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White Cloud's Cirrus

White Cloud’s Cirrus


Premium 2-piece “cartomizer” electronic cigarettes with long-lasting quickest-charge lithium polymer batteries. Also, has long lasting cartridges in a variety of flavors that deliver an intense throat sensation & nicotine hit. Cirrus 2, and 3 are now very affordable.


Vapor production just a tiny bit less than other models in this category though it doesn’t detract at all from the nicotine hit you will get.

Bottom Line:

White Cloud Cigarettes now makes a premium electronic cigarette that is very affordable after their latest price reductions. They improved on existing e cig technology delivering the longest lasting, fastest charging lithium polymer batteries, and longest lasting nicotine cartridges. The only (hardly noticeable) shortcoming was slightly less vapor production.

I just can’t emphasize enough that the batteries and cartridges do actually last longer with the White Cloud Cigarettes Cirrus starter kits, especially the Cirrus 3x model. Many suppliers make these claims, but most of the time it is hard for me to tell the difference. It wasn’t until I tried White Cloud that I honestly believed the claims. Each regular flavor cartridge lasted almost as long as 2 packs of cigarettes for me. Despite the longevity of the cartridges the batteries had no problem keeping up lasting through 1 cartridge +20-50 more puffs after that yet, battery charging time was incredibly low averaging only about 60 minutes (~120 min for Cirrus 3x).

You can even extend your warranty for $30 (only $20 at starter kit purchase time) that will extend your warranty an additional year (2-years total coverage) and even puts you on a free battery exchange program for the second year.

Since their latest round of price reductions, White cloud Cigarette premium starter kits, batteries and nicotine cartridges are very attractive compared to the competition. Even the Cirrus 3X is totally worth the extra cost considering the extended battery life.  Look for a coupon code below for additional savings.

Overall Rating: 3.9 (above average)


15% off coupon code (tested and working 3-20-2013) : WCKIT15

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Full White Cloud Cigarettes Review

  • Manufacturer / Supplier: White Cloud Cigarettes
  • Country: USA
  • Model: Cirrus 2, 3 and 3X
  • Style: Mini E-Cigarette
  • Starter Kit Price: $49.95 – 119.95
  • Cartridge Price (5-Pack): $11.95
  • Number of flavors: approx 15
  • Nicotine Levels Offered: 6
  • Nicotine Solution Sold for Dripping: No (Dripping Voids Warranties)
  • Draw: Easy to Medium*
  • Warranty: Yes (6 month batteries, 1 year chargers)
  • Extended Warranty: 2 years battery replacement +$30 ($20 at purchase)

Starter Kit Contents:

2-3 high capacity lithium polymer batteries (choice of finish and tip: black [no LED], gray, crystal), 5 Nicotine Cartridges (variety of nicotine levels & choice of flavor), 1 USB Charger, AC Adapter (not incl. Cirrus 2) 1 User Manual

starter kits

Whitecloud Cirrus Starter Kits

Rating Scale:


Poor 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 Excellent

  • Ratings and Score:
    • Batteries and Charger: 4.5
    • Atomizer: 3.5
    • Cartridges: 4.0
    • Vapor Production: 3.5
    • Construction / Quality: 4.0
    • Cost: 4.0
  • Overall: 3.9 (Above Average)

Cartridge Rating = 4.0

The starter kit comes with 5 cartridges of different strengths and other than that cartridges are sold 5 to a pack. As I said before each cartridge lasts very long. I got 300+ puffs on average with each cartridge which means each cartridge is equal to 1.5-2 packs of cigarettes for me, but as always, your mileage may vary.

White Cloud has a good number of flavor options, but the more exotic flavors aren’t offered in all nicotine levels.

The flavor options include: Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, Chocolate, Espresso, Apple, Banana, Peach, Whisky, Clove. There is also a variety pack available if you would like to sample multiple flavors.

The nicotine levels range from: nicotine free (NF), ultra light (UL), light (L), full (F), extra strength (X) and double extra (XX).

I don’t know the exact nicotine levels each strength is in terms of (mg), but judging by the very intense and satisfying nicotine hit and throat sensation I would venture to guess that extra strength (X) is 24mg and then they go down from there. Either that, or Whitecloud Cigarettes has done more with their cartridges than improve their life.

Whitecloud does not sell liquid nicotine solution for refilling / reusing cartridges nor do they permit it with any of their components stating that this practice, “voids any and all warranties.”

