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Smoke 51 Krave has slightly different packaging and components now and also no longer sells cherry :( , but this video still gives you some idea of the concept of a disposable e cigarette.  Watch the video and check out the full review / Smoke 51 web site.  Disposables are still a lower cost option to committing to a more expensive starter kit.

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Video Transcript

Hey everyone, this is Sparky with ElectronicCigaretteReview.com and I’m here to shoot another video review for you today.

And this video review is going to be on the Krave Disposable Electronic Cigarette from Smoke51. The actual name of the company is Smoke Anywhere USA, but it is the same company that packages and distributes the Smoke51 product.

And like I said, this is a disposable electronic cigarette. Actually going to be the first video review of a disposable I have done. I have done disposable electronic cigars, but never a cigarette yet.

So this is going to be kind of interesting. The reason why disposable electronic cigarettes are good is because if you haven’t tried electronic cigarettes before, it is a good first experience in my opinion, because it is the cheapest.

Basically, the reason why they are so cheap is because they don’t include extra atomizers, extra batteries, battery chargers, things like that. It is pretty much just battery and some replacement cartridges and that’s all you get.

So the other reason why disposables are good is if you are going to a place where you know you won’t have battery charger or you are just trying to pack light, or you have traveled somewhere and you forgot your regular cigarettes or your electronic cigarettes, and you’d like to purchase a cheap electronic cigarette.

I won’t say the price because prices always changes, but you can buy this very cheaply online. You can find these Smoke51 link at ElectronicCigaretteReview.com.

So without any further delay, I am going to go ahead and un-box it and I am expecting to at least find this inside.

The packaging is very much similar to a regular cigarette even down to the cellophane that is on the outside. I find that interesting. Inside, we just have three things.

We have got an instruction manual that tells you how to use this thing. And I thought it was a two-piece kit, but it is not, it is in fact a three-piece kit.

This reason for that is because, it looks like it is just a cartridge for shipping, but inside you have a battery and a removable atomizer. But since it is a disposable and you are not going to be recharging the battery or replacing atomizers, kind of just get a closer look at the atomizer there.

And like I said, since you are not going to be replacing atomizers or charging batteries, you are pretty much just going to throw this thing away when you are done.

It is really just a two-piece kit, because all you need to do is pull it out of the package, pull off this protective cover and then put a cartridge on there and start smoking.

So I am going to do that now. I am going to move on to the, what I call the brief demonstration portion. In order to do that, I am going to have to pull out one of the cartridges here, which are nicely packaged in an interestingly enough kind of a push-through foil kind of packaging, which I find kind of nice actually because it will make sure that they are kind of sterile and ship well.

And looks like it has got a plug to pull off there. Pull that off, you can see the nicotine cartridge inside. It is already exposed, so there is nothing else to do except pull that rubber plug out and then you force it onto the end like this. And there you have it. You are ready to go.

You don’t have to charge the battery beforehand. I am assuming it is already charged, unless I have received a unit that is dead on arrival here and you are ready to go.

So now what I do in my demonstrations is I take two drags. The first drag I take is, I am not really trying to inhale, I am just taking what we call is a primer puff, and I am pretty much doing that to get the atomizer warmed for the full inhale, but I am going to still blow the smoke out, so you can kind of see the difference in vapor production from the primer puff to the full inhale.

And then after I get down with those two drags and I will repeat that, and by the fourth and final drag, it should be pretty warm. If it doesn’t work well, I may experiment a little bit, but I will go ahead and let you know if I’m doing that in the video.

So here is the first drag again. I am not inhaling on this one, I am just kind of pulling the smoke into my mouth. Wow, very good vapor production even on the primer puff.

Now I am going to go ahead and do the full inhale and after I inhale fully, I am going to exhale immediately so you can kind of see the difference.

That cherry is very good. I really like that. So I am just going to repeat that demonstration.

Again, the first inhale is — or the first drag rather, I am not going to inhale, just a primer puff.

And, I am having a little technical difficulty here. I am wondering if when I unscrew the atomizer, I might need to tighten the battery and I think I did have it little loose, so I am going to try that again.

Very good primer puff. And now I am going to go ahead and move on to the full inhale. So that’s about what you would expect from a three-piece unit. Very nice cherry flavor. Not much else to say about the unit first impression.

I like it. It looks like it has a four-hole atomizer. You will notice that when I took the drag, when the atomizer was actually on, the tip would light.

And there was no automatic cutoff switch, so I could take a drag for as long as I wanted to and I did take some pretty long drags there. So now I am going to move on to the size comparison.

And the first one I am going to compare it to is the, just a regular size filter cigarette, I won’t say what brand because you are not paying me to advertize for them. But you can see lengthwise, that disposable is quite a bit longer than the regular cigarette.

Now the reason why I am thinking that’s probably the case is, they want this to be a pretty high capacity battery to last through four cartridges. And then as far as the diameter is concerned, not the same diameter.

The disposable is a little bit bigger in diameter. And then I will compare it to the 100-length cigarette as well and lengthwise, that disposable is still longer.

I think one thing that adds a little bit of length to it is that atomizer there, I don’t know if you can see that, but the atomizer ends right there, has a little bit of length and then you have the cartridge that pushes on.

And then in terms of the diameter compared to the 100-length, as expected disposable is thicker but those 100-length cigarettes are usually a little bit more tapered.

So that pretty much concludes the un-boxing and demonstration of the Krave Disposable Electronic Cigarette.

If you liked that video review, please comment, rate and subscribe. And also, I will be testing this unit out over the next week or so and writing a full review. Be sure to check that out on ElectronicCigaretteReview.com. Thank you for watching.

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