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Red Dragon Review Video Summary:

Red Dragon offers a solid quality controlled mini electronic cigarette with many price points for anyone to get started. The video is in 2 parts because it was before a time when YouTube allowed videos longer than 10 minutes. This was the first 2-piece design I ever looked at and you can tell I was excited in the video..

Part One

Part Two

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NGAR Video Summary:

If you can still find one of these NGAR units around AND plenty of replacement cartridges for a good price you might want to think about picking it up.   I don’t think NJOY sells these anymore, but some third parties may still distribute NGAR or similar electronic cigar models.  I tend to like these if I can find them cheap because of the long lasting batteries and cartridges.  The only drawback is that that atomizer is not replaceable.

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Video Summary:

Smoke 51 Krave has slightly different packaging and components now and also no longer sells cherry :( , but this video still gives you some idea of the concept of a disposable e cigarette.  Watch the video and check out the full review / Smoke 51 web site.  Disposables are still a lower cost option to committing to a more expensive starter kit.

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Video Summary:

This video is a little dated and NJOY has updated a few things, but this video will still give you a good idea what comes in the box, what the NJOY electronic cigarette looks like and roughly how it performs.  I know folks who have used this unit for years and swear by it.

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