I recommend the elec cig to folks who travel, for restaurants, movie theaters, etc… otherwise… fire up a real one and be happy.

      I will say, one gentleman had recommended that if you really want to have success quitting the real cig and smoke only elec cigs, then you need to give up smoking everything for three days…then the elec cig will satisfy you. (he said he now love’s to lick the juice… crazy man, right???)

      If I could quit for three days, then I would go ahead and do it for the seven days required to quit completely. But, I mention it, as if this helps anyone with more will power than I… here it is. Good luck.

      • Eric says:

        I don’t know Karen, I smoked about 2/3rds of a pack a day and switched over to the NJoy NPro no problem. I actually prefer it because its so much more convenient and I can get the nicotine head rush every time.

      • Bob says:

        I too suffered from the leakage into the mouth at first, but starting to use these cigarettes is like learning how to smoke all over again in a lot of ways.

        You have to draw hard sometimes, but if you draw too hard, juice comes out. I think sometimes it may be an issue with the pressure sensor that senses when you’re sucking.

        When that happens, I hold the filter upright for a while and try to let any juice sink back down into the cartridge and wipe the excess from the end.

        i generally always hold it with the “cherry” end pointing down to keep juice from beginning it’s journey to the mouthpiece.

        I bought an e-cig in response to the ban on clove cigarettes.

        I really can’t smoke regular cigarettes, but I find e-cigs to be a fun and relaxing way to get my nicotine fix.

  7. Kyle says:

    At the same time different people could have different reactions to this then others could, but deep down you gotta wanna quit to completly stop.

  8. Stan says:

    I do not sell or represent NJOY or any other e cig. I am 60 years old and started smoking when I was 18. I have never really tried to quit and smoked 2 to 3 packs a day. I started driving for a living and found myself smoking almost continuously. One my cough was getting really bad. One of the truck drivers I was escorting (oversize load pilot car company) told me about the ecig, so I thought why the hell not. I bought whatever Pilot had (happen to be Ncig) and started using it. It took me about a week to get used to it, but now I won’t smoke a regular cig. They now taste nasty to me. I went thru quite a few cartridges and was not satisfied with how long they lasted or the amount of vapor they produced. I noticed when I changed cartridges that I could still get smoke out of the ecig without the cartridge and it was thicker and tasted better. I bought some “e-liquid” and now just drop a few drops of the liquid into the atomizer and put on an emply tip, and it works GREAT. I will never go back to reg cigs.]\
    As far a getting the liquid into your mouth. Use a little common sense and wipe the thing down when you change cartridges or better yet…don’t use the cartridge.

  9. mike says:

    ive been smoking for almost 40 yrs and last week i bought an npro. last wednesday i stopped smoking regular cigarettes and only smoked the npro. it actually went pretty good for me until today when i ran out of cartridges. i have some problems with leaking, but its an acceptable problem considering the advantages. i was a 2 to 3 pack a day guy and quit cold turkey. i think the rating on the cartridges is over rated. its more like 10 cigarettes. the batteries dont last near as long as they say. i have already changed the battery 3 times in one day. but as i say,, it was a 2 to 3 pack a day habit.
    all in all, i would give npro a favorable review. i feel much better without the extra chemicals and i feel like it will be much easier to give up smoking e-cigs than regular cigarettes. they really need to bring down the price on the cartridges though. i figure im paying about 4 bucks a pack equivalent with npro.

  10. Heather says:

    Heya folks! I’ve read a lot of people complaining about the leakage of the njoy npro. I have the same problem as well, but have found that if you don’t try to inhale too hard that it alleviates the problem.

    I smoked tobacco cigarettes for twenty one years and I will never go back to them again. Since I bought my Npro, I’ve been feeling a lot better. I don’t cough so much and I have a lot more stamina for walking the dogs and playing with the neighbor’s kids.

    As for the Njoy company, they couldn’t be nicer. When I originally ordered my kit, the woman processing my order realized that I ordered the wrong cartridges and called me to let me know of my mistake. That tells me that they actually pay attention to their customers and the orders that they’re filling.

  11. vance says:

    I was a pack a day smoker for 30 years I drive for a living and one day saw these in a pilot stop.I got them and a pack of marlboros. The next day i tried them and loved them. Minor leakage but not enough to bother me really. After the 5 cartridges ran out i tried to smoke one of my normal cigs and hated it completely. Its now been 2 weeks and im on my 2nd set of 10 refill packs. Battery life isnt what the said it would be and the cartridges dont last that long either but its way better then cigs.

