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EAZE Magnum Rev 2 Starter Kit AND Bonuses

EAZE Magnum Rev 2 Starter Kit AND Bonuses

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Long lasting batteries and nicotine cartridges. Includes 1 mini and 1 high capacity battery. Good vapor production and throat sensation even 8mg cartridges. Valerian root cartridges are available for relaxation / sleep aid.


Will set you back a few more $$$ than other models. The poorly documented charging system is confusing and I don’t think the wall charger works well.

Bottom Line:

The ePuffer EAZE Magnum Rev 2 (as seen on The. Drs. TV show) is a solid 2 piece mini electronic cigarette design with tons of flavor options and nicotine levels that attempts to improve on battery life and reliability, but suffers a bit in its overall rating from a lackluster wall charger.

I found that the Rev 2 version of the ePuffer EAZE Magnum does indeed improve on battery life lasting a little longer than other 2 piece mini’s out there. This will allow you to enjoy a very wide selection of 12 different cartridge flavors and 5 different nicotine levels for long periods of time. EPuffer also has a valerian root cartridge (non-nicotine) that costs a little more, but is supposed to encourage sleep and relaxation.

Despite paying ePuffer a little extra for battery and nicotine cartridge enhancements listed on the web site such as “high rate discharge” and “new nicotine pad material” I still had to use primer puffs to unleash the clouds of vapor that would be expected from such improvements. Also, as with many other e cigarettes out there, the various charging indicators were confusing, while the only use I got out of the instruction manual was entertainment.

I would recommend ePuffer for no other reason that it has been featured on The Drs. TV show twice now. I respect The Drs. for their positive attitude towards ePuffer and electronic cigarettes in general. Also, I can switch flavor cartridges every commercial break and never run out of flavors with ePuffer!

Overall Rating: 3.4 (Average)

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Full ePuffer EAZE Magnum Review

  • Manufacturer / Supplier: ePuffer
  • Country: Canada (ships to U.S.)
  • Model: EAZE Magnum Deluxe Rev. 2 (EZM-REV2-DLX-KIT)
  • Style: Mini E-Cigarette
  • Starter Kit Price: $149.00
  • Cartridge Price (5-Pack): $14.95 (with volume discounts starting at 5+ packs)
  • Number of flavors: 12
  • Nicotine Levels Offered: 5
  • Nicotine Solution Sold for Dripping: Yes
  • Warranty: Yes (30-day money back, 1-year charger, 6-month batteries)

ePuffer Starter Kit Contents:

1x High Capacity Lithium REV-2 Battery, 1x Mini Lithium REV-2 Battery, 2x Premium REV-2 Tobacco Flavor Nicotine Cartridges, USB Charger, Universal AC Battery Charger 110/240V, Power Line Cable, Instruction Manual

*Bonuses (limited time only?): 10x Atomized REV-2 Cartridges of your choice, Black Velour Protective Travel Pouch, Extra Portable USB Battery Charger

EAZE Magnum Rev 2 Starter Kit AND Bonuses

EAZE Magnum Rev 2 Starter Kit AND Bonuses

Rating Scale:


Poor 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 Excellent

  • Ratings and Score:
    • Batteries and Charger: 2.5
    • Atomizer: 4.0
    • Cartridges: 4.5
    • Vapor Production: 3.5
    • Construction / Quality: 3.0
    • Cost: 3.0
  • Overall: 3.4 (average)

Cartridge Rating = 4.5

EPuffer has a ton of cartridge flavor options and levels for the EZ Magnum that were actually all in stock last time I checked.

EPuffer cartridge flavor options include: Premium Tobacco, Menthol, Mirabella, 555, Camilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Vanilla, Apple, Cherry, Strawberry and Valerian Root.

The nicotine levels include: 0mg, 4mg, 6mg, 8mg, and 16mg.

The only one that wasn’t in stock was extra strong (ES) menthol which I’m sure is only temporary since this flavor is always in high demand.

