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On my two flights home from Colorado I figured out a sure fire strategy to use electronic cigarettes for smoking on planes. I tried it on 2 separate flights and it worked great!

As many e cig smokers out there know, it isn’t always easy to simply “smoke anywhere” especially for smoking on planes like all the advertisements selling the devices claim. Until the use of e cigs is more wide spread and people become familiar with the devices we will have be a little creative when smoking on planes.

In my last post I wrote about how I experimented with smoking electronic cigarettes in casinos. During that experiment I covered the lighted tip with my hand and fingers while taking a drag so I would not attract attention. I think this technique could be used in many situations but certainly not for smoking on planes. Here is why:

On planes people have to be very close to other people that they don’t know. These people tend to be very aware of everything people next to them are doing even if they are reading a book or watching a movie. If one only covers the tip of their e cig on planes, people are still bound to see you exhale some vapor even when holding it for a second before exhaling.

When covering the tip of your electronic cigarette in most other situations (not smoking on planes), if someone sees you exhale vapor they may question you, but they will be way more forgiving than if you are on a plane. You can then explain what an electronic cigarette is and why they are not affected by smoking bans etc. etc.

It is easier to ask forgiveness than to ask permission in most situations, but not in the case of smoking on planes.

Strange activity on airplanes these days can create tension and sharp responses these days even 8 years after the 911 tragedy.

So what is an e smoker to do? It is very simple. Ask the flight attendant permission in a way that they are likely to say yes that also informs those around you what you are doing and what to expect.

I came up with this idea for smoking on planes on my first flight from Denver to Atlanta, Georgia on Air Tran airlines. Here is what I did:

  • First, I use my pen-style e cig since it looks much less like a cigarette and I want to maximize my chances of the flight attendant saying yes.
  • Second, I wait until drink service begins because most people are awake or will wake up and are paying a little more attention in anticipation of getting their drink and a bag of peanuts or pretzels or whatever airlines are giving out these days.
  • Third, I speak loudly yet politely so the flight attendant as well as others around me can hear what I am saying.
  • Fourth, I DO NOT refer to my electronic cigarette as an electronic cigarette when I am smoking on planes. I instead call it a “nicotine inhaler.”

Finally, I wait until the drink service comes around and use the opportunity to have a brief dialog with a member of the cabin crew while everyone else is listening. On both flights I did this, I got very similar responses from both flight attendants. The dialog goes something like this:

Fight attendant: Would you like something to drink?

Me: Yes, I would like apple juice, and may I ask you a question?

Flight attendant: Sure

Me: Is it OK if I use my nicotine inhaler on the plane? [I then show them my pen-style e cig]

Flight attendant: Nicotine inhaler? I don’t know. What is that?

Me: It’s a source of nicotine for smokers similar to nicotine gum or the nicotine patch. It is completely legal on airplanes and not affected by smoking bans, but I always ask because sometimes when I exhale a mist may come out of my nose and mouth and I don’t want other people to think that I am smoking. The mist is just water vapor that delivers nicotine to my lungs. May I show you what I am talking about?

At this point they will give their answer. They will be more inclined to say yes calling it a nicotine inhaler and comparing it to the gum and the patch which are obviously OK to use on a plane. Also, they are likely very curious at this point and will want a demo.

While doing a demo on the plane (also while asking) cover the lighted tip and hold the electronic cigarette by the tip so that not only does the flight attendant not see the lighted tip, but also so that it looks different than how one usually holds a cigarette. Also, inhale fully and hold it for a second or two before exhaling so there is little vapor on the exhale.

Like I said, in both cases I tried this the answer was YES!

After I got the go ahead from the flight attendants I sat in my seat on the airplane happily puffing away NEVER letting anyone see the lighted tip and tried to be conservative about the amount of vapor I exhaled.

I would be really curious to know if anyone out there has suggestions on how to improve my technique or has their own technique of electronic cigarette smoking on planes. If so please post a comment so everyone may benefit!


  1. Bonnie Lee says:

    There is no reason to be discreet when using an electronic cigarette.I have used my Torch electronic cig in the airport terminal and on flight openly and honestly. We need to educated the public that it is not smoking. People have a right to inhale nicotine mist should they choose. I welcome telling everyone about my cigarette-looking Torch. Most non-smokers are curious and amazed. With no ash, no odor, no tar
    or carcinogens, my mini Torch electronic cigarette gives me freedom.