  12. Kriggs says:

    Hi there, I just got the NPRO NJOY in the mail yesterday and all I have to say is that ITS A WASTE OF MONEY!.. All the videos you see about the smoke and how it imitates a real cigarette are false! The taste is horrible, and there’s barely any smoke. It doesn’t have the same feeling of a hit that a real cigarette does, so don’t buy it if you think it’s going to help you reduce. Also, it’s not realistic to the same drags as the atomizer heats up quickly and you have to hold it a certain angle to try and get the most smoke (which isn’t much)especially if you inhale, you get no smoke. As well, the cartridges tend to leak so when you try to inhale, the nasty taste gets in your mouth. All in all, a waste of money and not worth it at all!

    • Sparky says:

      These are common complaints from some first time buyers with 3-piece designs like NJOY. It takes some time to get a knack for it. Those guys in the videos, such as moi, make it look easier than it really is. You are right about that. Let me see if I can help.

      It sounds like you may not have been getting good contact between the wick on the atomizer and the batting in the cartridge which would explain why you had to angle it to get “smoke.” If you don’t have contact between these 2 parts then the solution is more likely to go in your mouth instead of getting wicked up and vaporized. Same thing if you have a weak battery in which case even if you have good contact between the atomizer wick and the batting in the cartridge you may still end up with some nic juice in your mouth.

      Try using a paperclip to push the cartridge reservoir up to the top and use tweezers to pull the batting out slightly. Then push the reservoir back down to the bottom using the paperclip pushing down the side of the cartridge taking care to not push the batting down since you just pulled it out some. Push the cartridge back onto the atty and give it another shot. If it tastes “burnt” you pulled the batting out a little too much and some of the fibers are coming into contact with the heating element instead of just the wick part. Sound tricky? It is, but you get a knack for it and when you are in the zone it is really good!

      If none of that works, try a 2 piece design from another company. They are easier, but on occasion you get a bad cartridge (harsh or no smoke) that you have to just throw away since those carts are sealed and can’t be tweaked.

  13. gridsleep says:

    I use Blu Cigs, not NJoy, but they appear similar. I suppose they are supposed to work, but frankly, after several weeks of use, I still wish I had a cigarette. I keep pulling on the ecig as if it were a pipe, not a cigarette. I have to charge the battery almost just after the previous battery was just charged (i.e. I am almost continually charging the batteries in rotation.) The ecig just doesn’t satisfy as tobacco can. When I smoke a cigarette now, and I have been buying a pack once in a while, it feels as if angels are caressing the inside of my skull. I can’t describe it any other way. ecigs feels like I am breathing through a straw and waiting for some kind of satisfaction that just isn’t there. Sorry. I can’t deny anyone who likes the product. It just isn’t doing it for me. Life sucks with cigarettes. Life sucks without cigarettes. Conclusion: life sucks. That’s about it.

    • Sparky says:

      My dad and others have had this experience, his conclusion: there isn’t enough nicotine and, there are other chemicals in a regular cigarette that contribute to the buzz. He gave up too early in my opinion (hes only tried NJOY and one other brand) and now only uses his NJOY when he has to. Also, there is evidence to suggest nicotine content and absorption is lower with ecigs. Folks with this experience should consider dripping with really high concentration nicotine solution.

  14. Teri from Texas says:

    I bought my first starter kit of Njoys on 07-24-10 and smoked my last cig on 07-25. The Njoys satisfy my cravings completely but my problem is twofold. First the battery doesn’t last very long at all often less than an hour. Some of my batteries are just plain bad! I’ve bought 3 starter packs now & rotate between 4 batteries keeping at least one on a charger at all times. One I just had to call bad and I don’t use it anymore. Another one stays lit even when I’m not drawing on it. Once I set it next to the ashtray in my car while I was in a restaurant and came out to find the cart completely burned in half! There was some damage to my car’s trim but most of the burned cartridge was on the edge of the ash tray. I use the pre filled cartridges and they only come 5 to a bottle for $20. I use more than one a day and almost every one of them gets a hole in it after a few hours. I’m very seriously considering changing brands but the Njoys are convenient because I can buy them from my local smoke shop. Any suggestions?

    Can I use the older type with the separate cart & atomizer and just refill them? They don’t seem to hit near as well as the pre filled ones though…

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