Although I didn’t get a chance to try it, the valerian root (non-nicotine $17.95 / pack) is an interesting option that is supposed to help with relation and sleeping. Though, I do find nicotine quite relaxing anyway.

Speaking of nicotine, I found the throat sensation and nicotine hit quite acceptable even with the 8mg cartridges which isn’t typical. Also, I didn’t experience one bad cartridge in the bunch that I tried. I don’t know whether this is because of the “new nicotine pad material,” or new “nicotine pad rolling technique,” ePuffer advertises on the website, but it was nice.

EPuffer cartridges are sold 5 to a pack and each one lasted fairly long. I got 150-200 puffs with each cartridge which means each cartridge is equal to about 1 pack of cigarettes for me, but as always, your mileage may vary.

The cartridges with this type of e cigarette are sealed so, while ePuffer does sell nicotine refill solution (predominately for its other models) it is difficult to “drip” refill this type of cartridge although not impossible.

I believe the EAZE Magnum would have aced the rating in this this category if they simply also had a 24mg nicotine level nicotine cartridge and if it were easier to drip this type of cartridge.

Atomizer Rating = 4.0

Since this is a 2 piece e cigarette also known as a “cartomizer,” the atomizer is built in to the nicotine cartridges and gets replaced with a fresh new atomizer every time you replace the nicotine cartridge.

This is not only convenient because it is low maintenance, but nice because there is a separate atomizer for each cartridge and therefore no mixing or tainting of the flavors between nicotine cartridges.

I can tell the atomizers in the ePuffer EAZE Magnum cartridges are very durable because they could withstand the primer puffs I would do that were getting the atomizer very hot. I never had an atomizer that was DOA, or that died on me while I was using it.

It hard to rate the atomizer without seeing it, and 2 piece design atomizers always rank high, because of their inherent advantages, but I have reduced the rating of the EAZE Magnum atomizer slightly because I suspect it was the atomizer contributing to the need for a primer puff every time I picked it up to get sufficient vapor production.

Batteries & Charger Rating = 2.5

The EAZE Magnum Rev 2 Deluxe kit includes a wall charger and 2 USB chargers (one USB charger plugs into wall charger) as well as a longer high capacity battery and a shorter more compact mini battery. Batteries are available with your choice of orange or blue lighted tip.

The Rev 2 batteries feature an automatic switch with an adequate cutoff time of 3 seconds. The light on the tip glows and dims realistically when taking a drag for those 3 seconds.

I always like it when it seems that a supplier like ePuffer is trying to improve upon the stock items of their product instead of simply re-branding them. Often times it works out. Sometimes it is problematic because robust engineering is required for anything that is mass produced.

In the case of EAZE Magnum’s Rev 2 batteries, I think ePuffer has a mixed bag of results.

First, I do think the batteries last a little longer than other 2 piece mini’s out there. I can’t be sure because I was only able to use the high capacity battery once and then it died never to work again. This may be my fault or it may be that the confusing charging indicators contributed to my mistake. Let me explain:

I first charged the high cap battery on the USB charger which has no charging indicator on it, so you have to watch the tip of the battery as an indicator which is lit while charging and goes out when charging is complete.

The second time I tried to charge the high cap battery using the wall charger which has an LED that goes from red to orange to green while the tip of the batter is also on the whole time. Well, I waited for the orange tip to also go off while smoking the mini battery. The problem is, the lighted tip never went off on the wall charger.

I left the high cap battery plugged in to the wall charger for 2 days and forgot about it. When I tried to use the high cap battery after 2 days it wouldn’t work anymore. I had to do the rest of the review with the shorter, more compact mini battery.

After that, I tried to charge the mini battery using the wall charger and made sure to remove it when the charging indicator on the wall charger turned green. In this situation, I was only able to get about 50 puffs from the mini battery, while I was used to getting about 100 puffs when charging the mini battery with the USB charger.

Next, I fully charged the mini battery with the USB charger to make sure it wasn’t damaged and sure enough I got 200 puffs again!

