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Lucky Slicks Retro

Lucky Slicks Retro (Click to Enlarge)


Awesome “Drip” friendly 3 piece mini electronic cigarette with e-liquid to refill cartridges available, good nicotine hit and vapor production in 3 tasty flavors AND a low price.


Cartridge strength and flavor selection limited

Bottom Line:

Scoring above average or higher in every category, the Lucky Slicks Retro mini electronic cigarette is a very impressive “drip” friendly 3-piece model at an impressive price point even considering “consumables” such as batteries are not covered under the 1 year limited warranty. However, to maintain performance with this model I highly recommend Read the rest of this entry »

Record Setting Drag

Record Setting Drag

If smokers relatively new to e cigs, maybe doing some research in preparation to buy, must understand that e cig cartridge life is almost ALWAYS exaggerated. I admit that even the careful measurements I take while testing various models out for the reviews on this site are exaggerated.

Here is why cartridge life is always exaggerated.. Read the rest of this entry »


It’s time for a little rant. One of the cornerstone arguments for banning fruit and candy flavored cigarettes (and now electronic cigarettes) is that they target minors.

Really? How can an inanimate pack of cigs or an electronic cigarette perform such a heinous act? Quite simple really.. With a little help and proper placement from living breathing PEOPLE anything can be dangerous or evil.

As a result of this media fueled dogma, all candy and fruit flavored cigarettes are now banned as of late last year.

I realized again just how bogus the fruit and candy flavored cigarette argument is today as I walked around Target and then later WalGreens and noticed Read the rest of this entry »

Green Smoke e Cig

Green Smoke e Cig


The Green Smoke e Cigarette has awesome vapor production, solid batteries and chargers, good nicotine hit and 8 nicotine cartridge flavors available at all nicotine levels.


Starter kits and batteries a little pricey (but backed by a solid 1-year warranty)

Bottom Line:

Tons of people are using the Green Smoke 2-piece electronic cigarette right now which resulted in many folks here suggesting I test out and review it so I finally caved and got the Basic Starter Kit.

I got a great first impression the moment I took my first drag and experienced its Read the rest of this entry »

White Cloud's Cirrus

White Cloud’s Cirrus


Premium 2-piece “cartomizer” electronic cigarettes with long-lasting quickest-charge lithium polymer batteries. Also, has long lasting cartridges in a variety of flavors that deliver an intense throat sensation & nicotine hit. Cirrus 2, and 3 are now very affordable.


Vapor production just a tiny bit less than other models in this category though it doesn’t detract at all from the nicotine hit you will get.

Bottom Line:

White Cloud Cigarettes now makes a premium electronic cigarette that is  Read the rest of this entry »

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