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Red Dragon Review Video Summary:

Red Dragon offers a solid quality controlled mini electronic cigarette with many price points for anyone to get started. The video is in 2 parts because it was before a time when YouTube allowed videos longer than 10 minutes. This was the first 2-piece design I ever looked at and you can tell I was excited in the video..

Part One

Part Two

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Full Red Dragon 8-Piece Kit Review
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Red Dragon Video Transcript

Part One

Hello everyone. This is Sparky from ElectronicCigaretteReview.com also known as SmokelessBlog.com. And I’m very excited to shoot another unboxing video for you today with a brief demonstration at the end of this electronic cigarette that I just got in the mail today.

This is from a new company that’s based in United States called Red Dragon Products. And the reason why I’m excited about this is because this is a new type of electronic cigarette in which they build the atomizer directly into the replacement nicotine cartridge.

So, if you’re new to electronic smoking you should know that there’s some in, in’s and out’s of the atomizers that are typically used in these devices, namely they wear out after some use and some abuse and need to be replaced occasionally. There are some other issues, you can go to the blog if you’re really interested in some of those in’s and out’s and read some of the postings on atomizers.

But basically, the idea here is that that’s all circumvented because with this product, because the atomizers are built into the replacement cartridges. Now here some of the veterans out there might be thinking, well if the atomizers are built into the cartridges, that mean the cartridges are expensive. They are actually not, they are actually about the same price as regular cartridges. In some cases, I even noticed it’s cheaper.

So, do the cartridges last as long or the atomizers inner replacement cartridges is good? I don’t know, you have to go to the, to the site and basically check out the complete review online and see what I find out later.

But, I’m kind of anxious to get to the unboxing. This, this kit I got from the company is the 8 piece kit, all right. And, I actually also got an extra pack of cartridges. And all of this came shrink wrapped, actually I’m gonna go ahead and play in some video of me taking the shrink wrap off the 8 piece kit. I did want to just get in there and make sure the batteries were charged for the review and everything. So, I’ll play some video and so you can kind of see what that, what that looks like to take the shrink wrap off.

But the extra cartridges came shrink wrapped as well, with the case that I also ordered in there. And I’m, I’m gonna to unwrap that and show that to you in the review as well. But another thing I want to point out here about the cartridges is, the packaging, it looks like, this is going to be targeted to be sold retail, as well. So, I would expect you can see in a store near you, pretty close.

I wanna put that aside and until I have the cigarette out and I can use that and basically I get to opening the box here. So, it’s a nice box, it’s, it’s fairly compact. Let’s go ahead and open that up. Of course, on top here the first thing we have is the instruction manual. Then the very next thing is the electronic cigarette which looks like it’s partially assembled.

Actually there’s an electronic cigarette and one thing I noticed on the shrink wrap is that they actually gave me a bonus cartridge. And that’s the bonus cherry cartridge right there, which is, you know, which was kind of just nice, pleasant surprise. But technically, since the atomizer is built into the cartridge, you actually get two electronic cigarettes.

I know, all, all the kits come with a spare battery but with this particular kit you can actually load both of them up and try them out at the same time. So that’s, that’s kind of a new feature. Underneath the cigarettes we have the rest of the kit.

Of course you have your, your extra nicotine cartridges that come with the kit. I’m gonna go ahead and put those there. You have the wall charger which I’ll, I’ll also go ahead and take out. And it has a flip out, wall plug which is kind of nice and makes it easy to take with you if you’re gonna decide to do that. And then the, the travel USB charger that plugs into your computer.

Then also another thing I noticed in here was quality and inspection stickers. So I think that’s, that’s a good thing that, whenever a company came inspecting, make sure the quality is good before they deliver the product. So, real quick I just wanna look at what the charging situation is here. Kind of, it’s kind of an interesting charging system.

Looks like, you, there’s a rubber thing here on the end of the spare battery. I’ll go and take that off and it looks like it screws right into the USB charger. I’m assuming, I haven’t read the instructions yet. But I’m assuming you just plug that right into your computer. And then as far as the wall charger is concerned, apparently you also plug the, plug the wall charger into the USB adapter as well. So that’s how you charge this thing on the go.

So apparently, I think that’s the way the car adapter works as well, as you’ve to have the USB guy plugged that into the car adapter. So USB guys is pretty good to keep with you.

So I’m gonna go ahead and go and take that off the charger for now. One more thing I did notice about the charger is, an LED which I do notice because I took the shrink wrap off to make sure the batteries were charged. Ready, this LED does turn red to indicate that it need charged, and green to indicate that it’s finished charging. So, no guess work there.

As a side note, I do think the instructions say, take the, take the battery off the charger when you’re, when the light turns green. Now, I kind of wanna check out these cartridges because I’m really anxious to see what the, what the cartridges with the atomizers built into, built into them look like.