  2. ECR Blogger says:

    Thanks for your comment Bonnie. I was thinking of writing another post about my layover in Atlanta where I was a little more bold like you smoking my pen-style.

    Would you be so bold on a plane though?

    I have actually seen memos that have gone out to TSA in some airports informing them that electronic cigarettes are not affected by smoking bans because 1. They have no flame or source of ignition, and 2. They contain no tobacco.

    Still I have been approached and asked to stop in some public places even after an explanation.

  3. Olaf says:

    Unfortunately I have learned that despite the legality of using e-cigarettes on planes overall, the crew does seem to have the final word on what is and is not allowed on an airplane, and certain airlines have already banned them – see http://www.e-cig.org/2008/12/17/using-your-electronic-cigarette-on-an-airplane/ something should be done about that.

  4. ECR Blogger says:

    Thanks Olaf. I will check that link out. Hopefully given enough time as people become more familiar with the devices they will feel more comfortable with them.

    Airplanes are a challenging environment for flight attendants and passengers because of security concerns.

    In the mean time I have another flight on Delta I am taking in a few weeks and I will let everyone know the result of that.

  5. Бате Левски says:

    I think e-cigs should not be allowed on planes. It is tacky. Imagine if EVERYONE on board started doing that. It is an example of American tackiness, redneckness and lowlifeness.
    People who cannot control their urges should not be allowed on planes and might be used in agriculture instead.

    • Madison Marbury says:

      Wow, Europeans are ones to talk about smoking everywhere.

    • Melissa says:

      I agree that it’s pretty tacky to use them on planes. It’s not just your peace of mind, but everyone’s peace of mind that you have to be concerned with. Even if you approach it correctly, it still looks too much like a regular cigarette in most cases for the people around you. It’s all about well-being, yours and everyone else’s, not about getting around a smoking ban.

      Saying that, I don’t think that it’s “American tackiness, redneckness, and lowlifeness.” You honestly can’t put everyone from the same country into the same box. I’m pretty sure that if you look to your own country, or other countries nearby, that you’ll find that same uncouth mentality that spawns this type of thing right in your own backyard.

    • Mike says:

      I see, because you think something is “Tacky” everyone else should agree. Personally, I find it disgusting when someone smells up the airplane with a big bag of food from McDonald’s, what if EVERYONE did that?. How about girls with an ugly lower back tattoo (Tramp Stamp), guess we should ban them too, after all I find that tacky. Hell, lets ban everything, everyone finds tacky, Kumbaya! There are more harmful odors and emissions coming from an airplane galley oven, than one of these e-cigarettes. Lets ban cooking food.

      It simply emits steam vapor, nontoxic and odorless. Get real!

      • Just a thought says:

        Kumbaya!! Let the bans ban the bans and the PC’s of today kill us all….people need to relax more in life and enjoy the time we are here.

    • robsmom says:

      I think people who use blanket statements to describe people from a certain country ARE TACKY!

    • Smoker says:

      You shouldn´t be allowed to post either since you can´t control your urge to be a idiot…

      • Megan says:

        LMAO!!! AMEN! The thing that some of these obviously uneducated people don’t understand is that these E-Cigs are helping people quit smoking! I am personally not a smoker but I think it’s great! It does not smell and it won’t kill you! People just like to complain and aren’t happy if they aren’t.

      • YellowFellow says:

        “AN idiot…” not “a idiot”

    • Linda Winchester says:

      I suppose you are in complete control of any and all of your urges?? America is the land of the Free, and apparently you are not from this country, where we all have our quirks.

    • Ann says:

      Wow it is so hard to comprehend just how PETTY people can be and how they use the word Tacky. Politicians and self appointed “I know whats best for everyone” police really think they should be the only ones heard. Today’s society tells us we should not smoke anywhere and belittles people who do but yet we have to live with seeing people’s underwear while their pants are half way down their legs. We have to listen to mega watt stereo’s while waiting at red lights blast every obscenity and vile thought the artist has and sells without any government restrictions. Movies and TV shows continue every year to push the limit on what is deemed decent, and the one addiction that kills the user and kills many innocent people hourly “ALCOHOL” gets a FREE PASS. Someone please tell me why anyone listens to these arrogant “Smoking Police” at all. I say we ban these people who think they are the only ones who knows whats best for others. Tacky…. REALLY????? You need to get some new tactics.

