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There are 3 different types of electronic cigarettes you should be familiar with before you buy your first electronic cigarette kit and fortunately they are as easy to remember as 1-2-3. They are:

  • 1 Piece Electronic Cigarette Kit
  • 2 Piece Electronic Cigarette Kit
  • 3 Piece Electronic Cigarette Kit

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An official press release from the California State Governor’s office announced yesterday that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed SB 400 that proposed electronic cigarette ban in the state of California.

The latest revision of SB 400 did not propose a complete ban on electronic cigarette use, but rather to,

… authorize action to halt the sale, distribution, or offering for sale of electronic cigarettes.

The famous actor and now Governor of CA had this to say in his official response letter to justify his veto:

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I know this is short notice guys but I just found out about SB 400 yesterday which would ban the sale of eCigs in California.

SB400 was originally an alternative energy bill, but was strangely amended to only ban electronic cigarettes and no longer makes any mention of energy.

If Governor Schwarzenegger does not veto this bill by close of business tomorrow, Friday 10-9-2009, it will become law automatically next week!

It is important that you act on this immediately even if you are not a California resident because if SB400 is allowed to pass in California it will set a bad precedent for all the other states.

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SNL's Hans and Frans

Ok, I know that title of this article sounds a little arrogant, but I just got done talking to one of my e smoker friends about how our smoking habits have changed since we started smoking the e cig. We also noticed that this seems to be a common theme of conversation among veteran e cig smokers.

So, as Hans and Frans used to say in those old SNL skitts, Read the rest of this entry »

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