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There was a round of FoxNews videos that gave electronic cigarettes, and NJOY in particular a very positive review. I heard about these stories a few weeks back and wanted to catch up and comment on them.

First, let me say, I am not a huge FoxNews supporter even though I label myself as an independent with conservative tendencies. I am aware of their history and their biases. I do believe however that the first of these FoxNews videos in particular lives up to their slogan, “Fair and Balanced.”

There was no way for me to embed either of the FoxNews videos, however you may watch the first of the 2 videos at:


I can’t argue with the report calling e cigarettes are a “fad” because that is a matter of opinion, but I believe they certainly are NOT a fad.

This video quickly introduces one of their medical contributors, Dr. Marc Siegel, who enthusiastically analyzes both sides of several electronic cigarette arguments.

Dr. Siegel’s overall assessment of electronic cigarettes is positive stating, “it has some possibilities” in the first of the 2 FoxNews videos. I encourage you to watch the videos yourself, but I do want to highlight and address a couple of comments made by FoxNews.

Dr. Siegel’s main concern with the product is that sales are not legally restricted to adults only and that kids will be able to purchase them especially from street vendors who are just looking to make a quick buck.

I share this concern with Dr. Siegel and in fact, the only legislation I would support right now for electronic cigarettes in the United States would be a law banning the sell of electronic cigarette to minors.

That’s right kids! You will have catch your buzz from caffeine in soda just like the rest of us did before we were 18 or couldn’t find someone to buy cigarettes for us!!

I do want to point out that most vendors I have come across will not sell the products to minors though.

He goes on to say in the first of 2 FoxNews videos that there are already nicotine inhalers on the market that are prescription only and that he believes nicotine is not totally healthy according to studies that have been conducted.

I personally don’t think nicotine inhalers OR electronic cigarettes should require a prescription since the nicotine patch and gum do not require a prescription. Nicotine replacement should be easily accessible to folks of legal age.

Other notable comments from Dr. Siegel include that he agrees with the makers of the devices that they do not contain tar and other carcinogens and therefore are less of a problem than regular cigarettes. He does still think the FDA should examine them further.

The second of the 2 FoxNews videos was actually on a local FoxNews channel in Charlotte, NC and featured NJOY and a representative of the company to provide some facts about their product.

Again, I encourage you to watch these FoxNews videos yourself and this one can be found at:



The beginning of this story really bothered me because I learned that California recently banned smoking in apartments and condos.  As you can imagine, some people are outraged including 72 year old Edith Frederickson who is on a quest to change the law.

The FoxNews video news story quickly improved when they brought John Wiesehan with NJOY on the show.

Wiesehan confirmed “Brotha’ Fred’s” assertions that the NJOY electronic cigarette:

  • Does not set off smoke alarms
  • Will not bother people’s allergies
  • Emit no second hand smoke
  • Can be smoked anywhere

Wiesehan also ads that the TSA has given the devices approval to the degree that they can be taken into airports, through airport security and onto airplanes although he advises caution puffing away at them on airplanes.

For that you should refer to my post on electronic cigarettes that includes a step by step process to approach smoking them on airplanes.

Wiesehan was finally able to redeem electronic cigarette vendors everywhere when Morgan Fogarty asked the following question:

Besides the obvious health benefits of this, why do this product, why make a product that encourages a vice instead of just saying quit?

Wiesehan’s response:

Because many people try to quit and can’t. and we are not marketing this as a quitting device. This is for you to be able, if you are a smoker, to be able to be able to do what Edith can’t. Edith needs to smoke her cigarettes and now they are telling her she can’ smoke in her house. So now we are giving her an opportunity to get the nicotine she is addicted to in her home forever.

So to all the negative press in the mass media, the FDA, and the WHO;   Does this sound like a company claiming their product is a smoking cessation device?


  1. Brenda Koker says:

    It is a shame that regular cigarettes are not regulated and as soon as someone comes out with an alternative to regular cigaretts. That now all these problems start coming out trying to stop something that has truly helped thousands of people so far. I have a personal testimoney with my dad who has smoked for 55 years and has no intentions on quiting and he uses our unit and still uses the high nicotine, but now I don’t have to worry about him harming my mother with second hand smoke and before would not go anywhere because of the hassle he gets when he does smoke. Now he will go to dinner, movies, shopping, etc. Which he wouldn’t do before because of the ugly stares and comments.

  2. Clare says:

    I love to smoke and bought the NJOY. At first I loved it but unfortunately it gives me a terrible headache and I can’t use it. Its a cool gadgit though.

  3. Christopher Wyckoff says:

    Clare you may want to try a lower strength capsule. Many companies offer the caps in 18, 11, 8, and zero nicotine. what you have likely experienced is the mucus that your lungs have built up to defend against the tar from the traditional cigarette is broke apart and caughed out over the first 3 days or so and when it is gone you are able to absorb the nicotine in the vapor more freely as a result the higher dosages may be more than you are accustomed to. My wife had a simular problem and a lower nicotine content reolved it completly. I would also look into a refillable brand so you can use a reduced pg formula. “I am not product placing” Johnson creek offers this.

  4. Angie says:

    I love my electronic cigarette. Since May that’s all I have smoked and feel so much better. The ppl I bought the e-cig from will NOT sell to minors. I was so impressed by them that I told the doctor I worked for about them and he is not a seller of electronic cigarettes.

  5. Angie says:

    CORRECTION..>he is NOW a seller of the e-cigs

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