    • Udumass says:

      I find it amazing that someone with an e-bloc looking name could possibly use the word Redneck for any purpose other than self description. Be real careful there “sugar” – there are a few people that know what life is like where you draw your quarters.

    • opinion says:

      First of all I disagree, America has so become NOT a free country..where is it wright for non-smokers to discrimnate against smokers, again its not a cigarette so people need to back off and mind ther own business, if you have time to observe what others are doing thats NOT any of your business you obviously need a freakin life….Oh ya I dont smoke.

      • shells says:

        Seriously folks…if us smokers who are attempting to quit cannot inhale harmless vapor then lets all agree to just stop “BREATHING”. I used mine discreetly on a recent flight in which I made sure to have a window seat both ways, covered myself with my hoody and took a few puffs. Also made two trips to the bathroom and used it in there! Freedom is freedom, I personally hate strong perfume, cologne, etc. but no bans on using them, now is there? I am tired of all this, people need to face facts here and cut us some well deserved slack, and be happy for us for the effort. Yell at manufacturers who started the whole tobacco industry years ago, not me who got roped in at a young age.
        I respect your freedom now respect mine too?

  6. ECR Blogger says:

    You are right. If everyone pulled out their electronic cigarette and started smoking on planes that would be tacky.

    Most people don’t smoke in America though and when they do it is only for 15-20 min at a time.

    So, on a 3 hour long flight with a hundred or so people on it, only a handful are likely to be puffing on their electronic cigarette at any given time.

    Also, I can’t emphasize enough how quickly the vapor from these devices dissipates. Even if 20 or 30 people “smoke” them at the same time it would NOT smoke up the cabin.

    • Smoker says:

      Why are you agreeing with that idot? Who cares about his opinion? Are you harming anyone around you? NO! So why the hell should you stop doing something that gives you pleasure? Just coz a idiot finds it tacky???
      So everything that a idiot or 2 may find tacky, should be banned???

  7. Yvonne says:

    I recently bought my Smoking Everywhere kit in Florida and flew home and smoked it in the bathroom the one time I finally gave into my craving. No smoke detectors went off and I was in private and just needed a few minutes for my nicotine fix anyway.

  8. brian gibson says:

    Going on holiday from Glasgow to Salou on the 1st May during the safety talk we were informed that it was a no smoking plane as allways and that included electronic cigarette’s which miffed me as I had mine and after take off thought what the hell nobody will notice and they didnt as I hid it while using it. I have written a letter to First choice asking them to explain why it is not allowed, I await there answer.

  9. Ceej Baddel says:

    Obviously Бате Левски is a ur-a-peein with the usual unjustifiable, yet over-selfblown obtuse arrogance. Get educated.
    Electric and hydro cigs are no different than having a mint, chewing gum, wearing a patch (birth control patches included) or any other private and personal activity. Maybe we should make sure your birth-control patch in banned too!

  10. Tweesie7 says:

    I am actually quite excited about the new electronic cigarette that I just bought. I like going through the motions of smoking cigarettes and enjoy the euphoric feeling that nicotine gives me. I understand why cigarette smoke was banned in many public places and for those reasons, I chose to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes. They make me stink, my fingers smell, my husband doesn’t like to kiss me after smoking a tobacco cigarette and second hand smoke is very dangerous for all innocent by-standers and children. So, to be considerate of myself and others, I am trying the brilliant electronic cigarette. I will let you know what I think of it once it is charged. As with anything else, that anyone else may not appreciate, electronic cigarettes are going to be scrutinized when it comes to social acceptance. In the end, if it doesn’t impose on my rights, I don’t care or mind.

  11. Andrew B says:

    Seems to me you could have the best of both worlds by vaping in the bathroom on the plane. It’s not “in your face” for the other passengers and crew, and you still get what you really want — a nicotine hit that helps you make it through a long flight.

  12. Joey says:

    I am a smoker. I understand everyones point on of view. I want to see what would happen if they banned drinking on Airplanes and resturants, I guarentee you that everyone will be up an arms about that. I understand people don’t want second hand smoke, but I would rather breath that in then having some drunk ass sitting next to me.