I would have given carts for this unit a higher rating, but dripping with a 2 piece is harder (and voids warranty in this case) AND there was one problem I discovered with the longer lasting design. Each time I opened and started smoking a new cartridge it seemed to take about 10-15 puffs before it would reach its full vapor potential.

I am thinking this small problem may be related to the silicone end-caps that White Cloud Cigarettes uses that I have never seen in a 2 piece design before. These end caps include a stopper that actually goes down into the “cartomizer” to further help keep it fresh and probably avoid leakage since they are jamming so much more juice into their cartridges. Overall, just a nuisance and small price to pay for the benefits received.

Atomizer Stopper In Middle of End Cap

Atomizer Stopper In Middle of End Cap

Atomizer Rating = 4.0

The atomizer is built into this unit since it is a 2 piece so it is ultra low maintenance and extremely simple to use. Also, you replace the atomizer every time you replace a nicotine cartridge so you don’t have to worry as much about atomizers going bad and the extra expense of replacing atomizers regularly.

As an added benefit you can also switch flavors easily with this design and not have to worry about 2 flavors mixing on the same atomizer.

“Cartomizers” tend to rank higher in this category because of their inherent advantages, but I had to reduce the ranking for White Cloud electronic cigarettes atomizers slightly because I consistently had to do a primer puff to warm up the atomizer to get acceptable vapor every time I took a drag or series of drags. This is not un-common and by no means a deal killer, but it is obviously better if you don’t have to do it.

The atomizers in the cartridges are obviously durable though because I never had one die on me even though I got them very hot at times.

Batteries & Charger Rating = 4.5

The White Cloud e cig almost nails this category with their choices of lithium polymer batteries and quick chargers. I can’t remember any previous e cig high capacity battery lasting longer or charging faster than Whitecloud. Also, the automatic cut-off, doesn’t kick in (with blinking tip) until like 8 or 9 seconds so very long drags are possible with the Cirrus models.

Unfortunately I also can’t remember another e cig starter kit I have reviewed prior to White Cloud Cigarettes that didn’t come with an AC adapter (Cirrus 2 doesn’t). Cirrus 3 and 3x do come with AC adapters though. If it weren’t for that, White Cloud Cigarettes would have easily gotten a 5 in this category.

Cirrus 2 and 3 batteries are quite small with Cirrus 3 being the smallest and the lightest of the bunch, Cirrus 3x batteries are a little larger, but even other e cigarettes I have reviewed or tried with batteries the same size didn’t last this long and they would usually also take much longer (on the order of 4-5 hours) to charge and wouldn’t last near the ~600 puffs you get with the 3x model.

The White Cloud e cigarette charger consistently recharged their high capacity lithium polymer batteries in only approx 50-70 minutes for Cirrus 2 and 3 and approx 120 min for Cirrus 3x with all chargers (USB, AC & DC) depending on how run down they were. I would say they take 50 minutes to recharge if you only wait until vapor starts to dwindle due to low battery before charging and about 70 minutes if you keep using them until the tip blinks to indicate a low battery before charging.

Finally, I also noticed that the battery usually has a nice easy – medium draw, but* that the draw varies a little more than expected depending on which battery I was using. One of four batteries I was using actually had a medium to hard draw. This is not something I would necessarily rate down for because it is a matter of preference anyway, but just an observation of mine.

Vapor Production = 3.5

With the performance of every other aspect of this electronic cigarette I have to admit I was expecting a little more from the Cirrus in the vapor department. The vapor production was not bad, just average to a little above average for a 2 piece design.

The volume of vapor also did not detract from the throat sensation or nicotine hit. In fact, it may be that more of the vapor gets absorbed into the body with this unit and that is what is responsible for the excellent nicotine hits.

Also, Cirrus consistently required at least one primer puff as well as at least a 4-5 second drag to reach get an acceptable amount of vapor. While testing the unit for this review I wondered if some of these attributes are a result of optimizing for cartridge and battery life.

Again, vapor production for me just helps simulate the smoking experience and helps me to forget that I am smoking an e cig so it is not a deal killer with this unit either, but if it is really important to you then you may want to consider it with Cirrus.

Construction / Quality Rating = 4.0

All of the components taken separately were all very high quality especially the batteries and chargers.. Also, I didn’t experience any atomizer failures or bad cartridges. There were just a few details that affected the rating.