Finally, I tried charging the mini battery with the wall charger again to green and then put it on the USB charger to top it off. The USB charger then took about 3.5 hours to top off the battery making the wall charger almost worthless. Thank god the mini battery still worked after all of this!

So did I have a faulty high capacity battery? Faulty wall charger? Both? I don’t know and unfortunately, due to the growing popularity of this site and backlog of reviews I have to do, I don’t have time to test customer service and get replacements although I do believe they will stand behind their parts with their warranty.

Under normal circumstances, I got 200 puffs on the longer high capacity battery the one time I got to use it (despite the fact it is only 25% longer than the mini battery) and about 100 puffs on the fully charged mini battery.

Also, the mini battery took 4-5 hours to reach full charge on the USB charger and 2 hours to reach half charge (green LED comes on ) with the wall charger.

Because of the long battery life and option of having a blue LED I am only giving ePuffer a slight below average rating in this category because I believe I could return the faulty battery and the charger to ePuffer for replacements.

Vapor Production = 3.5

Vapor production with the Rev 2 of EAZE Magnum was very good, but I did have to prime the atomizer more than I would have expected with a, “high discharge rate” battery.

Also, the vapor production dwindled towards the last 25-50 puffs of a cartridge making me wonder if I should change cartridges / batteries etc.

That being said, I think the Rev 2 deserves a slightly above average rating in this category.

Construction / Quality Rating = 3.0

The fit of the batteries into the cartridges and charger threads is very good. As previously mentioned the quality of the wall charger is suspect and also noticeable in the way the USB adapter fits into it.

The finish of the batteries is a semi-gloss with the fine gold banding / pin stripes going around a lot of rebranded 2 piece designs you see these days.

Like most other 2 piece e cigarettes, the ePuffer cartridges are wrapped in paper which feels better in your mouth than plastic, but not really like a real cigarette because of the weight of the batteries which are likely enclosed in stainless steel tubes.

Cost Rating = 3.0

The cost of the EAZE Magnum and replacement parts (especially batteries) on the pricey side and it makes you wonder if they are letting the exposure from The Drs. TV show go to their head.

Actually, it seems ePuffer’s model is to charge extra for the batteries in order to offer a 6 month warranty on them.

When used frequently, no e cig battery lasts six months and you will probably be hard pressed to get 2 months out of a battery. So, if you replace a $50 battery 3 times in 6 months you will be making out OK, but you will have to go through ePuffer customer service to do it.

The volume pricing on the 5-pack of nicotine cartridges however, is VERY nice. The volume pricing kicks in at 5+ packs of cartridges and tops out at 25+ packs where you will only be paying $9.95 per pack of cartridges.

Also, the cost of replacing atomizers (another semi-consumable) is built into the cost of replacing nicotine solution cartridges which helps justify the cost since you will not have to worry about that with this 2 piece.

Style and Extra Features

The EAZE Magnum closely resembles a regular cigarette unless you opt for the blue LED tip option. Some cartridges (like vanilla) are stark white in color and clash with the semi-gloss gold banded finish of the battery, but all other cartridge colors look great, just like a regular cigarette.

EPuffer is also offering a felt / velour pouch as an added bonus (limited time?) which is nice and keeps the batteries from getting dinged up to the point where you can see the steel tube underneath.

Customer Service

My search of the forums returned absolutely 0 customer service complaints for ePuffer which is almost strange in a way. Usually there is at least one or two if not from actual customers from competitor trolling around which are easy to pick out.

This could be because ePuffer doesn’t sell the same volume as the others out there, or maybe it’s because they really are just that good with their customer service. It makes me kinda sad that I didn’t use a perfectly good opportunity to return my battery and charger to see what they do about it.

Overall Review Rating = 3.4 (average)

(Visit ePuffer’s Website)

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  1. Amanda says:

    I Have tried the Epuffer EAZE Magnum REV2, i have been looking everywhere online to figure out if the original EAZE Magnum cartridges work for the REV2… or if i have to get specific cartridges for each type of epuffer i have.

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