    • Rumar says:

      I have to agree 100%- sitting next to a moose is not fun either, the number one cause of death is obesity! Put a ban on that!

  13. jeff says:

    i think non smoking laws are bull**** it should be left up to owners and there should be smoking flights and non smoking flights

  14. Pat says:

    It’s hard to believe this is even an issue.

    I have used it in my seat once before and no one even noticed. I was discreet about it. Usually however, I just use the lavatory, the water vapor has no smell (you get more vapor if you turn on the hot water in the sink). So it’s undetectable.

    It’s pretty sad I have to do that, but it’s just easier than dealing with people’s ignorance.

    Hopefully one day people will be more educated. I do agree the post that said that someone smelling up the cabin with McDonald’s, which I find nauseating, is FAR tackier then someone using an odorless inhaler.

  15. Shaun says:

    Ban on wearing red pants:

    I agree that it’s pretty tacky to wear them on planes. It’s not just your peace of mind, but everyone’s peace of mind that you have to be concerned with. Even if you approach it correctly, it still looks too much like a regular red pants in most cases for the people around you. It’s all about well-being, yours and everyone else’s, not about getting around a pink pants ban.

    Saying that, I don’t think that it’s “American tackiness, redneckness, and lowlifeness.” You honestly can’t put everyone from the same country into the same box. I’m pretty sure that if you look to your own country, or other countries nearby, that you’ll find that same uncouth mentality that spawns this type of thing right in your own backyard.

    Sorry could not resist this, as red pants are just about as harmless as water vapour. Do you so how stupid we have become? And before some bright spark say we have not studied the long term effects yet, I will point out that the same goes for red pants !!!

  16. Irene says:

    I can’t believe you can not use these on a plane. They are stating that they could cause damage to equipment or diminish the design, function or capability of the aircraft. HOW?

  17. April says:

    I’m curious how you got in on the flight to begin with? They didn’t make a fuss about it when you were going through metal detectors or having your carry-on bags checked?

    I think that people like Melissa are the people who will constantly be making problems for ecig users. Awareness is key!

    • Sparky says:

      On the flight back I had 3 different electronic cigs in my laptop carry-on bag and ran them all through x-ray. This was after the shoe bomber, but NOT after the underwear bomber.

      On the flight out they were checked in my other bag. In both cases I didn’t have my bags searched. I think even if my bags were searched that TSA personnel should be familiar with electronic cigs now even if flight attendants are not.

    • Claude says:

      I can’t understand why everyone wants to confront the airlines by insisting they be able to use their e-cigarette during flight. Why not just discretely go to the restroom and use it? With shoe-bombers, crotch-bombers, and more — do you really want people to see what appears to be smoke rising from your seat?

      If you are shot through the head by a Sky Marshall who thinks you are a terrorist, will that help promote your cause? No! It will get them banned from airlines entirely! How about if other concerned passengers are constantly questioning the stewardess? Will that help the cause? It’s this “in your face” attitude that will get them banned from airlines.

      I just can’t understand why people want to flaunt an activity that may be a concern to others when it is entirely unnecessary.

      • Sparky says:

        “crotch-bombers” LOL!

      • Ann says:

        I don’t think flaunt is the right word. When you are told what you can and can’t do , and when and where you can’t do it because its due to others health and you abide by it and suck it up. Then you get hit with how Tacky it looks or that the looks of it offends people, and you deal with it. Now here comes a product that helps people quit smoking and does not harm others, and the biggest concern is “the looks and action of smoking might offend someone”. There are a whole lot of people who need to get a life and by that I mean stay out of others people’s business and quit worrying about what offends you. Get over yourself.

  18. Julie says:

    I was going to do that with my ProSmoke e-cigarette on my last flight to FL from ORD and saw in the american manual “NO electronic cigarettes” . Even took some pictures!

  19. Len says:

    If you use an e-cigarette such as blu [link moderated] you don’t have to cover up the LED. It is blue and does not look like it’s lit. This is a real advantage of the blu brand.

  20. Howlsbell says:

    That is complete rubbish. In times where it was legal to smoke on planes (1980’s-late 90’s abolished) not everyone lit up. Even if one or two did it was rarely chain smoking levels.

