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NGAR Video Summary:

If you can still find one of these NGAR units around AND plenty of replacement cartridges for a good price you might want to think about picking it up.   I don’t think NJOY sells these anymore, but some third parties may still distribute NGAR or similar electronic cigar models.  I tend to like these if I can find them cheap because of the long lasting batteries and cartridges.  The only drawback is that that atomizer is not replaceable.

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Video Transcript

Hello again. This is Sparkey from electroniccigarettereview.com, also known as smokersblog.com.

Today I am shooting the third in the series of NJOY unboxing videos. In this third video I will be opening and giving you a brief demonstration of the NJOY NGAR electronic cigar.

The cigar cell electronic cigar ships in this brown sleeve because the electronic cigar is only offered in a wood grain style. And as you will see as I pull the sleeve off and open the box here, actually the first thing we have around top is the warranty card. I don’t think I mentioned this in the other videos but all of NJOY’s electronic cigarettes are covered by a one year warranty as well as a no risk 30-day money back guarantee. And the card says you can also visit website to activate the one year warranty if that is more convenient.

Next is the same wallet card that came with the other two styles. You can put it into your wallet purse and pull it out in the event that someone questions you in a non-smoking area while you are using the device. The idea is that they look somewhat official and could explain the concept to someone who hasn’t heard of or seen the product before.

And here it is. You can see that it has a wood grain styling like I said before. Now I’ll try to hold it as close as I can here so you can see. Now it has a nice solid feel to the construction. I really don’t think it’s real wood. But you can’t tell just by looking at it, even close up.

But I like it a lot. It is very classy with the gold trim there. And without the battery and nicotine cartridge it’s fairly light, about the same weight as regular cigar I would say. It shouldn’t get too much heavier after installing the lithium battery because lithium batteries are fairly light.

Another feature different from the NCIG and NPRO that I like is the mouthpiece cover that you can use to cover the mouthpiece when you store the device when you are not using it. I am going to put that down for just a second so I can show you everything else that’s in the box.

The cigar starter kit also comes with two nicotine cartridges. They come in these wood grain style hard plastic containers that I really like because they match the cigar and it seems like I could just throw that in my pocket and I don’t have to worry about it to carry it with me.

There are however only two nicotine cartridges in here. The cigar cartridges are much larger and carry a lot more solution so I’d venture to guess that these cartridges will last you about as long as the cartridges in the other starter kits. But I would like to have seen at least two different strength cartridges like maybe a medium and a high, or at least a tobacco flavor and a menthol flavor, since the cigar style cartridges are offered in both tobacco and menthol flavors.

Also included are two lithium batteries, a battery charger that plugs right into the lock. And two mouthpiece, extra mouthpiece cartridge.

OK. So let’s move on to the demonstration. To install the battery in the cigar style you actually unscrew the tip and insert the battery into the cigar like this, the red side facing out. Also it’s very important to make sure you fully charge the battery as I have before using the device.

Now, to install the nicotine cartridge, you have to unscrew the mouthpiece that is installed for shipping by turning it counterclockwise. And sit that down for just a second so I can open one of the cartridges. The cover for the cartridge also unscrews. And the cartridge in turn is threaded and screws into the device like so.

Now you have it. It’s ready to go. Before I take a drag though, I would like to compare it real quick to the other two NJOY styles.

Here they are, you can see the NCIG style in black. It’s actually longer. And from this angle you can see how much thicker the cigar is. Again you can watch the other two unboxing videos to get the full story on the NCIG and the NPRO.

Right, now I will take a drag. As with the other NJOY devices, there is a fair amount of smoke. The smoke is not really smoke of course, it is just water vapor, nicotine and some tobacco flavoring. I don’t know if you could see it in the video but the tip does light up like a real cigar. I’ll take one more drag.

The smoke dissipates after a few seconds but there is hardly any smell. And once the vapor does evaporate, there is no lingering smell, which is a huge advantage over traditional cigars. And is one of the reasons why you can smoke it in non-smoking areas, even indoors.

So that concludes the third unboxing video. If you like this video, please comment on it and rate it. Also feel free to take a look at the other NJOY unboxing videos in the series. And subscribe to my channel so you can see other videos I may be releasing soon. Finally be sure to visit electroniccigarettereview.com also known as smokersblog.com where I am gathering and organizing information on all the other brands that are out there into one place. Thanks for watching.

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