Fit in terms of mating the cartridges with the batteries gave some resistance as if threads were not machined precisely. There was also a slight mis-alignment of the batteries and cartridges that manifested as a wobble in the “roll test” I do with all electronic cigarettes. This is not an uncommon problem, but I just expected a little more considering the quality of the components taken separately.

The finish of the batteries is a durable semi-gloss with the fine gold banding / pin stripes going around the body that you see a lot of 2 piece designs these days. The sheen on the cartridges is the same as the battery, but the color of the cartridges is stark white and a slight clash with the battery.

Cost / Value Rating = 4.0

It does seem White Cloud Cigarettes improved upon other 2 piece designs batteries and cartridges and this may have increased their production cost. Prices for Cirrus 2, 3 ($50 – $80) and associated replacement batteries and nicotine cartridges are a tremendous value. But, whether or not the $120 price tag with $29 replacement batteries are worth it for Cirrus 3X battery life will depend on your habits and bank balance.

If you are one that expects to send your batteries back for replacements for 6mo. (2 yr if you bought the warranty) then maybe it is worth it (rating 3.5 – 4). If you are one to just buy cheaper and lower quality batteries rather than deal with returns then you would probably expect a lower rating in this category (maybe a 2.5).

Unfortunately, I don’t use an e-cig long enough to speak to the longevity of the batteries, but in my experience most don’t last longer than about a three months with regular use. Lithium polymers probably last a lot longer.

For now, I am going to rate cost / value somewhere on the upper end of the aforementioned values which is hard for me because I am the type of person that would rather find a decent battery and just order them every few months or so, or as I need them rather than be on a battery replacement program.

While the life is long, quality is great and nicotine hits are intense, the cost of the 3x is not that bad and some may find the longer battery life more appealing.

Style and Extra Features

The Cirrus starter kits offer a few nice extra style choices that may be a selling point some people.

Two finishes (white and brushed metal) and 3 different tip choices (black no-LED, gray and crystal) are available:

Battery finishes and tips

Finish and Tip Options

These choices are available for all models with one exception: You don’t get a choice for Cirrus 2 starter kits, BUT you can add extra batteries or buy replacements in your choice of finish and tip for Cirrus 2 no problem.

For Cirrus 3 and 3x starter kits, you can conveniently select which finish and tip you want for each battery individually so you could get one of each in you starter kit.

That being said there are some great accessories that are NOT included with the starter kit that I suggest people check out and buy especially the AC adapter for Cirrus 2 and one of their carrying cases. I would say a carrying case is really important to protect your investment if you buy Cirrus.

Customer Service

White Cloud Cigarette sent me almost their entire product line to review for free so I can’t comment on shipping times. I did search the forums though and I found zero complaints so far, but I do believe White Cloud is relatively new. I did find out that there are actually mall kiosks out there selling the product in my searches of the forums which usually seems to result in more complaints for some reason, but again no complaints found.

Overall Review Rating = 3.9 (above average)


15% off coupon code (tested and working 3-20-2013) : WCKIT15

Click Here to Visit White Cloud’s Web Site



  1. Randy says:

    So i read the review and i would have to agrue with you on a couple of things. I felt that you had to take a drag or two to get full vapor potential but you should mention that even still that first drag has more vapor than many or any other e cig out there.

    • Sparky says:

      Well, I really didn’t think about comparing the vapor on the first drag to the others. Just comparing the best vapor possible and consistency over the life of the battery and the cartridge.

  2. Chris says:

    I have looked at and did research on the different e-cig on the market and I decided on the White Cloud E-cig. I have been using it for about Five months now and have not smoked a regular cigarette since then. I feel better and breath a lot better since using WC e-cig. I especially like only having two parts to deal with on the WC e-cig. The battery and the cartridge. WC cartridges are very easy to use and replace when need to. They seem to last longer then other one out there. I have even gotten other people to get them and try them, and they have even quit smoking regular cigarettes. The only other thing I would recommend is to get the extended warranty, it is well worth it.

  3. JeffyD says:

    Sparky et. al … do you know if once you attach the filter cartridge to the Cirrus battery … can it be removed (while it’s still full) and then reattached again?! Is there a chance of leaking etc?! PLEASE advise!
    Thanks much!!!

    • Sparky says:

      The short answer I believe is yes to your first question and no to the second. I haven’t had any leaks however, I suggest you keep the silicone covers and use when detaching a full or nearly full cart just in case.

  4. Shervin Nazemian says:

    I bought this and it was a great product!

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