    It sounds like you wish for everyone to sit staring at the front seat. I often travel 13hrs with no stop overs and wouldnt make it through without my music books or movies. If I could enjoy my nicotine not effecting anyone, without being affected by conservatives like you all the better.

    Society must be adaptable to remain modern and flourishing. Unfotunatley, your ‘dissertation’ on e-cigarettes link to rednecks and lowlifes shows your not to far out of the stone age you unworldy baboon.

    Mind you if they were to push any charges on to you it would be hard to make them stick considering there would be no evidence to suggest you have endangered the health of others. Court costs would be expensive.

  21. Anela Lewis says:

    I smoke Virginia Slims SuperSlims and my salesman offered me a slender alternative e-cig that looks like a pen. I smoke it at work and everyone said it looks like a pen. Just 2 weeks ago, I tried my e-cig aboard a plane. I asked the attendant if it was permissable. She looked it up in her “regulation” book and found no true answer. She even called the captain which I thought was beyond my request. He said he knows of no regulation but found it intersting and would address the subject at their next monthly meeting in Chicago. I was told “What you did in the bathroom was you business”. Which I did use and the attendants came in to “experience it” first hand and noted that there was no smell or odor. They were very surprised. The only concern they had was that foreigners who may not be familiar with the vapor cigs, may just light up a regular cigarette if they saw someone smoking a vapor cigarette. For me, this worked out good in the time of need, especially from Hawaii to California with numerous stops or no stops.

    • Sparky says:

      LOL. Funny story! I never tried smoking mine in the “lavatory.” I was concerned about one of those smoke detectors they warn you to not tamper with would go off! Now, I know if they give me a hard time in the cabin, I will head to bathroom!!

  22. Michele Watson says:

    I just phoned Southwest airlines and asked about my ecig. The lady I spoke with was not aware of what is was. She checked their list of prohibited items and ecigs are not on that list. She stated that electronic items of all sorts (ipods, etc.) are allowed so she did not see an issue. I think I can make it on a 2 hour flight without it so will probably just pack it in my checked bag in its box containing all paperwork I received when I purchased it just to be on the safe side. Any other suggestions?

    • Sparky says:

      Not from me. I have flown with mine out of the box in checked luggage was well as carried them on through airport security with no issues yet. This is NOT by any means a guarantee you will not have a problem because anything is possible. Just sharing my experience.

  23. Fox says:

    When I got my first question about e smoking I brought out the little card that I got with my greensmoke that says it’s not a cigarette ect and the claims are true it’s not banned. It seems to get a lot more “yes” then “no”.

  24. Rick says:

    I spoke with 3 different airlines, and the TSA this morning. All the airlines said I could bring it onboard, but they couldnt tell me that I could use it onboard, but they also wouldnt tell me that I could not use it onboard. A cover their butt situation. TSA said that it is perfectly allowable in carryon baggage, and can be retained by the passenger with no problem. I am contacting the FAA next because the airlines said that all their regulations are handed down by the FAA, and if teh device does not interfere with onboard electronics, or create an unsafe or unclean environment then it should be allowed. I will report back after I speak with the FAA.

    • Sparky says:

      Thanks for your research and your updates Rick! A lot of people read this post and you are helping them out a great deal!

  25. Rick says:

    I contacted the FAA, and got a copy of their regulations. There is nothing in the regulations that prohibit the e-cig usage, but I left a question on their FAQ page, and I left a phone message at their headquarters asking for an answer, and documentation to back up whatever they say.

  26. Virusgal says:

    i think airplane’s seats should be seperated into SMOKING AREA and NON-SMOKING AREA. and everyone will be smoking e-cigar and the seats in smoking area will definetely always sold out and need very very advance booking