So looks like, four cartridges to a pack, so you maybe get one less cartridge, but I think the fact that the atomizers get replaced every time justifies that. And I’m gonna go ahead and set these guys aside. And it comes kind of wrapped in this rubber, this rubber, I actually like the packaging because I’d, I’d no problem just throwing that in my pocket.

It does say the flavor, right there on, on the cartridge. I’m gonna peel that off. And then take these rubber, looks like just two rubber ends that protect the cartridge and keep it fresh. Just peel those off, put those aside. And so that’s the cartridge with the atomizer built in. That’s the one end of it, that’s the end we inhale on. And that’s the end with the atomizer built in.

So, this is going to be pretty interesting to check this out. I’m gonna go ahead and just install it here and give you a brief demonstration. Actually before the demonstration, I did want to go ahead and open up this, open up this carrying kit real quick. And see if I can see how that works. Pretty easy to unpack it, I’ll say that.

And, looks like you open it by pressing this button. All right, and it doesn’t look, I would have expected the phone to be form fitting but it doesn’t seem to be the case. Looks like you just put it in there. And, actually it’s tight. It does not rattle around in there. So that’s good. Definitely, something that will be good for the coat pocket or the purse. So, I like it. Very nice carrying case. It got the little plain clip there. Nice feature and it’s not expensive either on the website.

I’m not gonna say exact prices of the stuff because prices always change and I don’t have to update the video when the prices change. So, if you want to know the prices, go to ElectronicCigaretteReview.com, click on the where to buy link and then go to the Red Dragon website.

All right. So, now I’m gonna go ahead and give you a brief demonstration. Looks like the atomizer just screws on there. I want to make sure it’s tight. Now, I’m gonna do one drag that’s just gonna be not an inhale, but I’m just gonna see how much smoke I can get this to produce. And then I’ll do a drag that’s an inhale in which I, I’ll inhale and then I’ll exhale immediately so you can kind of see the difference in, in the vapor production. So, here we go with the first drag.

Part Two

If you want to know the prices, go to ElectronicCigaretteReview.com, click on the where to buy link and then go to Red Dragon website.

All right. So now I’m gonna go ahead and give you a brief demonstration. Looks like the atomizer just screws on there, I wanna make sure it’s tight.

Now I’m gonna do one drag that’s just gonna be not inhale, but I’m just gonna see how much smoke I can get this to produce. And then I’ll do a drag that’s inhale in which I, I’ll inhale and then I’ll exhale immediately. So you can kind of see the difference in, in the vapor production.

So, here we go with the first drag. I think the, I took that drag a little bit too hard because the tip started blinking there. I’m gonna go ahead and do the full inhale now. I’ll say that’s a fair about, fair amount of smoke there for a full inhale.

I’m gonna go ahead and repeat that. First, the drag with no inhale. Pretty good amount of smoke. The atomizer is getting warmed up now, go and take a one more long drag with an inhale. So you have it.

First impressions, I like it. The construction is pretty solid. Although it’s lighter than other minis I have tested. And it seems a bit smaller. So, actually I like the fact that it’s light because it is actually like a, more like a regular cigarette.

Some of these minis you can’t hold them in your mouth without feeling like you got a real piece of hardware in your mouth. But this is one is fairly light.

And, I’m gonna see if I have a, a cigarette here to compare it to and I do. So this is a, this is a real cigarette and you can see that it’s only a little bit bigger. So that’s, I know this infact is a bit smaller than the other minis I’ve been, I’ve been looking at. Can we get a comparison there. It’s very similar in size, only a little bit heavier than a real cigarette. So, I’m very surprised by that.

Now the smoke that you see is of course is not really smoke. It’s just water vapor, nicotine and some nicotine flavoring. It’s not as harsh as a cigarette. I would say this brand is, is got the harshness, a little bit of harshness to it, but then again this is the regular tobacco cartridge. So I don’t know about the other cartridges. I actually, I find it very close to a real cigarette.

The smoke does linger a bit, but of course it dissipates fairly quickly because it is just a vapor. And, so I really think the company has something going here. But they replace atomizer every time. Atomizer first impression seems good, I’ll go ahead and put it through it’s paces this week and, and do a full review on it.

Another thing I want to mention real quick is, I do suggest buying a 8 piece kit because it’s a really good value but if you’re a little bit skeptical about the replaceable atomizer or if you, this is going to be your first electronic cigarette, this company offers a lot of different price points which I find to be highly desirable. So they have got a 1 piece kit, a 2 piece kit and a 3 piece kit at very good prices. So lets anyone try out.

No, you know, low cost, low risk, although they do have a 30 day money back guarantee as well. So all in all, it’s a pretty good product.

So that concludes this unboxing video. If you like the video, please comment, rate and subscribe. And if you want to read the full review online and find out where you can buy the Red Dragon products, go to ElectronicCigaretteReview.com which you can also get to back on smokelessblog.com. There should be a link on here somewhere. And that’s it. Thanks for watching.

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