  27. Jason says:

    Hi, just want to say that in my belief, smoking is really bad for you! Ok, that done, one fact with ‘analogue’ cigarettes is that even though it’s widely accepted that it’s a voluntary slow death for the smoker, there has NEVER been a single PROVEN case of even mild ailment connected with passive smoking, ever! Many will blame it but that’s more to do with milking tobacco companies in law suits than actual medical fact. To be devils advocate, if it’s really so bad, why can you still buy it in shops?
    I started E-smoking a while back and, even though I’m not convinced that it’s much better for me than traditional smoking, I’m persevering on the assumption that the consensus is true. I am still finding that I’m a social leper though, even though I’ve taken to telling everyone that it not only freshens my breath but it also cures cancer and heals the hole in the ozone layer.
    The real problem is that people as a whole are so conditioned to believe everything they’re told to. It’s perfectly straightforward sociological behavior and completely necessary for any management structure to operate, be it government, religion or my supervisor at the office.
    Drink driving isn’t so bad, drunk driving is. Propaganda though, tells us that it’s as evil as the Nazi’s… Propaganda tells us the Nazi’s were evil for that matter but to be devils advocate again, can any ruling body really say that they’re so much better in comparison?
    Think for yourself, question authority… Or not, as you desire!
    The problem is, as I’m trying to explain in my seriously long winded way is; people need their outcasts, we as outcasts enjoy our exclusion. It’s the way of things.

  28. Ann says:

    some people are not happy unless they can control what others can and cannot do.

  29. david says:

    As a non smoker, don’t mind these types of products at all. The pen style is perfect. It is discreet and can be smoked in an office without anyone knowing practically. can be smoked anywhere, it just looks like your putting your pen to your mouth…nothing more. i know non smokers also that would be annoyed to see a cig pack on a desk. But seeing a pen style cig would not annoy anyone i think.

  30. Sparky says:

    Thanks again for adding value here for everyone!!

  31. Joe says:

    I took a SouthWest flight yesterday, Baltimore to Buffalo. I was in the fornt seat so the stewardess was right there. After a beer, I pulled out my e-cig and asked the stewardess if these were allowed. She did not know what it was, and asked me to show her what it was/did. I took a drag and puffed out the vapor. I could tell that this made several passengers nervous. The stewardess said “well, I think we banned those from flights”…I told her that I wouldn’t use it then, but that it would be helpful if this was clearly stated one way or another. I was also concerned with tripping the smoke detector so I did not use it in the bathroom. Will the vapor trigger a smoke detector? Those in the airlines are VERY SENSITVE units based upon a little “accident” I had back when they first banned smoking! I tried to get one hit and put the smoke out and it fired off the smoke alarm and I was almost arrested!!!

  32. Maria says:

    I’m a non-smoker–never have, never will. OF COURSE you should be allowed to “smoke” your e-cigs anywhere, including on planes. Doesn’t steam come off of coffee too? LOL! God, how much healthier we would be as a whole if everyone switched to e-cigs. Regular cigs cause so many health problems. All of this would DISAPPEAR… DISAPPEAR overnight if e-cigs replaced them. My god, WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR??? Why are we quibbling over nonsense? “Smoke” them puppies anywhere you want, anytime you want.. PLEASE! Cripes, we should have government sponsored advertising for them and tax credits for the initial purchase. Talk about cutting down on the cost of health care! It’s so f’ing obvious. These things are a miracle– A MIRACLE.

    • Sparky says:

      That’s the spirit! I also thought about the tax credit idea.

      It is hard for me to understand why in this time of health care reform we don’t address the #1 preventable killer in the U.S. head on. Sometimes I wonder if this would have more of an impact than the current reforms just passed.

      The FDA really needs to get on this an just do their job and do whatever research they feel is necessary. This is not even as hard as Chantix or Vioxx with their obvious dangers. They talk about DEG, but there have been FDA “scares” about this being in toothpaste and cough syrup too. So what!

      I think the FDA fears the waves of disruption these products would have in so many areas if they were to dig deep enough and find the REAL truth.

  33. Anna says:

    You CAN NOT use these on an airplane! It is not because of the vapor or “smoke”, but because of the electronic heating elements and the concern to other passengers / possibility of them lighting up. They have a great risk of fire or combustion and have NOT been tested and approved onboard by the FAA, therefore they are unapproved and ILLEGAL to use. Small items such as this and personal air purifiers are often thought to be harmless but are in fact dangerous and illegal!

    I work for Delta Airlines and we do indeed have this policy, along with most other major carriers (American Airlines, Southwest, BA, Virgin, AirTran, etc). As these get more popular they will be even more public about not being allowed. SURE you can do it without many people noticing. But you are creating a danger to yourself and to others on the plane, as well as breaking the law and putting others in tight spot. Just don’t do it please, and it won’t be a hassle for anyone.

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